FIFA 23 players can already earn EA Sports FC rewards in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 players can already earn EA Sports FC rewards in Ultimate Team
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Jack Marsh


4th Sep 2023 17:36

Starting life on Ultimate Team can be quite tricky. Some pros of the game advise grinding Draft, while others will tell you to place weight on playing games and the daily SBC grind.

It's all about getting to know the meta quickly and then finding the cards and players that are overpowered and will succeed in most circumstances.

For this, you'll likely need high-rated cards, and now FIFA 23 is giving away EA Sports FC Ultimate Team packs for free, which will undoubtedly help you on your grind.

You can now earn EA Sports FC packs in FIFA 23

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In a bid to get players back on FIFA 23, and a marketing ploy to convince players to purchase EA Sports FC 24, EA has released an abundance of Ultimate Team Objectives that will unlock rewards for the unreleased game.

Players completing these Objectives with their FIFA 23 teams will start life on EA Sports FC with a bucketload of free packs.

Said packs include hero loans and 84+x3's, which will immediately buff your squad with high-rated players or SBC fodder.

The Objectives are quite straightforward, but do require putting a bit of time into the current FIFA title, with tasks such as "score two goals in games with seven players from the Premier League in your starting XI".

All EA Sports FC reward packs available in FIFA 23

If you have the time to get all of your rewards for EA Sports FC, you will start life on Ultimate Team in prime position.

The following packs will be "carried over", if you complete all of the Objectives:

  • 1 x Players Pack with three rare Gold Players from each EFIGS (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain) League
  • 2 x Two Rare Gold Players Pack
  • 2 x 5 Game 1,000 Coin Boost
  • 2 x Base Hero 5 Game Loan Pack
  • 1 x 82+x10 Players Pack
  • 1 x 83+x5 Players Pack
  • 1 x 84+x3 Players Pack

Currently, only a third of Objectives have been released, with the next two waves coming on a weekly basis.

So, it might be time to redownload FIFA 23 if you fancy getting a headstart when EA Sports FC arrives. 

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