'Connections' answer archive

'Connections' answer archive
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15th Dec 2023 15:04

If you’ve been playing 'Connections' for a while, you’ll no doubt want to look up some of the previous answers, either to give yourself inspiration for today's game or look back on some of your most challenging victories.

Here you’ll find the archive of old 'Connections' answers, dating back months, so you can hopefully find what you need.

Connections answers 

April 2024

Connections 312 - 19/04/2024
Attach With Adhesive: Adhere, Glue, Paste, Stick
Diamond Qualities: Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut
Published Lines: Copy, Text, Words, Writing
A-___: List, Ok, Plus, Rod

Connections 311 - 18/04/2024
Sidewalk Sights: Curb, Grate, Gutter, Manhole
Have in Mind: Aim, Intend, Mean, Plan
Unit Abbreviations: Cal, Gal, In, Oz
Golden ___: Fleece, Girls, Parachute, Rule

Connections 310 - 17/04/2024
Heed, as Rules: Follow, Mind, Observe, Regard
Upright Support: Column, Pillar, Pole, Post
Allotment: Interest, Percentage, Share, Stake
Gathered by Spies: Dirt, Information, Intelligence, Secrets

Connections 309 - 16/04/2024
On the same plane: Even, Flat, Flush, Level
Bit of Journalism: Article, Feature, Report, Story
Flabbergast: Floor, Rock, Shock, Surprise
Theater Sections: Balcony, Box, Orchestra, Stage

Connections 308 - 15/04/2024
Invent as you go: Ad-Lib, Freestyle, Improv, Make Up
Things babies do: Babble, Coo, Crawl, Nurse
Superficial: Cosmetic, External, Shallows, Surface
___ Effect: Butterfly, Domino, Placebo, Side

Connections 307 - 14/04/2024
Bit of Repetitive Training: Drill, Excercise, Practice, Routine
U.S-Based Airlines: American, Frontier, Spirit, United
Pull Using Force: Rip, Tear, Wrench, Yank
Beginning with Day Abbreviations: Friar, Monkey, Sundry, Wedding

Connections 306 - 13/04/2024
Film Departments: Hair, Makeup, Props, Wardrobe
""The Wizard of Oz"" Figures: Lion, Scarecrow, Witch, Wizard
Seen at the Circus: Clown, Ring, Tent, Trapeze
""I'm a ___"" (Lyrics in ""The Joker""): Joker, Lover, Sinner, Smoker

Connections 305 - 12/04/2024
Orderly: Clean, Neat, Tidy, Trim
Augmentative Prefixes: Hyper, Super, Uber, Ultra
Become Larger: Balloon, Mushroom, Snowball, Swell
Items in Classic Kids' Games: Domino, Jack, Marble, Stick

Connections 304 - 11/04/2024
Haircuts, with "cut": Bowl, Buzz, Crew, Pixie
Measuring Instruments: Compass, Ruler, Scale, Watch
Water and Gas Conduits: Channel, Line, Main, Pipe
Fast Food Mascots: Clown, Colonel, King, Mermaid

Connections 303 - 10/04/2024
Grassy Area: Field, Green, Grounds, Lawn
Person In Charge: Chair, Chief, Director, Head
Words Before "Nut": Chest, Coco, Hazel, Pea
Second Words In Tarantino Movies: Brown, Dogs, Fiction, Unchained

Connections 302 - 09/04/2024
Breadth: Extent, Range, Reach, Scope
Hair Tools: Brush, Comb, Dryer, Iron
Heraldry Terms: Arms, Coat, Crest, Shield
Words Before "Drum": Ear, Kettle, Oil, Steel

Connections 301 - 08/04/2024
Brief Moment: Flash, Heartbeat, Jiff, WInk
Dispute: Clash, Scrap, Tangle, Tiff
Slang For Zero: Jack, Love, Squat, Zip
Accessories For Mr. Peanut: Cane, Monocle, Spat, Top Hat

Connections 300 - 07/04/2024
Found in Cracker Jacks: Caramel, Peanuts, Popcorn, Prize
Disorderly Place: Dump, Mess, Pigpen, Sty
Sturdy: Firm, Solid, Sound, Stable
___ Horse: Charley, Crazy, Dark, Gift

