GTA 6 main character promises decade-long hiatus will be ‘worth the wait’

GTA 6 main character promises decade-long hiatus will be ‘worth the wait’

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Jack Marsh


21st Sep 2023 17:34

The selfie had just been invented. Twerking became a revelation. Paul Walker, Margaret Thatcher, and Nelson Mandela's funerals were all held. "What does the Fox Say" was ringing through the car radios. The pope joined Twitter.

2013 seems like a lifetime ago, and for some gamers who will get their first shot a playing a new Grand Theft Auto title for the first time, it will be.

Over a decade has passed since GTA 5 was released, but ahead of the sixth title, the Actor behind Michael has now claimed it will be "worth the wait."

GTA 6 Actor pleads for fan to have patience

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It's likely that GTA 6 will arrive sometime between April 2024 and March 2023, as finance predictions for Rockstar and Take-Two indicate a massive game will be on the way, and we all know that the sixth rock-and-roll law-evading game is under fierce development.

But as GTA 5 celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Ned Luke, the actor behind Michael, has spurred fans on with some positive reinforcement regarding GTA 6.

Appearing on TikTok, Luke said, "Only what, maybe five of those years was .where the f*** is GTA 6?'. Patience guys. It’ll be worth the wait. Trust me. GTA 5 was worth the wait, GTA 6 is gonna be even more worth the wait."

GTA 6 actors are getting hands-on with teasers

While Michael's Ned Luke has taken a huge swing in teeing up GTA 6, he's not the only actor in the series to be stirring the hype pot.

Recently, Shawn Fonteno who plays Franklin appeared in a rather cryptic video with fellow actor Bryan Zampella - who is rumoured to be in the game, presumably as a character that will serve as a replacement for Trevor - carrying a suspicious briefcase that is carrying "the most powerful and dangerous thing" that they've ever encountered.

Many fans speculate that a hard copy of GTA 6 was being contained, and its power will be soon unlocked. 

For not though, it's seatbelts on a drive safely, because when hell breaks loose, "it will be worth the wait."

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