Using the Diablo 4 Seasonal Exploit bug may get you banned

Using the Diablo 4 Seasonal Exploit bug may get you banned
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Megan Cooke


5th Aug 2023 18:23

According to the Diablo subreddit, players who use an exploit which lets them bring non-seasonal items to their seasonal characters are being banned by Blizzard.

There have been a lot of discontented fans following the release of the latest season of Diablo 4, with many of them citing the number of exploits as unfair and others using them to bypass the need to start from scratch.

Some players have been banned for using the exploit

Reddit user u/SaintCharlie took to the Diablo subreddit with a PSA warning anyone who might be tempted by the bug that they know someone who was banned for using the exploit.

They said: “My friend got banned today. At first, they said it was for buying gold, but then when he appealed to them about it, they said that they had mislabeled the reason and that it was for doing the exploit where you disconnect and transfer non-seasonal items to a seasonal character.

“I'm not upset by this ban and think he had it coming, but figured that there could be people here who may be tempted to use the exploit and thought I'd give them a heads up.”

Several reddit users corroborated the story, sharing their own experiences with themselves or friends being banned from playing Diablo 4.

SaintCharlie received some negative comments from users who believed the post was referencing them.

The original poster edited to clarify, saying: “Many here are convinced that it was actually ME that got banned and that I'm using my ‘friend’ as cover because I must be so terribly ashamed and embarrassed to admit using an exploit....and that's fine. I really don't care. I just thought that this would be of interest to the community, and hadn't seen a post about it yet. It was pretty amusing hearing my friend lament about it.”

While a few commenters believed that the exploit wouldn’t hurt anybody and thought a ban was too far, many others saw it as a deserved consequence.

The first Diablo 4 season is widely exploited

The first season of Diablo 4, Season of the Malignant, was released on 20 July. To the disappointment of many players, starting a new season means starting over with a new character and none of the progress made in the Eternal realm.

A glitch discovered by Glitch Unlimited found a way to let players bring this character over, therefore keeping their Gold and items when moving to the seasonal realm.

There are multiple reasons that players would want to make use of this exploit. Players are able to swap seasonal aspects over to their Eternal character or give their seasonal character items from the Eternal realm. This means that the new characters will have a significant boost when starting out.

Other recent exploits include the ability to infinitely reset Nightmare dungeons using only one Nightmare Sigil, allowing players to endlessly complete the best dungeons.

Many players have noticed the number of exploits being used, with one commenting on the Blizzard forums to ask what was going on.

Pyrohorror took to the Diablo forum in a post titled ‘Season of the exploit’, writing: “From eternal characters getting onto seasonal to infinite nightmare dungeons resets to infinite gold on eternal, what the actual hell is going on with Blizzard right now?”

Community manager, PezRadar, responded saying: “I just wanted to let everyone know that this was addressed a few days ago in our last hotfix and hasn’t been present in the game since. We have also actioned on select accounts related to this incident. We appreciate everyone for bringing this to our attention.”

While PezRadar’s comment claims that they have taken action and the last hotfix removed the issues, many users reported them still working as recently as 3 August.

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