‘I’m not bitter or angry, I’m just bored’: Diablo 4 players abandon Season 1

‘I’m not bitter or angry, I’m just bored’: Diablo 4 players abandon Season 1
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27th Jul 2023 11:20

The first season of Diablo 4 is in full swing, and… it's certainly something. It's hard to know what exactly to expect when a AAA game enters its first instalment of seasonal content, as massive changes to any title is pretty freaky for some - especially when it comes with the demands that Diablo issues.

You're going to need an all-new character to dive into the new content, and if you're particularly attached to your character after the campaign, tough. It's a brutal way of going about dealing out seasonal content, even by Diablo's standards. Still, some fans don't think the sacrifice was worth it.

Fans aren't convinced by Diablo 4's first season

It's clear that the newest update for Diablo isn't everyone's cup of tea, as many fans have taken to the internet to report their frustrations and upset with what they've experienced. The sacrifice for the new season is great, and many have expressed their disappointment in the content.

Posting on Reddit with a whopping 2,000 upvotes, Diablo 4 subreddit user Graphics_Nerd has put into words what many fans are feeling right now. They say, "I got one character to lvl 88 before I started a seasonal character and was excited to check out the new content / items.

"I got to lvl 28 mainly doing world events between unlocking town portals - but I find myself looking at the map more and more with zero desire to do side quests, unlock aspects and strongholds, or have to run capstones again.

They says that they understand why gamers are "disappointed and are s**tting all over it," but adds that they understand Diablo 4 Season 1 still has it's appeal. Concluding that you take the good and the bad, they admit that whatever Diablo 4 is, it's still a Diablo game with a loyal fanbase. 

Fans are abandoning Diablo 4 in their droves

Diablo IV's Donan, looking distraught.
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Other players have quickly filled the comments to express their solidarity, as it seems many are feeling the same way. "[The] season is also not an interesting enough experience to stand on its own," says one comment.

"The heart system is boring and adds no gameplay that could have just been added to Eternal.I will return to my 59 eternal sorcerer tomorrow and likely not look back." another reads, "I have a pretty high tolerance for grindy stuff in videogames, but honestly season 1 is the last renown grind I'm gonna do. It's just not fun."

Another post titled "We...just kinda got bored" explains, "I'm not bitter or angry, I'm just bored. S1 didn't add anything that interesting, essentially some new types of gems and... we put it down the day before yesterday and last night kinda went 'I think I'm done with it.'"

It's a frustrating change Diablo 4, and even after leaving characters behind for a fresh experience, it doesn't seem like many feel the transition has been valuable. Maybe new seasons will perk up, but for now, it's not looking good.

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