Diablo 4 Season 1 queue times are a joke

Diablo 4 Season 1 queue times are a joke
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Joseph Kime


21st Jul 2023 10:30

Well, we probably should have seen this coming. The Season of the Malignant is finally upon us, and though there are many players raring and ready to go when it comes to the new content from Diablo 4, some are still tailing behind while attempting to complete the game's story and clear the map.

It's frustrating for some that they're going to have to create a new character to get involved in the new content, but in many cases, it's the least of their worries - as players scrambling to try the new content are tanking the game.

Diablo IV's wait times just got cranked


Plenty of new content has finally been unleashed in Sanctuary, and it's no surprise that Diabloites want to jump in and take it for a spin. The problem is, too many of you are trying to get involved, and Blizzard's servers are suffering for it.

Diablo 4 Season 1 has given way to wait times that players (perhaps naively) didn't see coming. Some are left at the title screen and character select screen for 10, even fifteen minutes at a time. It's rough going for players, but it's especially frustrating for those who are still working their way through the game's campaign.

It's campaign players who are suffering the worst of Diablo 4 Season 1, without reaping any of its rewards. We're reminded of Diablo 4's early launch for pre-ordering fans, who after being promised access a few days in advance, got one less day in many cases as a result of strain on the servers.

Fans react to Diablo's poor servers

Players clearly aren't all that happy with Blizzard, as the struggling servers are making it an absolute nightmare to get into Sanctuary. One raged, "Trying to login to Diablo 4 and there's a queue on Thursday. Don't you people have jobs?"

Another fumed, "Hey @diablo and @blizzard not only do we have insane queue times, we also get stuck at the first seasonal quest trying to teleport into the forest clearing <3 thank you so much for this great update <3 Do you not test stuff before it goes live?"

Still, at least there's plenty new to do when we get into Diablo 4. We're just going to have to put up with the wait to do it.

Joseph Kime
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