Connections 299 - 06/04/2024
Breadth: Extent, Range, Reach, Scope
Hair Tools: Brush, Comb, Dryer, Iron
Heraldry Terms: Arms, Coat, Crest, Shield
Words Before "Drum": Ear, Kettle, Oil, Steel

Connections 298 - 05/04/2024
Pieces Of Furniture: Bed, Chair, Couch, Table
Carry, As A Feeling: Bear, Harbor, Hold, Maintain
Wine Tasting Descriptors: Balanced, Dry, Full, Sweet
Starting With Metals: Goldilocks, Ironic, Leadership, Tinder

Connections 297 - 04/04/2024
Ways to Prepare Eggs: Boil, Fry, Poach, Scramble
Thrown in Target Games: Axe, Dart, Horseshoe, Ring
Exhilaration: Buzz, Kick, Rush, Thrill
___ Wrap: Body, Bubble, Gift, Shrink

Connections 296 - 03/04/2024
Poker Actions: Bet, Call, Check, Fold
Benchmark: Benchmark, Gauge, Standard, Yardstick
Skin Types: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Starts Of U.S States: Kent, Mary, Mass, Wash

Connections 295 - 02/04/2024
"Thrust: Jab, Poke, Prod, Stick
Kinds of Snakes: Adder, Boa, Mamba, Moccasin
Seen in ""Cinderella"": Ball, Prince, Pumpkin, Slipper
Pasta Shapes: Bowtie, Elbow, Tube, Wheel"

Connections 294 - 01/04/2024
Food Slang for Money: Bread, Bacon, Lettuce, Cheese
Words That Rhyme: Plane, Rain, Train, Brain
Letter Homophones: Ewe, Bee, Eye, Tea


March 2024

Connections 293 - 31/03/2024
Take a Tumble: Fall, Slip, Spill, Trip
Kinds of Water: Mineral, Spring, Still, Tap
Things That Are Cinched in the Middle: Corset, Diabolo, Hourglass, Wasp
___ Bear: Boo-Boo, Brown, Honey, Teddy

Connections 292 - 30/03/2024
Breathes Heavily: Gasps, Huffs, Pants, Puffs
Preserved as Meat: Cans, Cures, Salts, Smokes
Predicaments: Binds, Jams, Pickles, Spots
Things in "My Favorite Things": Kettles, Mittens, Raindrops, Whiskers

Connections 291 - 29/03/2024
Especially: Mighty, Pretty, Really, Very
Disney Characters: Daisy, Goofy, Happy, Lady
Kinds of Blue: Baby, Navy, Sky, Tiffany
Body parts plus "Y": Army, Colony, Livery, Shiny

Connections 290 - 28/03/2024
One Flying An Airplane: Ace, Aviator, Flier, Pilot
Exited: Departed, Left, Split, Went
Kinds of Whales: Blue, Fin, Gray, Right
Things with Slots: ATM, Casino, Schedule, Spatula

Connections 289 - 27/03/2024
Update For Accuracy: Amend, Correct, Fix, Revise
Quarrel: Fight, Row, Scrap, Tiff
Games of Chance: Bingo, Lottery, Roulette, War
___ Chip: Blue, Computer, Poker, Potato

Connections 288 - 26/03/2024
Musical Instruments: Bass, Bassoon, Harp, Recorder
Plant Growths: Bloom, Bud, Shoot, Sprout
Bring Up: Foster, Nurse, Raise, Rear
Solar Emanations: Corona, Flare, Light, Radiation

Connections 287 - 25/03/2024
How Fast Something Is Going: Clip, Pace, Rate, Speed
"Step On It!": Faster, Go, Hurry, Move
N.B.A. Team Player: Clipper, Pacer, Rocket, Spur
Tele___: Commute, Medicine, Prompter, Vision

Connections 286 - 24/03/2024
Fail To Attend: Cut, Ditch, Miss, Skip
Yellow-Brown Shades: Beige, Camel, Khaki, Tan
Decisive Victory: Blowout, Romp, Rout, Sweep
___ Wheel: Cheese, Color, Hamster, Prayer

Connections 285 - 23/03/2024
Kudos: Credit, Glory, Praise, Props
Become Aware Of: Discover, Find, Learn, Realize
Pursue: Chase, Shadow, Tail, Track
Seen In A Passport: Name, Photo, Stamp, Visa

