Limited edition Diablo 4 Xbox is one ‘hell’ of console

Limited edition Diablo 4 Xbox is one ‘hell’ of console
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Joseph Kime


17th Oct 2023 17:15

While the entire gaming world seems to be arguing about console exclusives in the wake of the closure of Xbox's purchase of Activision Blizzard and the launch of Spider-Man 2, there are still fans having fun - kicking their heels in the air and giggling while they fight to protect a scorched Sanctuary.

Despite many being disappointed by post-launch content, Diablo 4 is still treating players well. It now looks like a celebration is in order at Blizzard, as it's paying it forward with perhaps the coolest limited edition Xbox we've ever seen.

Diablo offers players the sickest limited edition Xbox Series X on the planet

Many exclusive consoles that Xbox has offered are part of PR pushes for games and have been pretty bland or dull. Thankfully, the gaming giant is cutting through the other consoles like a hot knife through butter with the absolute coolest sweepstakes console it's revealed yet.

The new console, that is, to be honest, gnarly as f**k. The Diablo 4 Xbox is a model depiction of the Gates of Hell as featured in Diablo, with creatures forged in stone reaching towards the door itself.

All of this is plastered on the upright Xbox Series X console. The Diablo 4 Xbox is created in tandem with British luxury goods manufacturer Takeoff Studios and is inspired by Auguste Rodin's 19th Century The Gates of Hell structure.

The piece is purely decorative, meaning Microsoft is giving away a functioning Xbox Series X to go with your display piece. We're not gonna lie, we'd do some terrible things to get our hands on this beast of a thing - and it could be yours.

How can I get the incredible Diablo Xbox?

The Diablo IV Xbox Series X console, available via Xbox's sweepstakes.
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There are two of these immense consoles up for grabs, and you can be in with a chance to bring one home by following this link to the Xbox website. To win the Diablo 4 Xbox, you can enter the new collaborative competition.

Compared to the consoles we've seen before from Xbox sweepstakes, this takes the cake as the maddest - and the best. We've previously had SpongeBob SquarePants, Black Panther, and Far Cry, but none has tried to pry open the gates of hell to greet Lilith. If you need us, we'll be selling our soul for this Xbox.

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