Deluded gamers think Rockstar teased GTA 6 during GTA V anniversary

Deluded gamers think Rockstar teased GTA 6 during GTA V anniversary
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19th Sep 2023 13:06

There are some major mysteries in Rockstar games. Where is Red Dead's Gavin, what's the deal with the Mount Chiliad mystery, and why is there a sunken UFO in GTA V? Of them all, the biggest mystery that remains unsolved is...when will GTA 6 ever release?

The Grand Theft Auto series is arguably the biggest in gaming, with GTA V being the most profitable entertainment product of all time. The symbiotic relationship between GTA V and GTA Online has kept the IP alive, but as they celebrate their 10-year anniversaries, disgruntled players are obviously looking to the future.

GTA fans think Rockstar just teased GTA 6

While Rockstar keeps its GTA 6 plans locked away in a vault that even Trevor and co. couldn't heist, it's widely accepted that the next chapter has been in the works for years. We've heard about troubled development and potential restarts, but it's all hearsay - as is a mythical GTA 6 release date.

Those on the inside aren't willing to give anything away just yet, but with each GTA Online update or anniversary date even remotely relevant to the franchise, desperate players head back into Los Santos and hunt out even a whiff of a teaser like they're looking for Bigfoot.

We covered how many were disappointed that GTA Online's 10-year anniversary celebrations largely involved T-shirts honouring the GTA V protagonists, but amidst the complaints, some think Rockstar hid a teaser. We're all for a reach, but according to some on Twitter, the developer hid a GTA 6 teaser in a new poster.

Seeing a plane flying toward a pole that looks slightly like the Roman numerals "VI" is about as tin foil as you can get, and even then, it's not exactly telling us anything about GTA 6. Others agreed, as one sceptic wrote, "If you stretched anymore you’d be plastic man." Another joked, "So is this 'GTA 6 hint' in the room with us right now?"

Could we get a new GTA Online 

GTA Online Anniversary Event
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Similar to how the OG Warzone made way for Warzone 2.0 (now rebranded simply as Warzone), there are questions about what's next for GTA Online. With the most prevalent rumour being that GTA 6 will revisit a modernised Vice City, it would make sense for a new GTA Online to get a brand-new and Miami-inspired map.

There's one thing that's for sure, and that's GTA 6 will come with its own form of online. No one could've predicted the success of GTA Online, but as Red Dead Online proved, it's a formula that's hard to replicate. We imagine players will be throwing their money at Shark Cards, but we know know when.

The various GTA 6 leaks and rumours point to everything from a surprise 2024 release to far-off date of 2028. Rockstar is leaving us famished when it comes to GTA 6 reveals, and as much as you hunt hight and low for them in GTA Online, it doesn't look like there are any hiding out just yet. 

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