Connections 284 - 22/03/2024
Jumping Animals: Cricket, Frog, Hare, Kangaroo
Apply Pressure To: Crush, Mash, Press, Squash
Olympic Sports: Breaking, Hockey, Skeleton, Trampoline
Things You Can Set: Mood, Record, Table, Volleyball

Connections 283 - 21/03/2024
Chat, Informally: Gab, Jaw, Yak, Yap
Female Animals: Cow, Doe, Ewe, Hen
Palindromes: Bib, Eye, Gag, Pop
Starts Of Planet Names: Ear, Mar, Mer, Sat

Connections 282 - 20/03/2024
Seen At A Sports Stadium: Astroturf, Jumbotron, Scoreboard, Skybox
Camera Brands: Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Olympus, Polaroid
Italian Demonyms: Bolognese, Neapolitan, Parmesan, Venetian
Starting With Rock Bands: Creamsicle, Journeyman, Kisscam, Rushmore

Connections 281 - 19/03/2024
Movie Summary Info: Cast, Genre, Plot, Title
Pretense: Affect, Airs, Charade, Front
Famous Guitarists: Berry, King, Page, Waters
Second ___: Fiddle, Guess, Nature, Wind

Connections 280 - 18/03/2024
Segment Of A Process: Cycle, Phase, Round, Stage
Constellations: Cygnus, Gemini, Orion, Pegasus
Spirals In Nature: Cyclone, Galaxy, Snail, Sunflower
Associated With "One": Cyclops, Monologue, Solitaire, Unicycle

Connections 279 - 17/03/2024
Move Forward: Advance, March, Progress, Push
Foolishness: Absurdity, Folly, Madness, Nonsense
Things That Might Stink: Cheese, Feet, Garbage, Skunk
Words After "Deep": Cut, Fake, Freeze, Six

Connections 278 - 16/03/2024
Notable TV Episodes: Finale, Pilot, Premiere, Special
Get Smaller: Contract, Lessen, Reduce, Shrink
Airline Classes: Business, Coach, First, Premium
Examine, As An Applicant: Check, Review, Screen, Vet

Connections 277 - 15/03/2024
"My Mistake!": Apologies, Oops, Pardon, Sorry
Crticize: Blast, Knock, Slam, Trash
Alibi: Defense, Excuse, Out, Reason
Play ___: Date, Dead, Dirty, Doh

Connections 276 - 14/03/2024
Box Office Victory: Hit, Smash, Success, Winner
Volleyball Moves: Bump, Serve, Set, Spike
Homophones of Greek Letters: Moo, New, Pie, Row
___-O: Daddy, Day, Jackie, Jell

Connections 275 - 13/03/2024
Halloween Purchases: Candy, Costume, Decorations, Pumpkin
Plants With Similar Flavors: Anise, Fennel, Licorice, Tarragon
Food Slang For Head: Bean, Melon, Noodle, Nut
Gemstone Cuts: Baguette, Emerald, Princess, Radiant

Connections 274 - 12/03/2024
Section: Class, Division, Rank, Tier
Including: Also, And, Plus, With
Dog Breeds, Informally: Boston, Golden, Lab, Pit
Famous Poems: Daddy, Harlem, Howl, If

Connections 273 - 11/03/2024
Treat With Excessive Care: Baby, Mother, Pamper, Spoil
Backside: Booty, Bum, Can, Rear
Things in a Spa Locker Room: Robe, Slippers, Towel, Washcloth
Cat's ___: Cradle, Eye, Meow, Pajamas

Connections 272 - 10/03/2024
Things a Dog Can Fetch: Ball, Bone, Frisbee, Stick
Conceal: Block, Cover, Hide, Obscure
Mac Keyboard Keys: Command, Control, Option, Shift
Experience a Memory Lapse: Blank, Flake, Forget, Space

Connections 271 - 09/03/2024
"Eat Voraciously: Down, Inhale, Scarf, Wolf
Areas of Academic Focus: Concetration, Degree, Major, Minor
Universal: Blanket, Broad, General, Sweeping
Space ___: Bar, Cadet, Heater, Station"

