EA FC 24 fans find genius way to stack Evolutions in Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 fans find genius way to stack Evolutions in Ultimate Team

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Jack Marsh


22nd Sep 2023 12:40

With EA Sports FC's introduction, one of the most enticing elements of the new title comes with Ultimate Team's Evolutions, allowing you to birth your own hidden gem in the fantasy card-picking game mode.

Evolutions put the fate of average players in your own hands, cherry-picking your favourite players from football and giving them stat boosts which will help you build a super squad.

So with these Evolution players instantly becoming meta, fans have found a savvy way of stacking these boosts, and it's creating some of the best players in the game.

EA FC 24 fans find Evolutions can be stacked 

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The most game-changing Evolution in EA FC 24 at the moment comes in the form of the Relentless Winger upgrade. The only non-free upgrade requires 50,000 coins or 1,000 FC Points, but greatly boosts left-wingers from a 79 rating up to 85, with increased speed and dribbling.

One of the most popular players to do this upgrade with is Ansu Fati, as the Spanish winger has completed a move to the Premier League to create a range of new links, while boasting some high-tier stats.

However, Fati is 78-rated in Ultimate Team, one below the maximum threshold for the Relentless Winger Evolution, meaning he can actually have the Founders Evolution applied to him before being run through a second upgrade. 

This heightens Fati from a 78 to a 79 and then as high as 85, once you have completed all of the challenges to maximise the upgrade.

EA FC Evolution stacks might be the way forward in Ultimate Team


While Fati has been the most common card to do this trick with, the same can also be applied to Chelsea winger Mudryk, El Shaarawy, and Moise Kean among many others, which creates a lot of forwards that will slip straight into your starting XI.

You can also stack fully upgraded players into new Evolutions, meaning that you could also run players through both of the Golden Glow-up boosts, taking a Bronze Card, such as Kobbie Mainoo through the ranks to make them a solid 84-rated all-round midfielder. 

You can only sport one Evolution in your team at a time though, so this route might only be worth taking if you've already got some pretty stacked wingers.

For the most part, though, these double-boost hacks are definitely worth looking into if you want to create high-tier players that will leave your opponent quaking in their boots.

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