Diablo 4's 'Mother's Blessing' event is back, but it's much better this time

Diablo 4's 'Mother's Blessing' event is back, but it's much better this time
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17th Nov 2023 16:55

Diablo 4 is one of the biggest games of 2023, and while its first season kicked the post-launch content off with a stutter, Blizzard's Season 2, "Season of Blood", has seen players return in their droves - backed up by a Steam launch, too.

It's clear that Blizzard is listening to what its bloodthirsty fans are looking for, and the next Mother's Blessing event is another example of that.

Diablo 4 Mother's Blessing event start date revealed

This time around, the event will run from 6 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET on November 20 (that's Monday) until the same time on November 27.

The Mother's Blessing event kicked off in September, and the object is simple: to help players farm Gold and XP. In a game where you'll always need Gold and XP, it's certainly helpful, although the event only lasted four days - meaning there wasn't a lot of time to jump in.

It also only buffed XP and Gold rates by 25%, a pretty meagre amount, and it naturally felt a bit like a half-measure.

Diablo 4's Mother's Blessing event is better than ever

Diablo 4 Necro
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Thankfully, not only is the event back and running for an entire week this time, but you'll also get a 35% buff. We'd still rather double XP like Call of Duty, but clearly, we can't have everything. At least you'll get XP and Gold buffs stacked with any Seasonal Journey buffs. It will also apply to Seasonal and Eternal characters, too.

With the Abattoir of Zir Pinnacle Dungeon arriving on December 5, this Mother's Blessing event could be the perfect way to get yourself prepared (or caught up) to take it on. Blizzcon revealed plenty more coming to Diablo 4. Blizzard revealed it wants to support the game for 'years to come', and also revealed the game's first expansion, Vessel of Hatred.

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