'LoLdle' answers for today, including Classic & more for May 24th

'LoLdle' answers for today, including Classic & more for May 24th
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Jake Bannister

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24th May 2024 09:18


Welcome back to another LoLdle game, for anyone new to the guide, I'm a massive League fan who completes all the Loldle game modes every day to provide everyone with a list of yesterday's and today's answers, in case anyone ever gets stuck along the way. 

The reason why I show both days is because what is deemed as 'today' is different everywhere, due to the variating time zones of the worldwide League of Legends fan base, but make sure to bookmark this page, as we'll always have you covered each day.

Today's Loldle answers for May 24th

I've included for you below, all of the answers from the five game modes today, which will inevitably keep both ours and now your, streak alive to fight another day.

Classic: Soraka
Quote: Neeko
Ability: Kled (Passive)
Emoji: Nami
Splash Art: Lissandra (Coven)

Yesterday's LoLdle answers for May 23rd

Classic: Dr. Mundo
Quote: Riven
Ability: Kindred (W)
Emoji: Lux
Splash Art: Jarvan IV (Default)

Don't forget that LoLdle can be different in various regions, we solved today's games from within the UK. Feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page if none of these work for you, as we've got a big team of League fans, and we will do our best to try and help solve the one you're presented with.

In case you're an avid word game solver, we cover many other guides as well. If you are ever stuck with the Wordle Answer or even need a hint from Yesterday's Wordle Answer we've got you covered with those guides as well, you can just search for them via our site's search functionality.

There we have it, all the answers at your fingertips. Hopefully, you got it right without losing your hot streak. If you need help in the future, make sure to come back to GGRecon where we have all solutions and guides to your favourite games every day.

Jake Bannister
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