A New Skyrim Port Is On The Way… For Some Reason

A New Skyrim Port Is On The Way… For Some Reason
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Joseph Kime


23rd May 2022 08:56

There are three constants in life. Death, taxes, and a Skyrim port coming to the next console. It's incessant at this stage, with Bethesda insisting that any console that can manage to run Tamriel should have at least one way to play through the game.

With Anniversary Editions, Special Editions, VR ports, the works, it's effectively a huge meme at this point. This makes the porting of Skyrim something of a laughing stock. And now, there's another Skyrim port... because of course there is.

Is A Skyrim Switch Port On The Way?

A New Skyrim Port Is On The Way… For Some Reason
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Though it might seem bizarre that The Elder Scrolls V hasn't been ported to every major console so far, a brand-new edition of the game is making its landing on the Nintendo Switch. It might be good news for Switch users who are looking for a reason to return to the land of Skyrim, but it's still pretty funny.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Anniversary Edition is making its way to the console after being found by Switch Brasil to be rated by the Taiwanese Games Rating Board. It marks Skyrim's return to the console after the base game landed on the Switch in 2017. 

What's New In The Anniversary Edition Of Skyrim?

This edition of Skyrim is, to be fair, one of the most extensive that the game has ever had. We don't imagine you're new to the 2011 game, but if you are' this is the best place to start. The Anniversary Edition comes with over 500 creation club elements, which players can use as they see fit - but the fishing has become the most compelling part of the game.


The Anniversary Edition introduces fishing and the ability to build yourself an aquarium to let you live out your riverside dreams, along with every DLC the game has officially released. We originally laughed off the idea of fishing in Skyrim, but it ended up being one of its biggest selling points.

It'll be nice for Switch users, but let's be honest - it's yet another Skyrim port. If you've wanted to play Skyrim, chances are you have by now - but at least you can make a journey back to Tamriel whenever you like. With Microsoft warning it'll be years until the Xbox-exclusive The Elder Scrolls 6 releases, we're sure Bethesda will milk its cash cow for a few more Skyrim ports before the game eventually bows out - if it ever does...


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