Diablo 4 accused of ‘dying’ after no one shows up to event

Diablo 4 accused of ‘dying’ after no one shows up to event
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Joseph Kime


13th Sep 2023 15:35

The demonic dungeons of Diablo are in a curious predicament right now. Fans have been waiting years for a new Diablo game that exceeded expectations with its story but also absolutely slapped in terms of sales. We seemingly got it in Diablo 4.

But, as we gear up for Diablo 4 Season 2, it looks like hopes have dwindled for its ongoing success. It comes after the story for the Season of the Malignant fell short in many ways and let a lot of fans down. The game has some work to lure fans back to Sanctuary, but one example proves it won't be that easy. 

South Korea's Diablo event gets almost no viewers

Diablo 4 live event in Korea

Oh man, that's rough. You'd expect that there'd be a certain amount of interest as a baseline when it comes to a game developed by the giant that is Blizzard, but a recent Diablo 4 live event has proved that it's not enough to rope fans into an exciting event.

A live event was hosted in South Korea, and one streamer documented the whole thing - but they were asked to stop after they commented on how few people showed up to the event itself. Looking at a new imgur post, it's clear to see why they'd say such a thing.

The Diablo 4 live event seemingly shows row upon row of empty seats occupying the building as the event kicks off. The response to Diablo 4 in South Korea was fantastic, so it must have taken a lot to force so many of them to drop off of the face of the earth when it comes to the game.

Fans don't think Diablo can scratch its fans back

Fans have taken to the comments of the shared images of the event in the Diablo 4 subreddit, with many unconvinced that these are losses that the game can return from. "It's a boring game with no items to chase," says one. "The loot sucks. No chance in hell I will spend more money. PoE is free and PoE2 is coming."

"One part of me is sad, because I love Diablo, but other part of me also feel great, with this, I hope this can make Blizzard realize the urgency of their game problems," adds another. "They need to be fast fixing their game, if not, well... they already took our $70 anyway."

Either way, it's definitely not a good look for Diablo 4. Regardless of updates, it's a marker that the game will carry. Those empty seats speak volumes.

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