Diablo 4 Mephisto expansion uncovered by dataminers

Diablo 4 Mephisto expansion uncovered by dataminers
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Alex Garton


26th Oct 2023 13:35

With Diablo 4's General Manager Rod Fergusson confirming annual expansions are on the cards for Blizzard's ARPG, fans have been desperate for any details they can get their hands on.

The main campaign has set up players for more encounters with the Prime Evils of Hell, and everyone is gearing up for the official announcement of the next chapter.

As always, there are a select few individuals who prefer to go digging in the game files for information, and this time, they've struck gold. Dataminers have reportedly found evidence of an upcoming expansion centred around The Lord of Hatred, Mephisto.

Diablo 4 Lord of Hatred expansion uncovered by dataminers

Diablo 4 Lord of Hatred
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As reported by YouTuber WccfTech and IGN, Diablo 4's first expansion will potentially be called the "Lord of Hatred." This will focus on Mephisto and take place in the returning region of Kurast. It's poised to add a huge amount of major additions.

First will be a mercenary system where you can hire NPCs, level them up, and fit them out in gear. On top of that, the data mined information reveals they'll be a nature-themed Spiritborn class, new raids, as well as the ability to craft corrupt runestones.

As you would expect, this has got Diablo fans extremely excited, but as always with any leaks, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Who is Mephisto in the Diablo universe?

Mephisto Diablo 4 boss
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For those who are unaware, Mephisto is the Lord of Hatred in the Diablo universe and one of the Prime Evils.

Brother to Diablo and Baal, he's the oldest of the three and one of the powerful threats to Sanctuary. While he's trapped inside a soul stone, this future expansion could see him as the main villain if he were to escape.

Such a terrifying demon would make an amazing foe in Diablo 4, and while The Lord of Hatred expansion hasn't been confirmed just yet, we can keep our fingers crossed that an announcement is coming soon.

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