Ed Sheeran Is Making Twitch Streams Implode

Ed Sheeran Is Making Twitch Streams Implode
The Pokemon Company | YouTube - Ed Sheeran

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Joseph Kime


25th Nov 2022 14:16

Pokemon is still at the top of its game after 30 years. It's easy to see why, to be honest.

Putting the performance issues of Scarlet & Violet aside for a moment, the new entry into the Pokemon franchise is what players have been asking for for years. A true open-world game that gives you absolute freedom across a brand-new region full of new and old beasties - it's perfect.

A lot of new fans are joining the party through Twitch, with streamers coasting through the game with onlookers in tow - but there's one problem. Ed is on the prowl.

Ed Sheeran Is Accidentally Striking Twitch Streams

Ed Sheeran Is Making Twitch Streams Implode
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YouTube - Ed Sheeran


Streams of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are pretty messy as it is, what with the bugs that the games offer being broadcast on the gaming world stage, but now, fans are suffering lethal DMCA strikes thanks to Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran's song recorded especially for Pokemon, called Celestial, plays over the credits of the newest games, which makes sense given the song's use in the promotion of the game - but it's not ideal for streamers.

The end of the game should be a euphoric experience for streamers and their chats, but instead, the song that plays is leading them to them receiving brutal DMCA strikes from Sheeran's record label.

Twitch Streamer aDrive Gets Hit With DMCA

The biggest example of poor streamers receiving attacks from record labels is aDrive, a streamer who caught the fact that the song could be copyrighted and made attempt to cut it short - but it was no use. They got him regardless.

It's a serious shame that The Pokemon Company failed to consider that this would be a real problem, but then again, it's a predictable foresight from the company. You'd guess that Nintendo had never heard of a DMCA - but then again, Nintendo have always been about five years behind the times.

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