Diablo 4 players hate the Lunar Awakening event

Diablo 4 players hate the Lunar Awakening event
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Megan Cooke


8th Feb 2024 23:47

Diablo 4 hasn’t got the best reputation right now after the game’s third season was received poorly by players and Blizzard quickly was forced to make some big changes to the season’s mechanics.

More recently, the Lunar Awakening event in celebration of Chinese New Year, has disappointed players due to its short playtime, bad rewards and expensive armour sets.

The Lunar Awakening event has fallen short of expectations

The Lunar Awakening event has received a lot of criticism since it was released on 6 February, with many players expressing that it felt more like it was geared to sell them expensive armour sets over anything else.

Some of the main complaints involve the event being very short, taking no more than an hour if you find even a few shrines, weapon skins being class dependent, missing cosmetics, bad rewards and shrines being hard to find.

When playing the event, it feels as though the main goal is to sell the five armour sets which can be purchased for $20 a piece.

Players are disappointed in the “lacklustre” event

Players have been vocal about their dislike of the event, with several Reddit threads and social media posts expressing this opinion popping up since the Lunar Awakening event launched.

Where the previous seasonal event, Midwinter Blight, faced criticism for being too grindy, Blizzard has seemingly overcompensated with the latest offering and made it so easy that it can be completed in an hour or so.

One post, shared by Reddit user eehbiertje, said: “So what is this? I thought the event would be nice to grind.. 30 minutes (or 4 nightmare vaults) and you are done..

“When will we see the next event? I thought this would keep me "busy" for a few days or a week maybe.”

Commenters agreed, with one saying: “It's a low effort event, only there to promote new shop stuff. It's not content, it's an ad.”

Another added: “Haha.. Dissatisfied. Disappointed. Whatever you choose to call this event, it was quite lacklustre and I usually play devil's advocate.”

That doesn’t mean that everyone was against it however, with some Diablo 4 players defending it as a short and casual event which is only running for two weeks,

“Guys… it’s a small 2 week event. It’s designed for casuals to be able to knock it out and have a little fun with shrines,” said one user. “I’m not saying it’s some amazing content but it wasn’t supposed to be game changing.”

Another user said: “It's really good for what it's meant to be - a small side activity/bonus.

“It's quick and easy to get all the cosmetics. And you still run into the Shrines long after you get all the cosmetics.”

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Given that the event is small and so many people complained about how grindy the winter event was, it isn’t surprising that Blizzard wanted to step back.

It seems as though they just stepped back a bit too much. 

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