Bandle answer & clue for today, April 20th, 2024

Bandle answer & clue for today, April 20th, 2024
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Harry Boulton

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20th Apr 2024 04:58


There are plenty of music-themed word games out there to try, but Bandle shakes up the formula by breaking down songs into instruments - which understandably makes figuring out today's answer quite tricky.

I often struggle to correctly guess my favourite songs this way, so it's certainly not an admission of failure to be on the hunt for the solution in-game before your streak ends. This is still one of my favourite games like Wordle to play though, so I'll never not be jumping in for the next guess.

Bandle clues for today's game

While Bandle does give you a few clues at the top like the song's release year and YouTube views, it can still be quite the task to figure it out before you run out of tries.

So I've put together a list of hints for today's game below, hopefully giving you the nudge you'll need to get to the finish line without revealing it all:

  • Released in 1987.
  • From the album 'Whenever You Need Somebody'

If these hints still aren't pointing you in the right direction though, keep scrolling as the full answer will be revealed - letting you continue your streak without stress (just don't let on to your friends!)

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance to turn away before today's Bandle answer is revealed.

The Bandle answer for today

Hearing a song deconstructed like this can really test the brains of even seasoned fans, so there's bound to be at least one day when we'll all need the answer revealed. 

That's where I come in though with the Bandle answer for today, which is Rick Astley - Together Forever

I'll have the next answer waiting for you here every single day too, so make sure to head back and check it out if you're ever feeling stuck. The last thing you'd want is to lose your precious streak!

When is the next game?

Bandle refreshes at midnight in your local time every single day, giving you a new song to try your best to guess. There's also a handy timer near the bottom of the page, letting you know exactly how long you have to wait until the next game.

There are also six bonus rounds available each day if you're not satisfied with just the one main song. These have you guessing tracks from lyrics, trivia questions, and even the BPM - but they are only available on the Bandle app at this point in time.

How to play Bandle

Image of Bandle, the music guessing game
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Image via Bandle

Similar to other music-guessing games like Heardle, Bandle gives you six tries to guess a new song every single day. However, instead of progressively revealing the track by length, Bandle instead reveals new instruments to eventually create a complete composition.

The five steps you'll work through are Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar + Synth, Guitar + Backing Vocals, then Voice Cover, with a final round giving you a clue for the song's name. You can either skip if you have no idea or try your luck with a guess - but if you don't get it after the clue then you'll lose.

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