Diablo 4's Early Access launch hampered by connection issues

Diablo 4's Early Access launch hampered by connection issues
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Joseph Kime


2nd Jun 2023 10:15

Diablo IV is finally here. Well, if you got a special edition of the game. Otherwise, you'll have to wait with the rabble until Tuesday. Sorry.

For now, the game's hellish gates have creaked and snapped open to welcome new and existing players to experience Diablo IV in all of its fiery glory, and fans can't wait to take it for a spin. But there are many who waited until the clock struck twelve to be among the very first to experience the game upon its global release.

But, even in spite of the confidence of devs, the game is struggling.

Diablo IV's connection is being crushed in early access

Major connection issues are breaking Diablo IV’s early access
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Though we reported only yesterday that Blizzard had announced they were confident that the game's servers would be able to manage the gigantic influx of players coming to the game at launch, it seems it can't even live up to expectations of the early access, as players are reporting some pretty hefty connection issues.

Even in spite of the incredible reviews the game has received, and the fact that the game is one of the most anticipated of the year, it looks like players are still having to trudge through servers that can't handle them.

A new post has appeared on the Diablo IV subreddit that has asked fans and new players to report their bugs, errors and long queue times in a thread. That thread has, as of writing, 966 comments. Oof.

Fans respond to Diablo's poor performance

Major connection issues are breaking Diablo IV’s early access
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Fans have taken to the comments to share their problems, which frankly, stem from all over the place. Many players are dealing with a bug that informs them that they don't have a valid license for the game after mere seconds of queueing, the game telling PC players that "this game cannot be played yet," and an error code that totally crashes the game.

There are also plenty of players reporting in the subreddit that they're queueing for upwards of 15 minutes to no avail.

It's not a good look for Blizzard who sold these more expensive editions of the game under the guise that players could get in early. Here's hoping launch is smoother.

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