GTA V Actor Sends Angry Video Message To GTA 6 Fan

GTA V Actor Sends Angry Video Message To GTA 6 Fan
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7th Oct 2022 16:01

If there's one guy that deserves his dues and is an underrated giant, it's Steven Ogg. While most of you will know him as Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V, Ogg has also had roles in everything from The Walking Dead to Snowpiercer, Breaking Bad to Westworld. Basically, he deserves some respect, so show it to him.

Part of what has etched Ogg into our minds is lending his vocals and likeness to the villainous (but loveable) Trevor in 2013's GTA V. Nearly a decade later, we're looking ahead at the next GTA, and who will be taking the lead in GTA 6. While there's every chance Ogg could reprise his role as the complicated criminal, it doesn't sound like he wants to talk about it.

Why Is Steven Ogg Angry About GTA 6?

According to PCGamesN, YouTuber and GTA speedrunner Hugo One has rattled Steven Ogg with a bizarre request on the platform Cameo. For those who don't know, Cameo lets you pay celebrities to record a personalised message - usually or someone's birthday. Hugo One says he paid $140 and asked Ogg to record a specific message (in character) to the GTA 6 protagonists saying, "be careful in Vice City" and "watch out for the cops in Port Gellhorn."

Elsewhere in the request, Hugo One added, "Tell them that 'maybe you'll see them out there.' Feel free to be crazy." Ogg did go crazy, but not in the way Hugo One would've wanted. In the angry Cameo, Ogg says, "Of course I'm not Trevor. My name is Steven, and I'm an actor." A clearly disgruntled Ogg added, "I get it, in a sense, and I don’t get it in a big sense as well. As actors you portray different characters and it would be literally impossible for me to be a cartoon...I just sometimes don’t f*****g understand. I get it and I don’t get it, right."

Ogg is definitely unimpressed here, but making matters worse, Hugo One has shared the cameo on his YouTube and asked whether Ogg hates playing Trevor. He probably loves the part about making him a household name, he just likely doesn't have the patience for oddball Cameo requests to help Hugo One earn more clicks. Still, the comments on Hugo One's video were split. Some said he deserves a refund, while others said it was a stupid stunt in the first place.


Who Are The Protagonists Of GTA 6?

GTA V Protagonists
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For years now, we've been hearing about GTA 6 having male and female protagonists. Although this originated in the largely debunked Project Americas leak, the recent megadump of GTA 6 screenshots and videos seemingly confirmed this will be the case. Among the leaks, we got to meet Jason and Lucia, who will be this game's Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. 

Even though there technically have been playable female protagonists in the franchise before, Lucia marks the first proper time we've had one front and centre. Added to this, there's the representation of her Latina heritage. Given that Rockstar has now acknowledged the leaks as legitimate, it looks like the supposed "insiders" were on the money this time. As Ogg seemingly grows tired of the attention that comes from Trevor, maybe we won't be seeing him out there in the neon-splashed Vice City.

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