FIFA 23 coin glitch drops the ball a week before EA FC 24

FIFA 23 coin glitch drops the ball a week before EA FC 24

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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2023 14:43

Just one week before the base gold card grind ensues on EA FC's inaugural Ultimate Team experience, the publishers of FIFA handed players the simplest of goals on a silver platter, as FIFA 23 cards have been offered up for free.

The Ultimate Team end game is in full swing. FIFA 23's final season has been full of gigantic cards, 99-rated teams, low-risk high-rewards SBCs, and lucrative packs, all in a bid to let you enjoy the final hour with some of the greatest players ever to be released in the game.

But with EA FC 24 rewards up for grabs too, the publishers have netted an own goal, and have allowed infinite coin glitches and SBC exploits to worm into the game, making these objectives an absolute walk in the park.

Infinite coins and SBC exploits arrive amid FIFA 23 Ultimate Team meltdown

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FIFA 23 is at the end of its tenure, that's for sure, but for the first time, you can actually earn rewards for the next Ultimate Team year, getting you off to a flying start.

However, building these teams isn't that easy when everyone has god squads. 

Yet FIFA 23 crashed on Wednesday, 13 September, and opened the floodgates to infinite coin glitches and SBC exploits.

The game mode's servers collapsed, leaving duplicates to stay within your inventory, where you could quick-sell players time after time and simply see your coin count rise up into the millions.

SBCs also wouldn't remove players from your inventory too, meaning if you had the capability to build the top-end squad for challenges such as 99-rated Lionel Messi, you could enter the same 11 players in for every challenge and unlock the card for free; this method also worked for Bellingham, Kane, Loftus Cheek, and other player-based SBCs, as well as the usual 85x10 packs.

EA FC objectives become a breeze thanks to FIFA 23 glitches

Given that everyone is now playing Ultimate Team with the sole purpose of completing the Join The Club objectives for free EA FC packs, players have used this trick to unlock and purchase the most elite cards in the respective leagues and nations.

Thanks to the server meltdown, EA FC Ultimate Team might now get off to an extremely different start to previous years, bypassing the first starter team stage as the glitch has opened the floodgates for players to easily complete all FIFA 23 objectives and net some outrageous packs to start their team off.

So far, EA has not banned anyone found to have been using these exploits, although the market appears to be back up and running again now. It's likely that, given its mass usage, anyone who used these exploits will not be banned on the week of EA FC's launch either.

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