Overwatch 2's Diablo 4 collab unleashes hell with its cost

Overwatch 2's Diablo 4 collab unleashes hell with its cost
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Joseph Kime


12th Oct 2023 16:00

When Overwatch 2 revealed that its Halloween event would feature a cosmetic crossover with Diablo 4, fans felt like they probably should have known. It makes perfect sense, as Diablo 4 was another new game from Blizzard that dominated when it first launched, and could now do with a bit of a bump.

In terms of presence in the gaming world, Diablo 4 fans have disengaged after a slightly below-average first season. The reveal of Moira's Lilith-inspired skin was truly a match made in heaven (or hell), and players were delighted - but they're much less so now that they've seen how much it's going to cost.

Overwatch 2's Diablo Crossover is incredibly pricey

The main event of the Diablo crossover with Overwatch is the Moira Lilith cosplay skin. Fans were keen to get a hold of it, but they're left raging by a typical Activision Blizzard money grab, locking her behind a paywall. Who'd have guessed it?

If you want the skin itself, you're going to have to buy the Ultimate Battle Pass: Season Seven Bundle. This comes in at a whopping $40, just like the last premium battle pass to accommodate for the three story missions that came with it. Now, it's just a skin doing all of the marketing. Sick.

The skin collection, including Lilith, Pharah's Inarius, and Bastion's Pumpkin skin all come as part of the package. As that's what a lot of people paid to access the original game, you can probably imagine that they're not particularly happy about it.

Fans react to pricey Diablo crossover in Overwatch

Critics haven't wasted any time in taking to the internet to express their disappointment in the fact that they'll have to pay huge sums for the new crossover skins, pointing it out as yet another attempt to pull money from players for little in return.

"I had premium currency saved up for this and the battlepass," says one user in the comments of a discussion of pricing on Reddit. "I'm floored the only way to get it is pay $40." "How did Overwatch take such a big L from a hyped release to this state," adds another.

It's clear that fans aren't happy, but that's a trend that Blizzard has come to expect when it comes to Overwatch. Even though it's another miss, you just know the Moira-Lilith skin will be flying off the shelves. 

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