GTA Online 10-year anniversary brings back franchise legends

GTA Online 10-year anniversary brings back franchise legends
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15th Sep 2023 11:15

GTA Online is a dream for players who had hoped to cause absolute carnage with the game's mechanics via an actual progression system, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that we have GTA V to thank for that.

The game's structure gave way to the online addition to the Grand Theft Auto series in a way that has been indispensable. GTA Online has given players the chance to dart around Los Santos, blowing s**t up with their pals, and building their own incredible supercars to dash about in for the past decade.

It's a remarkable title, and though it borrows much of its design from GTA V, it stands strong by itself. As we celebrate 10 years of GTA Online, the multiplayer favourite is paying homage to the title that made it all possible.

GTA Online pays it forward to GTA V with new costumes

The new costume and weapon skin inspired by Franklin in GTA Online.
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To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of GTA V as the game that changed the franchise forever, GTA Online has debuted a new event to honour September 17. It's all outlined in a beefy blog post from Rockstar Games. 

Along with the GTA$ bonuses, store discounts, and more, there are a few new outfits added to the game that Trevor, Michael and Franklin inspire. As you hopefully know, these three are the playable protagonists of GTA V. The shirts are aptly called The Retired Criminal, The Homie, and The Groupie. 

Rockstar thanked you for your support and added, "This amazing community is the reason GTAV has thrived across multiple console generations and given us the opportunity to grow and update GTA Online with new features and content over these past 10 years, and your support is truly humbling."

What else is in the 10th Anniversary Event Update?

Trevor during the GTA V campaign.
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Not only are there costumes for you to get kitted out with, but there are also some fresh new weapon skins inspired by the characters. Although there were grumbles about the "lacklustre" GTA V 10th anniversary celebrations, it's a win that your whole getup can throw it back to the OG - assault rifles and all.

Along with the extra GTA$ and RP for most challenges, there is a total of 4x the GTA$ and RP up for grabs when you're doing missions for Lamar or Trevor, there are new cars in Simeon's showroom as well as a new showroom that has appeared in Rockford Hills.

If that wasn't enough, the lucky wheel at the Casino can give you a chance to win the Enus Deity Sedan. There's plenty to do, and not a lot of time to do it in - so jump in while you can and get cosplaying as a balding lunatic and celebrate 10 years of GTA Online like only Rockstar can.

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