GTA fans convinced Trevor Philips is gay

GTA fans convinced Trevor Philips is gay
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6th Oct 2023 15:57

While the Grand Theft Auto series is remembered for its weird and wonderful expansions, 2008's The Ballad of Gay Tony goes down as one of its best. It turns out Tony Prince might not be the only man who enjoys the company of men in GTA, with players convinced Trevor Philips is also a friend of Dorothy.

GTA has always had a colourful crop of out-there playable characters, but when it comes to GTA V, most agree Trevor Philips is the best. Steven Ogg gave his likeness to the unhinged bank robber, with Trevor being one of the three leads, alongside Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa.

Is Trevor Philips gay?

Proving that Trevor has more layers than an onion, some are only just realising Trevor's seeming connection to the LGBTQ+ community. Over on Reddit, one fan shared a shower thought, asking if Trevor is the franchise's first gay protagonist. We know that Trevor is a horn dog, but there's plenty of evidence he could be LGBTQ+.

The OP points to a conversation between Trevor and Franklin, with the former saying, "No. Yes. Whatever.. labels bro. You want me to be gay?" when asked about his sexuality. There's also one scene where Trevor is found in bed, spooning with Floyd (who is wearing pink pyjamas). 

They asked whether Trevor was the franchise's first LGBTQ+ protagonist, although there's obviously Gay Tony. Suggesting that Trevor's sexuality isn't that simple, someone wrote "I don't know, Trevor will f**k literally anyone... And anything." We're thinking of you, Mr. Raspberry Jam.

Others have pointed to Trevor's Lifeinvader profile, which says, "Any hole's a goal" in his bio. Cayo Perico Heist confirms he had sexual relations with Patricia, but Trevor has also said, "I'd rather suck a d*ck than smoke weed... and trust me, I've done both!" By the sounds of it, Trevor is at least bisexual.

Could we see Trevor again in GTA?

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Despite being beloved by fans, Ogg has distanced himself from GTA, famously going on a rant at fans. Still, he's discussed the idea of returning for GTA 6 and said he has "no idea." Ogg has arguably found even more fame since GTA, having appeared in everything from The Walking Dead to Snowpiercer.

At least we know Trevor is alive and kicking. While one of the GTA V endings has Franklin kill Trevor, various updates over the years have confirmed the Merryweather ending as canon. The last we heard, Trevor had gone "Vinewood," suggesting his new fame had gone to his head. Here's hoping he'll pop up again in GTA 6.

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