GTA V Finally Confirms Michael And Trevor's Fates

GTA V Finally Confirms Michael And Trevor's Fates
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20th Dec 2021 14:19

It's a mystery that's baffled us all for the past eight years, and until GTA 6 gives us a chance to fill in the gaps, Rockstar Games has finally confirmed what happened to Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips. 

The GTA franchise has delivered some great protagonists over the years, however, the trio of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin easy outshine the silent Claude from GTA 3. Everyone has their favourite main character, but up there with Vice City's Tony Vercetti, GTA V's three are some of the best-developed video game characters out there.

What Happened To Michael And Trevor In GTA V?

We're sure you've all played through the main campaign of GTA V by now, but if you haven't *spoilers ahead*. With the crime-loving trio deciding to pull off one last heist, things come to a tense showdown after deciding to rob the Union Depository's gold bullion reserve. Trevor is branded a liability, and here players are in the shoes of Franklin - having to decide whether to kill Trevor, kill Michael, or rescue both. 

It's one of those classic GTA moral dilemmas, where no one really comes off great. If you decide to kill one of the three, the surviving character decides to cut ties with Franklin. If you barrel in on your suicide mission, all three survive the FBI and Merryweather, then go on a mission of vengeance against Cheng, Stretch, Steve, and Devin - before deciding to part ways while staying friends. 

Most of us took the third (happy) ending to be canon, but with there being no continuation of the story until now, we've been left wondering whether Michael or Trevor has been confined to the ground. Given Trevor's villainous streak, he always seemed the most likely to kick the bucket.

Where Are Michael And Trevor Now?

GTA fans are in luck, as the dollar signs still ring in Rockstar's eyes. The recent GTA Online update has finally confirmed where the story went next. The Contracts picks up Franklin's story in a post-GTA V world, with one brief line proving Michael is still alive.

While chasing a target through a movie studio, Franklin says, "Man, sh*t, I know one of the producers around here. I hope his ass ain't at work today." This throwaway line is a nod to Michael's profession as a movie producer. Even though it confirms Michael is alive and well, it also teases that he and Franklin aren't on speaking terms.

As for Trevor, we technically already knew he was alive. The Diamond and Casino update released in 2019 included a mission at the Los Santos Country Club with Tao Cheng. The mobster says he almost died here, which is a callback to the third ending where Tao and his father were attacked by the guys - confirming this was the "true" ending.

If that wasn't enough, 2017's Smugglers Run update featured Ron Jakowski, with Trevor's supposed BBF no longer seeing him because Phillips has gone "Vinewood". Finally, last year's Cayo Perico heist confirmed Trevor did have an affair with Patricia Madrazo, proving he's been a very busy boy.

Rockstar is known for making us wait, and while it's been eight years of wondering about Michael and Trevor, at least we finally have our answers.


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