Dream Breaks Silence Over His Sexuality In Viral Tweet

Dream Breaks Silence Over His Sexuality In Viral Tweet
Images via YouTube | Anthony Padilla

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Emma Hill


12th Apr 2022 16:10

Faceless streamer "Dream" has finally revealed a little piece of personal information in his latest Twitter post, in which he opened up to fans about his sexuality. 

Content creator Dream has built up an incredible career throughout the years, gaining 29 million subscribers on YouTube as of April 2022, thanks in large part to his incredibly popular Minecraft playthroughs. With his popularity continuing to grow, Dream even went on to take the prize for Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards and solidified his place as one of the most recognisable "faces" in the community. And, of course, he's done it all without showing his actual face. 

As with other faceless streamers, Dream has worked hard to keep his private life private. However, the YouTuber has now tweeted a statement that has given fans an insight into his sexuality. 

Dream Opens Up About His Sexuality To Fans On Twitter

Since his popularity exploded back in 2019, Dream has managed to keep a great deal of his private life secret, sharing only minor details with fans. For example, he's been very open about his struggles with ADHD and has also revealed that his birthday is August 12, 1999, making him 22-years-old as of writing. However, we knew nothing about his relationship status or sexuality.

That all changed on April 11, when the streamer tweeted: "I'm not gay I think women are very attractive, some men are ok too I guess." The comment quickly went viral, gaining 256.6k likes as well as a wave of comments from fans along with his fellow content creators. 

Dream may not regularly post on social media but, when he does, his comments certainly catch the attention of a mind-blowing amount of people. For example, Dream found himself caught up in a Twitter dispute after calling out Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker for spreading "outright lies" about him. Then over on Twitch, Dream went viral after he publicly shamed his fans for their "horrible behaviour."

Fans React To Dream's Viral Twitter Post

Dream's tweet was met with overwhelming delight among his fans. However, it left some with more questions than answers in regards to his sexual orientation. A number of users immediately took Dream's "I'm not gay" comment to mean he is heterosexual. However, as one fan stated: "People don't seem to understand not gay doesn't equal straight. Sexuality is a spectrum and there are so. Many. Sexualities. Pansexual, bisexual, omnisexual, etc." 

However, the majority of Dream's fans interpreted the tweet as the YouTuber coming out as bisexual. A number also claimed that this is exactly how they "would describe" themselves, without necessarily placing a label on their sexual orientation.

The tweet might seem fairly cryptic, but it came as welcome news for Dream's fanbase, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. Dream might never elaborate any further on the comment given his desire for privacy. However, that hasn't stopped Dream's overjoyed fans from already calling him a "bisexual king." 


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