Elder Scrolls Mod Adds Starfield-Inspired City

Elder Scrolls Mod Adds Starfield-Inspired City

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Tom Chapman


23rd Feb 2022 15:28

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is reaching for the stars, as a Starfield-inspired mod will bring the two games together in a big way. Modding and Skyrim have long gone hand-in-hand, with the wider community helping keep the action RPG alive and kicking for the past 11 years. Now, a modern mod adds a sci-fi city to the party.

While The Elder Scrolls is up there with Fallout as Bethesda’s best-known franchises, there's a newcomer ready to join the fold in the form of Starfield. Although the latest mod isn't officially a Starfield crossover, you can imagine this sci-fi locale fitting neatly into the outer space adventure. It's certainly a far cry from the Medieval horrors of your typical Tamriel.

What Is The New Skyrim Mod?

Starfield Mod Skyrim
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Nexus Mods

Over on Nexus Mods, you can download the Fort Knox mod that runs with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The official description reads: "A sci-fi / Modern city based on Aether Suite, 7 majors locations, more than 200 interiors, around 400 scheduled NPC, Followers friendly (fully navmeshed), more than 100 modern outfits/accessories/armors/modern weapons."

Created by modder Ripcat, the Skyrim Fort Knox mod adds brand-new areas including Accord Plaza, Downtown, Industrial Zone, Yanabayashi Park, and Lake Athabasca, as well as the Octo8 Island that you can reach via shuttle from Accord Plaza. If that wasn’t enough, the mod gives us a whopping 400 new NPCs, robots, and over 150 modern weapons and armour.

Unfortunately, there are no new quests in this area and all the dialogue appears as text, still, it's a fun way to pass the time. Going full Matrix, Fort Knox adds something called Log Out to your spellbook. Casting it, you step out of Skyrim and into the "real world" - implying your entire game has been a VR experience. If anything, it at least gives some sort of insight into how Starfield could look. 


What Do We Know About Starfield?

Away from the eventual release of The Elder Scrolls 6 as an Xbox exclusive, Bethesda is currently on the Starfield bandwagon. We already know Starfield will be much bigger than Skyrim, and although they are (literally) worlds apart, it's being described as Skyrim in space. Similar to Skyrim, Bethesda hopes Starfield will go have a long life after its launch.

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Lead Artist Istvan Pely described Starfield as "NASA-Punk" and explained: "We wanted a very realistic take. You can draw a line from current-day space technology and extrapolate from there into the future so it's believable and relatable." A lot of work has clearly gone into crafting an expansive world like Skyrim's Nirn or Fallout's Wasteland, so we can’t wait to see how things turn out. 


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