Blizzard under fire for ‘malicious’ Diablo 4 Season 1 change that’s costing players money

Blizzard under fire for ‘malicious’ Diablo 4 Season 1 change that’s costing players money
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25th Jul 2023 14:45

Update 25/07: Diablo 4 global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher has responded, telling fans, "We have a temporary fix in the works that will at least ensure the cursor isn’t defaulted there and will instead be defaulted on Season Journey."

Now that the Season of the Malignant is in full swing, and many are leaving the Diablo 4 campaign in favour of the fresh content, players are truly getting stuck in.

There are still those who need to catch up, but with such few complaints about the newest addition of content (besides the patch notes that absolutely eviscerated the game's best abilities), it seems that the dungeon crawler is in a comfortable place.

The platform for the future of Diablo could be here, and fans are keen. But some have pointed out that there's a deeply concerning UI layout that's going to cost players some serious moolah.

Diablo 4's battle pass purchase button is ruining games

There's a pretty massive problem plaguing the battle pass page of Diablo 4, as many have pointed out that the selection to purchase the Premium Battle Pass is right next to the button that players need to use to navigate to their progress during the season.

This has led to some serious problems, as players are accidentally buying the premium pass without intention. Streamer Rurikhan has shared just how frustrating this problem, showing a video that sees them accidentally click the purchase button when trying to see their progress.

Although the game crashing gives them hope, when Diablo 4 comes back to life, it confirms that the premium battle pass has officially been purchased for the player. "What a f**king scam, dude!" they say. "It was deliberately and maliciously designed that way. […] This right here? Malicious design."

Diablo's purchase system could be illegal

As pointed out by a fan in the replies to quote tweets of the video, it is actually illegal to allow for single-click purchases without a request for a CVV or any kind of security check, meaning that the game could be engaging in illegal practices.

There may be a loophole that Diablo is operating on, but if not, Blizzard could be in serious trouble. It's definitely not a good look either way.

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