Rockstar is giving superfans GTA: The Trilogy for free

Rockstar is giving superfans GTA: The Trilogy for free
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22nd Sep 2023 08:30

Rockstar knows exactly what its franchises are, and exactly what they can do, and they're definitely using it to their advantage.

Ever since GTA Online became one of the most consistent champions of modern online gaming, they took advantage by pushing Shark Card upgrades, new features you'd have to sell a limb to purchase, and even outright gambling in their casino. Plus, as the game now has its own GTA+ subscription similar to Fortnite Crew, there's no doubt that even now, GTA Online is Rockstar's greatest money mill of all time.

But that doesn't mean they're not willing to give back to those lining their pockets, as they've revealed a brand new feature for the most dedicated GTA players.

GTA+ subscribers are getting GTA: The Trilogy for free

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Well, that's nice.

As an extra addition to the GTA+ subscription service, on top of free GTA$, cars and exclusive features in GTA Online, players are now being given the opportunity to play the remastered editions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on rotation at no extra cost.

The news was revealed in a new tweet from Rockstar, and the GTA+ section on the company's website has confirmed that the entirety of GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is free to play if you're a part of the subscription service.

Though the games took an absolute lambasting from critics and fans alike when they launched, it's still a nice thing for Rockstar to do in order to sweeten the pot of GTA+.

How can I access GTA: The Trilogy for free?

If you have GTA+, all you have to do is head to the Xbox or PS store (depending on where you want to play the games) sign into the account that you use it on, and head to the store pages of the three remastered games.

The storefront should offer you an option to download via GTA+, and from there, you're all good. Just don't get so lost in these games that you forget to use your benefits in GTA Online.

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