Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck verified from launch on the platform

Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck verified from launch on the platform
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Megan Cooke


13th Oct 2023 19:55

Blizzard games have slowly been coming over to Steam, in a welcome move from players who are looking to limit the number of launchers on their PCs.

Diablo 4 will be arriving on Steam next Tuesday, and has been confirmed to work on the Steam Deck from launch.

Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck verified from launch

Global Community Development Director for Diablo, Adam Fletcher, known on Twitter as PezRadar, tweeted out a confirmation that the game will be Steam Deck Verified when it launches on Tuesday.

Adam Fletcher said: “We have been hearing some questions regarding Steam Deck verification for DiabloIV. We can happily say that Diablo IV will be Steam Deck Verified starting next Tuesday with the launch of the game on Steam and the start of Season of Blood!”

Until now, Diablo 4 has been exclusive to the Battle.Net launcher on PC, meaning that people who usually use Steam to play games would have to download the additional launcher.

While some players have found a work around to be able to play the online RPG on Steam Deck, namely adding Battle.Net to their libraries as a non-Steam game, it is nice to finally have an official way to do so.

Players aren't pleased about having to re-buy the game

One thing that players aren’t so thrilled about is that, in order to access the game on Steam, they will have to repurchase it.

This was also confirmed by Fletcher, who said that it is ”two different store fronts run by two different companies.”

One Twitter user wrote: “I pre-ordered Diablo 4 for 100 euros. thought you could get a key so you could activate it on steam. a bit disappointed.”

Another said: “That's a shame. Other companies would get Steam to generate keys they could then provide to their customers.”

On the plus side, it seems like players who do decide to purchase the game on Steam will probably be able to carry their save data over by signing into their Blizzard account.

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