First GTA Online 2 details emerge

First GTA Online 2 details emerge
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Tom Chapman


27th Feb 2023 11:47

A new day is dawning for Rockstar Games, and as we gear up for the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6, fans are snooping around the internet looking for even a sniff of what's to come.

With Grand Theft Auto being one of the biggest IPs in gaming, we're fully expecting GTA 6 to be another record-breaking success. Part of what's made GTA V the most profitable entertainment product of all time is the ongoing support from GTA Online. But, what comes next?

Is Rockstar working on GTA Online 2?

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As with all GTA leaks, take these with a pinch of salt, however, the latest comes from a trusted leaker called Tez2. Posting on the GTA Forums, Tez2 claims there will be 30-player lobbies built using the tech of Red Dead Online.

Although Red Dead Online has largely been thrown to the wolves, it makes sense that the reasonably modern tech is ported over for the next generation of GTA. Tez2 explains, "The leaked footage showed testing clips of the multiplayer with the max players displayed."

They also say that it's actually a 32-person lobby, with 30 players and two spectators like GTO and RDO. The leaks point to a video clip from May 2022, and with structural changes like increasing max player limits needing to happen much earlier, it looks like this could be the final lobby size.

As all of the above is derived from a leak, we should tread cautiously, but to be honest, it all makes a lot of sense. Bear in mind that while Rockstar has confirmed GTA 6, there's no word on what it's planning for GTA Online or a potential sequel. 

Is GTA Online 2 a good idea?

While GTA Online was originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it's since been upgraded for modern systems. The problem with GTA Online 2 is it would likely face the same problems as Warzone did when we got Warzone 2. Your progress likely wouldn't port over.

Even if you do manage to transfer your progress, this would lead to balancing issues where those from the OG GTA Online would be overpowered compared to newcomers. Still, Rockstar is likely to milk the franchise for all it's worth. 

A shiny GTA Online 2 sounds fun on paper, but when you lose out on 10 years of collecting your rare cars, it might be a little harder to convince players to make the leap. It remains to be seen what Rockstar is planning with GTA 6, but rest assured some kind of multiplayer will be tied to the title. 

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