LoLdle Answer Solution Today: Sunday 29 January 2023

LoLdle Answer Solution Today: Sunday 29 January 2023
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Jake Bannister


28th Jan 2023 11:06

The LoLdle answers today are especially tough ones, not some easy answers by any means. LoLdle can hit us with some not-so-common champions, quotes, abilities, and some hard art to recognize. Thankfully, we have all the previous answers in an archive list, to hopefully give you some inspiration and hits toward today’s answers. 

For anyone not too familiar with LoLdle, it's a popular game introduced by a fan of League of Legends and has gained popularity very quickly. LoLdle is a game to test the player's knowledge of the game and some loyal fans enjoy this game every day, similar to games like Wordle that came into mass popularity in February 2022. If you are ever stuck with the Wordle Answer Today or even need a hint with Yesterday's Wordle Answer we've got you covered.

Below you’ll find the LoLdle Answer Today followed by a listed archive of previous LoLdle answers by day, so scroll quickly to the bottom if you want to see just the archive before seeing the answer.

As with any word game, puzzle, or crossword, the answers on some days can be just too difficult for any single person's knowledge, so some days it’s no shame to seek some help to keep that winning streak alive.

For those instances, we are here to help out and move you onto the next day with the solutions to today's LoLdle.


Not every LoLdle game goes our way, sometimes they seem to go in a direction we could not have predicted. In those cases, it can feel a bit unfair to lose your streak over one champion, ability, quote, or piece of splash art.

Coming up next is today’s LoLdle answers, so be warned. This is your last chance to go back before you see them, but if you want to, here it is: Do as you will, no judgments from us.

Here are today’s LoLdle answers. We hope the archive helped you solve this one. If not, at least your streak should live another day.

Today’s LoLdle answers for Sunday 29 January 2023 are:

Classic: Akali
Quote: Jarvan IV
Ability: Soraka
Emoji: Brand
Splash Art: Lulu

That is today's LoLdle answer. Hopefully, you got it right without losing your hot streak. If you need help in the future, make sure to come back to GGRecon where we have all solutions and guides to your favourite games such as the Octordle Answer Today, Globle Answer Today and many more. 


If you want to see previous LoLdle answers to maybe compare with today’s LoLdle answers, here’s a LoLdle archive.

  • January 28th LoLdle = Mordekaiser, Diana, Olaf, Bard, Twitch
  • January 27th LoLdle = Vi, Sejuani, Lee Sin, Malzahar, Heimerdinger
  • January 26th LoLdle = Wukong, Blitzcrank, Samira, Sivir, Qiyana
  • January 25th LoLdle = Ezreal, Cho'Gath, Neeko, Jayce, Kassadin
  • January 24th LoLdle = Kled, Kayn, Alistar, Volibear, Seraphine
  • January 23rd LoLdle = Varus, Gwen, Orianna, Akshan, Camille
  • January 22nd LoLdle = Katarina, Jax, Leblanc, Taliyah, Olaf
  • January 21st LoLdle = Kayle, Orianna, Twisted Fate, Vex, Miss Fortune
  • January 20th LoLdle = Rengar, Kayle, Rammus, Gangplank, Anivia
  • January 19th LoLdle = Lillia, Seraphine, Maokai, Vayne, Sivir
  • January 18th LoLdle = Swain, Fiddlesticks, Jayce, Cho'Gath, Riven
  • January 17th LoLdle = Zyra, Soraka, Ekko, Kassadin, Ornn
  • January 16th LoLdle = Riven, Rell, Nilah, Sion, Caitlyn
  • January 15th LoLdle = Graves, Master Yi, Nocturne, Vladimir, Amumu
  • January 14th LoLdle = Zeri, Yuumi, Shyvana, Vel'Koz, Jax
  • January 13th LoLdle = Trundle, Taric, Volibear, Soraka, Brand
  • January 12th LoLdle = Galio, Renata Glasc, Janna, Rammus, Zed
  • January 11th LoLdle = Yorick, Malphite, Lillia, Corki, Warwick
  • January 10th LoLdle = K'Sante, Lux, Taliyah, Caitlyn, Galio
  • January 9th LoLdle = Senna, Wukong, Xerath, Galio
  • January 8th LoLdle = Orianna, Lee Sin, Udyr, Nilah
  • January 7th LoLdle = Nautilus, Cassiopeia, Ashe, Nilah
  • January 6th LoLdle = Seraphine, Sett, Rumble, Zyra
  • January 5th LoLdle = Illaoi, Graves, Singed, Rammus
  • January 4th LoLdle = Nami, Xerath, Teemo, Kled
  • January 3rd LoLdle = Yasuo, Renekton, Rell, Zoe
  • January 2nd LoLdle = Diana, Rakan, Morgana, Fizz
  • January 1st LoLdle = Garen, Nidalee, Twitch, Karthus

