It's Taken 11 Years To Get Working Ladders In Skyrim

It's Taken 11 Years To Get Working Ladders In Skyrim
Bethesda | Everglaid

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Joseph Kime


5th Jul 2022 09:23

Skyrim certainly has a lot going for it, but as it's now 11 years old, we're starting to see the technical limitations that held it back.

Of course, it brilliantly makes do with the hand it's dealt, building one of the most iconic worlds in fantasy full stop, let alone gaming. Tamriel is an absolute treat in every way, traversable by a number of different means - but apparently, there's one way to move through the world that was simply impossible. Until now.

Does Skyrim Have Ladders? 

For those among you who loved Skyrim, but wish that there was an easier way to get around vertical spaces, your time has finally come. One modder has finally brought to life a mod that allows players to… climb ladders.

Even though it may seem like a small addition, this is actually a big deal for a community that has been yearning for the addition of ladders for 11 years. Everglaid's animated traversal mod adds the opportunity to actually use ladders in Skyrim, as well as adding animations for the player vaulting walls, climbing ledges, ducking under environments, and more.

Though it may seem menial, this mod adds that extra layer of immersion that players have been looking for. This makes Skyrim feel less like a region that you're plonked on top of, and more like a real bustling world that you can be a part of.


What Else Does The Ladder Mod Add?

The mod's effectiveness has now been rolled out to the entire world of Skyrim, but before it was ready to do so, the animations were restricted to a test area with an original quest, Flat-Footed. The quest comes with a custom dungeon that lets players explore a vertically designed cave with the new movements in mind.

Ladders in Skyrim actually add a lot to the game, and make it a lot more fun to actually explore. If you ever wanted to clamber your way across Tamriel, your chance is finally here. Over a decade after Skyrim first slashed its way into our lives, fans are still coming up with new ways to keep it fresh. Well, that should keep us busy until The Elder Scrolls 6

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