Connections 270 - 08/03/2024
Things To Sew: Dart, Hem, Pleat, Seam
Ways To Preserve Food: Can, Cure, Dry, Freeze
Sharp Quality: Bite, Edge, Punch, Spice
Birds Minus Last Letter: Condo, Haw, Hero, Loo
Connections 269 - 07/03/2024
Shared: Collective, Common, Joint, Mutual
Rid Of Contents: Clear, Drain, Empty, Flush
Associated With "Stub": Cigarette, Pencil, Ticket, Toe
___ Dream: American, Fever, Lucid, Pipe
Connections 268 - 06/03/2024
Parts Of An Airport: Hangar, Runway, Tarmac, Terminal
Words Ending In Clothing: Foxglove, Gumshoe, Turncoat, Windsock
Legal Terms: Action, Claim, Complait, Lawsuit
Things a Juggler Juggles: Beanbag, Club, Ring, Torch
Connections 267 - 05/03/2024
Pop Megastars: Grande, Mars, Styles, Swift
Method: Channel, Means, Medium, Vehicle
Unlikely, As Chances: Outside, Slim, Small, Remote
Living ___: Large, Legend, Proof, Room
Connections 266 - 04/03/2024
Colleague: Assosiate, Fellow, Partner, Peer
Rooms In The Game Clue: Hall, Library, Lounge, Study
Seen During Easter: Bunny, Egg, Jelly Bean, Peep
What A Mole Can Be: Animal, Birthmark, Spy, Unit
Connections 265 - 03/03/2024
Large Amount: Mass, Sea, Slew, Ton
Fall In Under Pressure: Buckle, Cave, Collapse, Give
Ways To Get Attention: Shout, Snap, Wave, Whistle
Belly ____: Button, Dance, Flop, Laugh
Connections 264 - 02/03/2024
Intelligence Operative: Agent, Asset, Mole, Sleeper
What 'K' Might Mean: Kelvin, Okay, Potassium, Thousand
Units in Poetry: Foot, Line, Meter, Verse
Express Indirectly: Couch, Imply, Intimate, Suggest
Connections 263 - 01/03/2024
Wager: Bet, Gamble, Risk, Stake
Disneyland Lands: Adventure, Fantasy, Frontier, Tomorrow
Garlic Bread Ingredients: Bread, Butter, Garlic, Parsley
___ Bat: Baseball, Cricket, Fruit, Vampire


February 2024

Connections 262 - 29/02/2024
Propel Into The Air: Hop, Jump, Leap, Spring
Place to Store Valuables: Chest, Coffer, Safe, Vault
Perioid: Age, Day, Era, Time
Animals Backward: Drib, Flow, Reed, Tang

Connections 261 - 28/02/2024
Cheeses, Familiarly: American, Blue, Jack, Swiss
Track and Field Equipment: Hammer, Hurdle, Javelin, Pole
Kinds of Heels: Cuban, Kitten, Stiletto, Wedge
Double ___: Date, Dutch, Jeopardy, Space

Connections 260 - 27/02/2024
'80s Fashion Trends: Headband, Mullet, Neon, Spandex
Gymnastics Positions: Pike, Split, Straddle, Tuck
Kinds of Crackers: Animal, Goldfish, Oyster, Ritz
___ Ladder: Corporate, Rope, Salmon, Word

Connections 259 - 26/02/2024
Basic Tastes: Bitter, Salty, Sour, Sweet
Stand up to, As a Challenge: Brave, Confront, Face, Meet
ILK: Kind, Sort, Type, Variety
Art Movements, With -Ism: Expression, Manner, Romantic, Surreal

Connections 258 - 25/02/2024
Walk Heavily: Trudge, Stomp, Plod, Lumber
Flexible: Elastic, Limber, Plastic, Supple
Fencing Equipment: Foil, Glove, Jacket, Mask
Words Beginning With Instruments: Bassinet, Cellophane, Harpoon, Organism

Connections 257 - 24/02/2024
Parts Of Fruit You Might Not Eat: Core, Rind, Seed, Stem
Manufacturing Locations: Factory, Mill, Plant, Shop
Win + Letter: Wind, Wine, Wing, Wink
Weights In Boxing: Feather, Heavy, Light, Middle

Connections 256 - 23/02/2024
Procession: Caravan, Fleet, Parade, Train
Shades of Green: Forest, Lime, Mint, Olive
What 'Blue' Might Mean: Democratic, Erotic, Noble, Sad
Things with Spines: Book, Cactus, Hedgehog, Skeleton

Connections 255 - 22/02/2024
Dog Sounds: Bark, Growl, Howl, Whine
Department: Arm, Branch, Chapter, Wing
Origin: Cradle, Font, Root, Source
Colors With Their First Letters Changed: Clue, Frown, Mellow, Preen