  • December 31st LoLdle = Cho'Gath, Maokai, Draven, Kha'Zix
  • December 30th LoLdle = Skarner, Poppy, Xin Zhao, Urgot
  • December 29th LoLdle = Kayn, Akshan, Ezreal, Kalista
  • December 28th LoLdle = Twitch, Heimerdinger, Karma, Quinn
  • December 27th LoLdle = Rakan, Caitlyn, Kassadin, Samira
  • December 26th LoLdle = Xerath, Kalista, Evelynn, Ryze
  • December 25th LoLdle = Gwen, Heimerdinger, Katarina, Ezreal
  • December 24th LoLdle = Jax, Ashe, Master Yi, Kaisa
  • December 23rd LoLdle = Zilean, Annie, Udyr, Shyvana
  • December 22nd LoLdle = Fiora, Udyr, Vel'Koz, Syndra
  • December 21st LoLdle = Warwick, Kennen, Miss Fortune, Senna
  • December 20th LoLdle = Poppy, Sion, Irelia, Cho'Gath
  • December 19th LoLdle = Xin Zhao, Galio, Ahri, Jhin
  • December 18th LoLdle = Syndra, Kassadin, Azir, Varus
  • December 17th LoLdle = Vel'Koz, Zilean, Sion, Varus
  • December 16th LoLdle = Lulu, Gnar, Graves, Karma
  • December 15th LoLdle = Udyr, Veigar, Ziggs, Aatrox
  • December 14th LoLdle = Qiyana, Janna, Cassiopeia, Sona
  • December 13th LoLdle = Sivir, Senna, Aurelion Sol, Twisted Fate
  • December 12th LoLdle = Nunu & Willump, Jinx, Sejuani, Ziggs
  • December 11th LoLdle = Vex, Tryndamere, Riven, Fiddlesticks
  • December 10th LoLdle = Jhin, Zac, Yasuo, Bard
  • December 9th LoLdle = Miss Fortune, Draven, Blitzcrank, Shen
  • December 8th LoLdle = Zac, Zed, Braum, Ahri
  • December 7th LoLdle = Lucian, Fiora, Tahm Kench, Rell
  • December 6th LoLdle = Ivern, Ryze, Skarner, Yasuo
  • December 5th LoLdle = Hecarim, Trundle, Nasus, Kha'Zix
  • December 4th LoLdle = Aurelion Sol, Lucian, Rakan, Rumble
  • December 3rd LoLdle = Akshan, Trundle, Malzahar, Nasus
  • December 2nd LoLdle = Dariusm Lulu, Corki, Vel'Koz
  • December 1st LoLdle = Yuumi, Syndra, Fiddlesticks, Xayah

