Horizon Forbidden West Regalla: Should You Kill or Save Regalla?

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla: Should You Kill or Save Regalla?
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24th Feb 2022 20:45

Wondering whether you should kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West? This guide will show you the ramifications of either choice.

Horizon Forbidden West occasionally asks players to make choices. During the main quest, while helping to save the Tanekth, Aloy will be given the choice of whether or not to kill the rebel leader Regalla. Your decision will have an effect on the outcome of the story so you may well want to know what happens either way.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla: Save Regalla

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla - Saved
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If you choose to let Regalla live, then Tenakth will be shocked but Chief Hekarro will agree to it. Aloy’s logic is that they will need fighters like Regalla in the coming battle against Far Zenith, so she should be allowed to live as long as she agrees to help. Regalla agrees to this, as she sees this as an opportunity to die a warrior’s death. Aloy will send Regalla back to the base where she will wait until the final attack.

During the final mission of the game, Regalla will join Aloy and the others in the battle. As the group fight through the island complex, at some point, Regalla will be cornered by Specters. She dies holding them off from Aloy and the others, finally getting the death in battle she wished for.


Horizon Forbidden West Regalla: Kill Regalla

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla - Saved
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If at the end of the battle in the arena, players choose that Regalla should die, she does exactly that. Aloy doesn’t get to finish her off, as once the choice is made Kotallo runs Regalla through with a spear. As such, she won’t accompany the group to the final battle and won’t die fighting Specters. In fact, those Specters don’t appear at all in the spot where she would have died. No one else dies in her place, so there is no worry that killing her means another companion must die.

In fact, strictly speaking, killing Regalla here is the better option. If you save her, you get nothing and she dies later in the battle. However, killing her here rewards you with her bow, Regalla’s Wrath. This sharpshooter bow is a powerful addition to your arsenal.

For anyone who’s more interested in sweet loot than forgiving a murderous traitor who incited a rebellion to prevent peace between warring tribes, this is the option for you.

That is everything that comes from either decision should you kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West.

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