Lexigo puzzle answers today: Wednesday 4 October 2023

Lexigo puzzle answers today: Wednesday 4 October 2023
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4th Oct 2023 05:00


Lexigo puts your vocabulary to the ultimate test each day, with puzzles to decipher that'll have you lining up letters to create themed words - and it's no surprise that many players are struggling with the answers today on October 4th.

While some games like Wordle have you whittling away at a single word in a set amount of tries, this game gives you a race against the clock to unlock the solution to each of its many clues. You might start out well, but the chances are that you will face a roadblock eventually.

That's where we come in, as we've got all of the latest Lexigo puzzle answers to help you out today, so keep scrolling to unlock the solutions for each clue on October 4th, 2023.

Hints for today's Lexigo puzzle answers

Image of the Lexigo clues
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If you're wanting a little help with today's Lexigo puzzle answers but aren't wanting to see the full solution, then the hints that we've listed below will be perfect for you.

There are five clues that you have to work your way through every day in Lexigo, and we've got a few suggestions to prod you in the right direction.

  • Sauce for fish and chips: Two vowels, six letters, begins with Ta.
  • Military food portion: Three vowels, six letters, begins with Ra.
  • Become aware of: Three vowels, six letters, begins with No.
  • Guiding philosophy: One vowels, five letters, begins with Et.
  • Earthenware: Three vowels, seven letters, begins with Ce.

These should hopefully spark a lightbulb above your head without giving the answer away, but if you're still desperately stuck on today's Lexigo puzzles, then we've got you covered with the complete answers below.

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance to avoid having the Lexigo answers spoiled. Only continue reading if you want to see the complete solutions.

Lexigo puzzle answers for today (October 4th, 2023)

Image of an answer in Lexigo
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For those of you who are still struggling to figure out the solutions, we've got a complete list of the five Lexigo answers to help you solve today's puzzle:

  • Sauce for fish and chips: Tartar
  • Military food portion: Ration
  • Become aware of: Notice
  • Guiding philosophy: Ethic
  • Earthenware: Ceramic

You'll be able to maintain a great score in Lexigo by using these answers, which is excellent news if you're competing with your friends and want to stay on top.

When does the next Lexigo game start?

There will be a new set of puzzles every single day at around 12 AM local time, so you can enjoy a fresh Lexigo challenge as part of your daily routine alongside your other favourite word games.

This also means that you have plenty of time to work your way through the various Lexigo puzzles, but your progress will reset every time that you log on, so make sure that you remember your answers.

How to play Lexigo

Image showing you how to play Lexigo
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The first thing you'll want to do to get started in Lexigo is head to the USA Today games page and select it from the list. Once you've made it to the homepage, all you need to do to start guessing is press the big 'Play' button.

From there, the rules of Lexigo are fairly simple, but this doesn't mean that the game is easy. Here's everything you'll need to know if you're wanting to find out how to play Lexigo:

  • There are 13 letters on the screen, and you need to use them to make a word based on the hint below
  • You must start from the magenta letter tile, and you can only choose subsequent connecting letters
  • You can select a letter tile multiple times, and you can also backtrack on your own path to create a word
  • The number of letters for the answer is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Each answer beyond the first one begins with the final letter of the previous solution
  • Complete all five puzzles in as little time as possible to get a high score

It can take a little while to get used to, but once you're in the swing of things, you'll be creating a new Lexigo letter chain in seconds.

What are other games like Lexigo?

The closest game to Lexigo is definitely The NYT Spelling Bee, as it also features a honeycomb letter grid that you must compose various words from. However, instead of working from hints, you must create as many combinations as possible within a specific time frame, with longer answers giving increased point values.

NYT Connections is also a great word game based on themes, as instead of letters you are given a grid of various words, and it is up to you to join them based on various groups like surnames or types of neckwear.

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about Lexigo, getting you prepped to complete today's puzzle with all of the answers listed above.

If you're needing help with any of the other games in your daily routine, there's no better place to look than our word game homepage for all of the latest updates to our guides.


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