  • November 30th LoLdle = Viktor, Anivia, Annie, Jarvan IV
  • November 29th LoLdle = Kha'Zix, Zeri, Bel'Veth, Viktor
  • November 28th LoLdle = Karma, Shen, Katarina, Morgana
  • November 27th LoLdle = Thresh, Malphite, Karthus, Quinn
  • November 26th LoLdle = Jayce, Bel'Veth, Diana, Braum
  • November 25th LoLdle = Nasus, Rengar, Zyra, Renekton
  • November 24th LoLdle = Singed, Twitch, Kindred, Ekko
  • November 23rd LoLdle = Nocture, Karma, Lissandra, Leona
  • November 22nd LoLdle = Amumu, Vayne, Nidalee, Nocturne
  • November 21st LoLdle = Dr. Mundo, Urgot, Talon, Rengar
  • November 20th LoLdle = Sett, Nasus, Quinn, Poppy
  • November 19th LoLdle = Olaf, Vladimir, Zed, Taliyah
  • November 18th LoLdle = LeBlanc, Riven, Zilean, Lucian
  • November 17th LoLdle = Ashe, Garen, Swain, Nunu & Willump
  • November 16th LoLdle = Brand, Gragas, Dr. Mundo, Irelia
  • November 15th LoLdle = Talon, Teemo, Amumu, Shaco
  • November 14th LoLdle = Camille, Ivern, Rengar, Garen
  • November 13th LoLdle = Vi, Viego, Garen, Kayle
  • November 12th LoLdle = Viego, Singed, Poppy, Cassiopeia
  • November 11th LoLdle = Malphite, Leona, Viego, Sion
  • November 10th LoLdle = Annie, Viktor, Vi, Sylas
  • November 9th LoLdle = Gangplank, Shaco, Zoe, Vex
  • November 8th LoLdle = Sejuani, Lissandra, Shaco, Talon
  • November 7th LoLdle = Taliyah, Hecarim, Ivern, Lissandra
  • November 6th LoLdle = Shyvana, Zoe, Aatrox, Kayn
  • November 5th LoLdle = Bel'Veth, Gangplank, Lulu, LeBlanc
  • November 4th LoLdle = Sylas, Pantheon, Ryze, Zilean
  • November 3rd LoLdle = Taric, Elise, Sivir, Zilean
  • November 2nd LoLdle  = Ziggs, Camille, Fizz, Ashe.
  • November 1st LoLdle  = Renekton, Samira, Kayn, Lillia.
  • October 31st LoLdle = Sona, Yorick, Nautilus, Blitzcrank.
  • October 30th LoLdle = Nidalee, Pyke, Kai'Sa, Darius.
  • October 29th LoLdle = Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Darius, Darius.
  • October 28th LoLdle = Aatrox, Ekko, Anivia, Viego.
  • October 27th LoLdle = Blitzcrank, Malzahar, Qiyana, Volibear.
  • October 26th LoLdle = Morgana, Kindred, Seraphine, Rakan.
  • October 25th LoLdle = Irelia, Yasuo, Renekton, Zac.
  • October 24th LoLdle = Lee Sin, Yone, Illaoi, Maokai.
  • October 23rd LoLdle = Shaco, Aatrox, Zac, Nautilus.
  • October 22nd LoLdle = Pantheon, Varus, Malphite, Nidalee.
  • October 21st LoLdle = Malzahar, Jayce, Jinx, Wukong.
  • October 20th LoLdle = Malzahar, Corki, Akali, Darius.
  • October 19th LoLdle = Tahm Kench, Sona, Kalista, Jinx.
  • October 18th LoLdle = Tahm Kench, Sylas, Wukong, Yorick.
  • October 17th LoLdle = Leona, Jarvan IV, Nunu, Hecarim.
  • October 16th LoLdle = Cassiopeia, Braum, Jax, Draven.
  • October 15th LoLdle = Alistar, Blitzcrank, Rek’Sai, Gangplank.
  • October 14th LoLdle = Jinx, Dr. Mundo, Akshan, Kog’Maw.
  • October 13th LoLdle = Elise, Ahri, Gnar, Pyke.
  • October 12th LoLdle  = Mordekaiser, Thresh, Brand, Evelynn.
  • October 11th LoLdle = Nilah, Thresh, Vayne, Xerath.
  • October 10th LoLdle = Tryndamere, Ziggs, Gangplank, Sejuani.
  • October 9th LoLdle = Ryze, Vel’koz, Olaf, Azir.
  • October 8th LoLdle = Kennen, Lux, Sona, Pantheon.
  • October 7th LoLdle = Braum, Morgana, Gwen, Qiyana.
  • October 6th LoLdle = Shen, Brand, Nilah, Malzahar.
  • October 5th LoLdle = Tristana, Olaf, Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai.
  • October 4th LoLdle = Varus, Fizz, Thresh, Sivir.
  • October 3rd LoLdle = Evelynn, Cho’Gath, Lux, Diana.
  • October 2nd LoLdle = Urgot, Sejuani, Alistar, Riven.
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