Connections 254 - 21/02/2024
Pesters: Badgers, Bugs, Hounds, Nags
Tony Winners for Best Musical: Annie, Cabaret, Cats, Company
They have Keys: Computer, Piano, Super, Tests
School of ___: Fish, Hard Knocks, Rock, Thought

Connections 253 - 20/02/2024
Musical Sections: Brass, Rhythm, String, Wind
Party Pooper: Bore, Drag, Drip, Dud
Bit of Liquid: Bead, Drop, Glob, Tear
Vegetable Homophones: Beat, Charred, Leak, Pee

Connections 252 - 19/02/2024
Used In Building A Fire: Kindling, Log, Match, Tinder
Mess Up: Blow, Bumble, Fluff, Spoil
Workshop Tools: Drill, Grinder, Router, Saw
Parts Of A Door: Frame, Handle, Hinge, Lock

Connections 251 - 18/02/2024
Eat A Little: Graze, Nibble, Peck, Snack
Pursue: Hunt, Stalk, Track, Trail
Ingredients in Minestrone: Beans, Pasta, Stock, Vegetables
___ Cast: Broad, Fore, Pod, Type

Connections 250 - 17/02/2024
Bit Of Hair: Curl, Lock, Ringlet, Tress
Media Attention: Coverage, Exposure, Press, Publicity
Noun Suffixes: Dom, Ion, Ness, Ship
___ Circus: Media, Family, Flea, Flying

Connections 249 - 16/02/2024
Comfy Shoes: Croc, Loafer, Moccasin, Slipper
Programming Languages: Basic, Java, Python, Ruby
Things Made With Feathers: Boa, Headdress, Pillow, Shuttlecock
Things That Can Strike: Cobra, Inspiration, Lightning, Union

Connections 248 - 15/02/2024
Where You Might Find Sand: Beach, Desert, Hourglass, Playground
Follow Attentively: Monitor, Survey, Track, Watch
Oven Buttons: Bake, Broil, Light, Timer
Britpop Bands: Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Suede

Connections 247 - 14/02/2024
Touch Lightly: Brush, Graze, Kiss, Skim
Kinds Of Numbers: Odd, Perfect, Prime, Whole
Sauces In Chinese Cuisine: Oyster, Plum, Soy, XO
Bear ___: Claw, Fruit, Hug, Witness

Connections 246 - 13/02/2024
Grocery Store Aisles: Dairy, Frozen, Produce, Snack
Encourage, With "On": Egg, Goad, Spur, Urge
Spherical Foods: Jawbreaker, Meatball, Mozzarella, Orange
Go ___: Bananas, Figure, Fish, Steady

Connections 245 - 12/02/2024
Bad things for a video call to do: Drop, Echo, Freeze, Lag
Costumes with striped shirts: Mime, Prisoner, Referee, Sailor
Seen in "Alladin": Genie, Monkey, Parrot, Princess
Movies minus numbers: Apollo, Candles, Fantastic, Samurai

Connections 244 - 11/02/2024
Monotonous Sounds: Buzz, Drone, Hum, Purr
Boats: Barge, Dory, Scow, Sloop
Captains: Hook, American, Morgan, Nemo
Prefixes with -Cracy: Auto, Bureau, Demo, Pluto

Connections 243 - 10/02/2024
Stool Pigeon: Canary, Fink, Rat, Snitch
Cram into a tight Space: Jam, Pack, Squeeze, Stuff
Yoga Poses: Cat, Cow, Mountain, Triangle
___ Fly: Butter, Dragon, Fire, Horse

Connections 242 - 09/02/2024
Music Player Buttons: Rewind, Shuffle, Skip, Stop
Broadcast: Air, Run, Screen, Show
Things you can Draw: Bath, Card, Curtain, Picture
Number Anagrams: Eon, Ether, Net, Tow

