Diablo 4 servers ‘ready’ for bumpy start amid player influx

Diablo 4 servers ‘ready’ for bumpy start amid player influx
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Joseph Kime


1st Jun 2023 17:25

The launch of massively multiplayer games rarely runs smoothly. We saw it most recently and most distinctly in Overwatch 2, a game that forced many dedicated fans to wait upwards of a week to actually get into the game and take on what waited for them in a title that replaced its predecessor.

It caused one hell of a stir, and the frustrations that it created are still felt by fans now. The next outing that could run into these disasters is Diablo 4, a game attempting to re-jig a long-standing legacy and replace one of the most popular PC titles that Blizzard has ever produced. But the team thinks it's ready.

Diablo IV servers 'prepared' for launch

Diablo 4 servers ‘ready’ for bumpy start amid player influx
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Though players are growing concerned that servers might not be able to handle such a monstrous influx of players when Diablo 4 launches on June 6, the developers seem confident enough to soldier on.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Diablo 4 General Manager Rod Fergusson has revealed that the stress testing the team did pre-launch has really played off. "We learned a lot from each of them," he says. "We've done the work we could do to make launch day as smooth as possible. And we feel good about where we are."

Using the analogy of a million people showing up to the opening of a theme park, Fergusson expects some serious traffic on the Diablo 4 servers. Of course, not everything may be perfect from the first moment, but it seems the team is confident regardless.

Diablo IV servers 'might be a little bumpy on the first day'

Diablo 4 servers ‘ready’ for bumpy start amid player influx
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There are a few expected issues to arise during the first rollout of Diablo 4, but luckily, it seems as though Fergusson is ready to take them on. "We've done the work, and we've done a lot of testing, and so we're prepared," he says.

"But you know, never say never. It might be a little bumpy on the first day, but our hopes are that, like we did on those weekends, we learn and adapt." Still, we're warned Blizzard is almost "never" able to replicate players trying to connect to a game's playtest.

Diablo 4 is expected to get some massive footfall, so only time will tell just how ready the team is to manage the weight of players scrambling to get into Hell. At least Fergusson and co. sound like they're preparing for the worst-case scenario.  See you in the server moshpit.

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