Diablo IV lets you earn its battle pass without spending a penny - here's how

Diablo IV lets you earn its battle pass without spending a penny - here's how
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Joseph Kime


2nd Nov 2023 11:24

Diablo IV was an absolute barnstormer when it launched. Successfully breaching the uber-nerd audience of the game and finally reaching the masses, taking down Lillith became the best thing to do in gaming at the time, and there’s little doubt that the game was an absolute triumph - but there’s been a change.

Many fans feel as though the game hasn’t been able to maintain the excitement it fostered at launch in its updates, and many simply don’t care to engage in its battle pass.

Well, lucky for them, there’s a new way to get your hands on the Diablo IV battle pass, and you might already have earned a free one without knowing it.

Microsoft Rewards offers Diablo IV battle passes and tier skips

In huge news for long-time Xbox users, Microsoft Rewards has begun to offer Diablo IV-themed rewards for a user’s accrued points, and they could help you to earn a battle pass that’s totally free.

Microsoft Rewards has, for some time, been offering points to users who have purchased things with the company, allowing them to turn these points into gift cards, sweepstakes and more - but now they’ve got another reward to offer players.

As pointed out by Twitter user MauroNL3, Diablo IV has joined Rocket League, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and Roblox in the list of games with claimable rewards with the points, offering 2 tier skips for 1,700 points, a premium battle pass for 9,000 points, and an accelerated battle pass for 22,500 points.

How can I earn Microsoft points?

Inarius descending from the heavens in Diablo IV.
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Though it’d be safe to presume that you can only get points via purchases, you can actually earn 5 points per Bing search up to 150 points per day, so you can use your day-to-day internet use to earn yourself a fresh battle pass.

Given that many users have probably accrued rewards without realising, it’s worth checking in with your account to see if you’ve got enough for a new course of cosmetics. After all, it’s more fun when it’s free.

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