'LoLdle' answers, for all five game modes today on December 1st

'LoLdle' answers, for all five game modes today on December 1st
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Jake Bannister

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1st Dec 2023 07:41


Just like that another day has come around and if you struggle with any of the five games of LoLdle then we've got the answers in case you want to retain that all-important winning streak.

I have used my League of Legends knowledge to solve all five game modes for you, and the answers you want are just below. For anyone not too familiar with LoLdle, it's a popular game introduced by a fan of League of Legends and has gained popularity very quickly. The purpose is to test League player's knowledge of League of Legends itself.

Today's Loldle answers for December 1st

As promised, I've managed to solve all of today's game and have provided the answers below. It wasn't easy today, so it's no surprise you've come seeking the answers, but we managed to get them all in the end and keep ours, and now your streak is alive.

Classic: Renata Glasc
Quote: Lux ("Lighting the way.")
Ability: Ornn (Passive)
Emoji: Sivir
Splash Art: Lucian (Default)

Don't forget that LoLdle can be different in various regions, we solved today's games from within the UK. Feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page if none of these work for you, as we've got a big team of League fans, and we will do our best to try and help solve the one you're given.

In case you're an avid word game solver, we cover many other guides as well and if you are ever stuck with the Wordle Answer or even need a hint with Yesterday's Wordle Answer we've got you covered with those guides as well, you can just search for them via our site's search functionality.

There we have it, all the answers at your fingertips. Hopefully, you got it right without losing your hot streak. If you need help in the future, make sure to come back to GGRecon where we have all solutions and guides to your favourite games each and every day.

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