Connections 241 - 08/02/2024
Archery Equipment: Arrow, Bow, Quiver, Target
Card Games: Bridge, Gin, Spit, War
Wallop: Belt, Clock, Deck, Slug
Classic Tattoos: Anchor, Dragon, Heart, Rose
Connections 240 - 07/02/2024
Basic two-dimensional Shapes: Circle, Diamond, Square, Triangle
Sea Creatures: Crab, Ray, Sponge, Squid
Boxing Maneuvers: Bob, Cross, Hook, Weave
Fancy___: Feast, Free, Pants, That
Connections 239 - 06/02/2024
Euphemisms for Flatulence: Gas, Stinker, Toot, Wind
Ostentatious, as an Outfit: Bright, Flashy, Garish, Loud
Kind of Blond: Dirty, Honey, Platinum, Strawberry
What "O" might Mean: Hug, OF, Oxygen, Zero
Connections 238 - 05/02/2024
Ecclesiastical Titles: Bishop, Cardinal, Pastor, Prior
"Give Me A Break": Brother, Lord, Please, Sheesh
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees: Heart, Madonna, Prince, Queen
City Homophones: Deli, Niece, Roam, Soul
Connections 237 - 04/02/2024
Unexciting: Boring, Dull, Mundane, Vanilla
Comedian's Performance: Act, Bit, Routine, Set
Drinks with Caffeine: Cocoa, Coffee, Mate, Tea
Martini Specifications: Dirty, Dry, Twist, Up
Connections 236 - 03/02/2024
Commercial Organization: Agency, Company, Enterprise, Firm
Farm Fixtures: Coop, Pen, Stable, Sty
Classic Dog Names: Fluffy, Rex, Rover, Spot
Colors Minus Their First Letters: Ink, Lack, Old, Range

Connections 235 - 02/02/2024
Time Off: Break, Holiday, Leave, Recess
Features of a Belt: Buckle, Hole, Loop, Strap
Homophones: Holey, Holi, Holy, Wholly
___ Wood: Dog, Drift, Holly, Sandal

Connections 234 - 01/02/2024
Muscular: Built, Jacked, Ripped, Swole
Make Shorter: Clip, Cut, Pare, Trim
Enthusiast: Buff, Fan, Lover, Nut
Wrinkly Things: Brain, Prune, Pug, Walnut


January 2024

Connections 233 - 31/01/2024
Booked For A Wedding: Band, Caterer, Florist, Officiant
Merriment: Cheer, Glee, Festivity, Mirth
Rhymes: Choir, Fire, Liar, Fryer
___ Pit: Barbecue, Orchestra, Snake, Tar

Connections 232 - 30/01/2024
Hit Hard: Bang, Hammer, Pound, Slam
Newspaper Names: Chronicle, Herald, Register, Sun
Crescent-Shaped Things: Banana, Croissant, Moon, Sickle
Power-Ups in Super Mario World: Feather, Flower, Mushroom, Star

Connections 232 - 29/01/2024
Do Some Marketing: Pitch, Plug, Promote, Push
Romantic Twosome: Couple, Item, Pair, Thing
Words with 'Fruit': Bread, Dragon, Jack, Passion
Tennis Scores: Ad, All, Deuce, Love

Connections 231 - 28/01/2024
Highest Point: Crest, Peak, Summit, Vertex
"Can I Get Your ___?" (Phone Info Request): Cell, Contact, Digits, Number
Modifiers Meaning "Small": Baby, Mini, Pocket, Toy
Inside a Scrabble Box: Bag, Board, Racks, Tiles

Connections 230 - 27/01/2024
Hurt: Ache, Burn, Smart, Sting
Look After: Guard, Mind, Tend, Watch
Sought After In "The Wizard of Oz": Brain, Courage, Heart, Home
Silent "W": Answer, Two, Wrist, Wrong

Connections 229 - 26/01/2024
Baseball Equipment: Ball, Base, Bat, Glove
Hard Hit: Blow, Lick, Sock, Strike
Original Monopoly Tokens: Boot, Iron, Thimble, Top Hat
___ Bunny: Bad, Bugs, Dust, Honey

Connections 228 - 25/01/2024
Pictograph: Character, Glyph, Icon, Symbol
Of-The-Moment: Big, Hot, In, Popular
Impose, As a Penalty: Assess, Charge, Fine, Levy
Word Beginnng with Body Parts: Handsome, Hippo, Legend, Lipid

Connections 227 - 24/01/2024
Parts of the Eye: Cone, Iris, Lens, Pupil
Smartphone Features Beginning with "C": Calculator, Clock, Calendar, Camera
Familial Nicknames: Dada, Grammy, Mum, Poppy
Words Pronounced Differently With Accent Marks: Expose, Pate, Resume, Rose

