EA FC 24 confirms Mason Greenwood - with restrictions

EA FC 24 confirms Mason Greenwood - with restrictions
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Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2023 12:20

After completing a loan move away from Manchester United, following an expulsion from their first team, Mason Greenwood will officially be added to EA FC 24 as a playable character.

Greenwood, who recently signed with Spanish side Getafe, was removed from the FIFA series amid a court case and charges that included allegations of attempted rape, engaging in controlling behaviour, and assault.

However, the footballer's case was dropped, and despite public opinion, Greenwood will officially be back playing football in the 23-24 season. He will also return to EA FC 24 - with a catch. 

Mason Greenwood returns to EA FC 24

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EA first eluded to Greenwood's inclusion on EA FC 24 in August, where he was added to the global database with a new headshot, but his reintroduction wasn't made official until today.

Originally, Greenwood was likely to be left off the game should he have stayed in Manchester United's employment but left out of the Premier League squad, but his move to Getafe and inclusion in their official La Liga roster has resulted in his character's return in-game, too.

EA Sports has confirmed Greenwood will return, providing a statement to Mirror Gaming. "EA SPORTS FC 24 authentically reflects the active rosters of teams and clubs in the real world of football," an EA Spokesperson told The Mirror.

"As he is now part of an active roster with Getafe CF, Mason Greenwood will be included in FC 24."

Mason Greenwood will not feature in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

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Despite Greenwood's addition to EA FC, the Getafe player will not be added to Ultimate Team at launch, and instead, will be only available in Kick-Off and Career Mode.

"As Greenwood was not part of an active roster at the time of our cut-off date for final team and player data, he will not appear in Ultimate Team at launch," the spokesperson added.

EA didn't rule out Greenwood being added at a later date, but the player will not be handed an Ultimate Team card from the get-go.

Greenwood has not played a professional game of football since January 2022, but after the charges against him were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February 2023, he will now look to step onto a pitch for the first time this season with Getafe.

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