Gotham Knights Developer Is Already Working On Another Game

Gotham Knights Developer Is Already Working On Another Game
Images via Warner Bros. Montreal

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Tom Chapman


21st Nov 2022 11:58

Warner Bros. Montreal is lighting up the Bat-Signal once again, as the video game developer is already recruiting for its next project. The question remains though, it this a sequel to 2022's maligned Gotham Knights?

Rocksteady Games is known for redeeming the superhero game genre with its Arkham trilogy, but it was over to WB Montreal for 2013's Arkham Origins prequel.

As Rocksteady busied itself with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, WB Montreal delivered Gotham Knights - which was confusingly not set in the same continuity as the Arkham games. So, what's next?

Is WB Montreal Working On Gotham Knights 2?

With the Caped Crusader dead, the Bat Family is trying to clean up the crime-riddled street of Gotham City. While there are no spoilers here, the credits rolling on Gotham Knights teased that was definitely more of a story to tell.

Although Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin are still tending to their wounds, a WB Montreal job listing reiterates the developer is already recruiting for its next game. It doesn't confirm Gotham Knights 2, but it seems likely.

WB Montreal is currently seeking a Senior Concept Artist for a mystery project. Willing candidates need at least five years of experience and the credentials of having worked on a AAA game.

Remember though, Warner Bros. recently confirmed it's looking at a LOT more DC games to expand its comic book back catalogue. 

There's no further word on what the project is, but with concept artists being brought on right at the very start of a game's lifespan, we expect it'll be a long way off.

When Will The New WB Montreal Game Release?

It's possible (albeit unlikely) that this game was in pre-production alongside Gotham Knights, but if we're at the start of the recruitment process, there could be one hell of a wait.

Also, remember there was a whopping nine years between Arkham: Origins and Gotham Knights, meaning WB Montreal isn't exactly the speediest dev team around.

It's true that WB Montreal did develop the Lego Legends of China Online MMORPG, but in terms of AAA games, it's always been focused on Batman outings.

Even though the developer could do a complete 180 and deliver something different, we'd be disappointed if it wasn't another DC caper to try and redeem Gotham Knights.

Although not a horrendous game by any means, Gotham Knights was called out for being locked at 30 FPS, lacklustre gameplay, and a weak storyline. It was a far cry from the Arkham games, so we say, let's give WB Montreal another chance.

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