Connections 226 - 23/01/2024
Bring into Being: Coin, Create, Devise, Invent
Excellent: Fine, Prime, Quality, Sterling
Symbols above numbers on a Keyboard: At, Dollar, Percent, Pound
Pass The ___: Bar, Buck, Time, Torch

Connections 225 - 22/01/2024
Dental Terms: Cavity, Crown, Filling, Plaque
Year: Gap, Leap, Light, School
Rubber Stamp Words: Approved, Paid, Urgent, Void
Symbolic Rods: Baton, Scepter, Staff, Wand

Connections 224 - 21/01/2024
Parts of an airplane: Cabin, Engine, Nose, Wing
Rip off: Fleece, Hose, Rob, Stiff
Units of vegetables: Bulb, Ear, Head, Stalk
Things made of wax: Candle, Crayon, Honeycomb, Seal

Connections 223 - 20/01/2024
Decline: Dip, Drop, Fall, Sink
Move with Speed: Blaze, Fly, Race, Tear
Kinds of Dance: Modern, Salsa, Swing, Tap
Baby___: Boom, Carrot, Shower, Talk

Connections 222 - 19/01/2024
Sundae Toppings: Cherry, Fudge, Nuts, Sprinkles
Leave High and Dry: Desert, Ditch, Maroon, Strand
"Phooey!": Curses, Darn, Rats, Shoot
Words in Tongue Twisters: Fuzzy, Peppers, Seashells, Woodchuck

Connections 221 - 18/01/2024
Colors in Brazil's Flag: Blue, Green, White, Yellow
Foremost: Main, Paramount, Prime, Supreme
Show off: Grandstand, Peacock, Posture, Strut
___ Letter: Chain, Cover, Love, Scarlet

Connections 220 - 17/01/2024
Data set Data: Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Chemistry Terms: Base, Bond, Element, Solution
Adjective Intensifiers: Awful, Pretty, Rather, Real
Radio hall of fame Members: Glass, Gross, King, Stern

Connections 219 - 16/01/2024
Deceive: Con, Dupe, Fool, Trick
Inside Info: Dope, Scoop, Skinny, Word
Tilt to one Side: Cant, Lean, List, Slope
Words spelled with an Upside-Down Calculator: Boob, Eggshell, Giggle, Hello

Connections 218 - 15/01/2024
List Of Candidates: Ballot, Roster, Slate, Ticket
Protective Barrier: Buffer, Cushion, Pad, Shield
Medicine Formats: Capsule, Cream, Syrup, Tablet
Pea ___: Coat, Green, Pod, Soup

Connections 217 - 14/01/2024
Thieve: Pinch, Rob, Steal, Swipe
Things to Pay: Bill, Check, Invoice, Tab
Legwear, In the Singular: Jean, Pant, Short, Tight
Male Animals: Buck, Bull, Jack, Tom

Connections 216 - 13/01/2024
Credentials For Entry: Badge, Invite, Pass, Ticket
Preside Over: Chair, Direct, Lead, Run
American Football Positions: Center, End, Safety, Tackle
Postpone: Hold, Punt, Stall, Table

Connections 215 - 12/01/2024
Topic of Discussion: Issue, Matter, Point, Subject
Section of One's Life: Chapter, Period, Phase, Stage
Color Homophones: Blew, Choral, Read, Rows
Parts of a Car, Informally: Dash, Shock, Tank, Wheel

Connections 214 - 11/01/2024
States of Matter: Gas, Liquid, Plasma, Solid
All Timer: Great, Hero, Icon, Legend
"PH" Words that also work with "F": Phat, Phew, Philly, Phish
___ Pitch: Elevator, Fever, Perfect, Sales

Connections 213 - 10/01/2024
Bit of Magic: Charm, Curse, Hex, Spell
Found Aroumd A Fireplace: Flue, Grate, Log, Poker
Things Seen At A Casino: Cards, Chips, Dice, Slots
Ways To Prepare Cheese: Crumble, Melt, Shred, Slice

Connections 212 - 09/01/2024
Cleaning Supplies: Broom, Mop, Rag, Sponge
Things that make you Sneeze: Dust, Pepper, Pollen, Smoke
Elements of cooking, per samin Nosrat: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Titular Fictional Detectives: Magnum, Monk, Shaft, Tracy

Connections 211 - 08/01/2024
Shapes of Capital Greek Letters: Circle, Horseshoe, Pitchfork, Triangle
Long Skinny Objects: Pole, Rod, Staff, Stick
Seen on a Golf Course: Cart, Club, Hole, Tee
Things that are Orange: Basketball, Carrot, Goldfish, Pumpkin

