Exclusive first look at Eevee cards from Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade

Exclusive first look at Eevee cards from Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Daniel Megarry


2nd Apr 2024 09:00

The Pokemon Company has given GGRecon the first-look reveal of two Eevee cards and one Leafeon card from the new Twilight Masquerade expansion.

While the upcoming Pokemon TCG set will shine the spotlight on The Teal Mask's Legendary creature Ogerpon and its various type-shifting masks, it's the gorgeous full-art Illustration Rare Eevee card that I'm hoping to pull.

Eevee card reveals from Twilight Masquerade

First up is the full-art Illustration Rare Eevee (188/167) which is set to be one of the big chase cards of this expansion. The Japanese version was unveiled recently and has already garnered plenty of attention online.

Eevee Illustration Rare Pokemon card in Twilight Masquerade
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It's not hard to see why - Eevee has always been a popular Pokemon, but this artwork features eight of them lounging around on a comfy chair as the sun shines through the window. It's the perfect card for cosy gamers.

This card was drawn by longtime Pokemon TCG artist Narumi Sato, who's worked on Eevee cards in the past. I'm a big fan of her work, so I'll definitely be hunting this card down when Twilight Masquerade is released.

Up next is a regular Eevee card (125/167) from the Twilight Masquerade expansion. This card has the same attacks and stats as the Illustration Rare version, but it features artwork from illustrator Satoma.

An Eevee card in Twilight Masquerade
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Although Satoma is relatively new to the Pokemon TCG, I'm already a fan of their dreamy art style, which was showcased in Obsidian Flame's Dratini card. This new pastel-hued Eevee card is totally adorable.

Finally, here's a first look at the English-language card for one of Eevee's evolutions, Leafeon (011/167)! This beloved Grass-type Pokemon makes a comeback in Twilight Masquerade with striking artwork from Kuroimori.

A Leafeon Pokemon card in the Twilight Masquerade expansion
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Kuroimori is another new artist in the Pokemon TCG, but you'll most likely recognise their Special Illustration Rare Shiny Gardevoir ex card design from the recent Paldean Fates expansion, which was absolutely stunning.

Although this Leafeon likely won't be making any waves in the competitive scene, its move Leaflet Blessings is an interesting one, as it allows you to attach a Grass Energy to a benched card and heal them completely.

This could make it a solid supporter for a powerful Grass-type V card or ex card that needs switching out and healing, before bringing them back in for more battles.

So there you have it - two new Eevee cards and a Leafeon card from Twilight Masquerade! Will you be hunting down that full-art Eevee card like me? Or have you got your eye on something else?

The Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet - Twilight Masquerade expansion launches on May 24, 2024, and you can see more cards from the upcoming expansion here as well as details of the different products available.

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