Horizon Forbidden West Best Legendary Armour Sets

Horizon Forbidden West Best Legendary Armour Sets
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24th Feb 2022 19:04

Gearing up is important, so you need to get some of Horizon Forbidden West Best Armour.

Horizon Forbidden West is a huge open-world with lots to do, and danger around every corner. Getting the best armour on your back that you can find is crucial to your survival. To learn more here’s Horizon Forbidden West best armour.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armour: Oseram Artificer

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - Oseram Artificer
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The Oseram Artificer armour is gained by completing a series of quests that can be started early in the game. After leaving Barren Light, you can meet your first Salvage Contractor just outside as you enter the Forbidden West. Speak with them and you will learn of the competition to build the best suit of armour the West has ever seen.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - Salvager
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Several salvagers around the region are competing to build the best armour, and they all need your help. For each salvaged, you will get a Salvage Contract, as each requires specific salvage to make their armour. The four contractors appear on the map as little page icons and are found south-west of Barren Light as mentioned, north-east of Scalding Spear, north-west of Hidden Ember (Las Vegas) and in the jungle south of Fall’s Edge.

Completing all the contracts will trigger a final side quest. Complete this quest to receive the combined brilliance of the four contractor’s design in one suit; the Oseram Artificer legendary armour.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armour: Nora Thunder Warrior

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - Nora Thunder Warrior
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There are three sets of legendary armour that can be acquired at the arena in Horizon Forbidden West. For our money, the Nora Thunder Warrior set is the absolute best of the bunch. As a Hunter set, it is focused on making you a better archer, but it boasts excellent defensive capabilities as all good armour should.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor - Arena Vendor
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The armour can be bought from the arena vendor for 54 Arena Medals. This will require some time in the arena, so sharpen your spear and tighten your bowstring. You should only need to do a handful of the arena challenges in order to earn the required medals. Once you do, head to Dukkah to turn them in for sweet, sweet legendary loot.

That is everything you need to know to get your hands on two of Horizon Forbidden West’s best armour sets. For more on the game, why not check out our picks for Horizon Forbidden West six best skills.


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