GTA 6 will apparently age your characters

GTA 6 will apparently age your characters
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Tom Chapman


14th Aug 2023 17:19

If you're ready for a 'hair-raising' experience, the next Grand Theft Auto could be for you. Although Rockstar Games is keeping GTA 6 locked away in the garage as it tinkers away, the various leaks and rumours are keeping us fed until we get some official details.

It's been years since that Project Americas leak was thought to be an elaborate hoax, but as time ticks on, a growing number of those rumours are apparently coming true. Alongside a Latina female protagonist and potential return to Vice City, we're not hearing there will be an impressive ageing system.

GTA 6 leaks hint at ageing system

Noted GTA 6 leaker @RockstarGTAVI claims there will be an elaborate ageing system in GTA 6, as well as a hair and beard growth system. It reminds us of Red Dead Redemption 2, with the 2018 game making Arthur Morgan visit the barber shop to get a fresh trim.

As GTA 6 is Rockstar's next big release after RDR2, it makes sense that it will be taking this kind of system and expanding them. Games like The Sims have long had ageing systems, while the idea that your GTA 6 MVP will grow a few wrinkles in your time together makes perfect sense. 

It's been a full decade since GTA V revved into our lives and became the most profitable entertainment product of all time. With games pushing for more realism, a hair and beard growth system will make the world of GTA feel more alive. Whether we'll start as young criminals and end up as retired mob bosses, remains to be seen.

What do we know about GTA 6's playable characters?

GTA map with art of a man and woman in front of it
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Although it's all hearsay, we've heard a lot about male and female playable protagonists, with the latter being a Latina called Lucia. The male character is apparently called Jason, and although voice actor Bryan Zampella has heavily hinted at his involvement, others claim he WON'T be voicing the character. 

Voice actor Leslie Lluvet has also debunked the idea that she's playing Lucia, meaning we have no idea who'll be playing the lucrative roles. Given that big names like Ray Liotta and Samuel L. Jackson have lent their vocals to the franchise, we could see some household names joining the family.

As for GTA 6, Rockstar has gone to ground since the next chapter was announced last year. We've heard whispers of a potential 2024 release window, but as we run out of big gaming showcases in 2023, we're waiting as Rockstar toys with us like we're ants and the gaming giant is the kid with a magnifying glass.

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