Connections 210 - 07/01/2024
Tech Companies: Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Apple
Something Exemplary: Beauty, Gem, Marvel, Peach
Kinds Of Exams: Bar, Final, Oral, Physical
___ Tooth: Baby, Eye, Sweet, Wisdom

Connections 209 - 06/01/2024
Strong Smell: Funk, Musk, Odor, Tang
Move Back And Forth: Rock, Sway, Swing, Wave
Things To Pick: Afro, Bone, Fight, Lock
___ Ball: Crystal, Disco, Foul, Gutter

Connections 208 - 05/01/2024
Apex: Height, Max, Peak, Top
Playfully Bother: Josh, Kid, Rib, Tease
Words for Specific Quantities: Dozen, Gross, Pair, Score
What "X" Might Mean: Adult, Kiss, Ten, Times

Connections 207 - 04/01/2024
Cool, In Slag: Fire, Lit, Sick, Tight
Gift-Giving Accessories: Bow, Box, Card, Wrapping
Dating App Actions: Block, Match, Message, Swipe
Lucky ___: Break, Charm, Duck, Strike

Connections 206 - 03/01/2024
Select, As A Box On A Form: Check, Mark, Tick, X
Move Through The Air: Float, Fly, Glide, Soar
Hidden Listening Devices: Bug, Mike, Tap, Wire
Rappers Minus First Letter: 40, Cole, Pain, Tip

Connections 205 - 02/01/2024
B.L.T Ingredients: Bread, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
Obstruct: Block, Clog, Jam, Stop
Baseball Stats: Double, Hit, Run, Walk
Small ___: Fry, Talk, Wonder, World

Connections 204 - 01/01/2024
Gardening Nouns/Verbs: Plant, Seed, Water, Weed
Kinds of Salad: Caesar, Greek, Green, Wedge
Classic Game Shows, Familiarly: Feud, Pyramid, Wheel, Millionaire
W+ Vowel Sound: Way, Wee, Why, Whoa


December 2023

Connections 203 - 31/12/2023
Organization: Club, Group, Party, Team
Sharpness, As Of An Image: Clarity, Definition, Detail, Resolution
Places In France: Champagne, Dijon, Nice, Tours
Happy New Year!: Ball, Countdown, Fireworks, Kiss

Connections 202 - 30/12/2023
Black-and-White Animals: Orca, Skunk, Panda, Zebra
Sequence: Chain, Series, String, Train
Heteronyms: Bass, Dove, Desert, Wind
___ Trap: Bear, Sand, Speed, Tourist

Connections 201 - 29/12/2023
Shirts: Crop, Polo, Tank, Tee
Cool, In '80s Slang: Bad, Fly, Fresh, Rad
Letter Spellings: Bee, Ex, Gee, Jay
___ George: Boy, By, Curious, Saint

Connections 200 - 28/12/2023
Parts of a Car: Bumper, Hood, Tire, Trunk
Move Quickly: Bolt, Dash, Dart, Zip
Birds: Cardinal, Jay, Swift, Lark
Jazz Legends: Hancock, Holiday, Monk, Parker

Connections 199 - 27/12/2023
Art Mediums: Charcoal, Ink, Paint, Pastel
Name Prefixes: Gen, Ms, Prof, Rev
Indication of Things to Come: Message, Omen. Sign, Warning
___ Pepper: Bell, Black, Dr, Ghost

Connections 198 - 26/12/2023
Road Names: Alley, Drive, Lane, Street
Paper In A Book: Folio, Leaf, Page, Sheet
Restrain: Check, Curb, Limit, Stem
Things You Can Do To Your Nose: Blow, Hold, Pick, Thumb

Connections 197 - 25/12/2023
Darling: Baby, Boo, Dear, Love
Basic Geometric Objects: Line, Point, Ray, Segment
Oomph: Energy, Fire, Juice, Zip
Secret ___: Agent, Code, Santa, Sauce

Connections 196 - 24/12/2023
Gentle: Light, Mellow, Mild, Soft
Cuts Of Pork: Belly, Chop, Hock, Shoulder
Statue Of Liberty Features: Crown, Robe, Rablet, Torch
Things To Blow On For Wishes/Luck: Candle, Dandelion, Dice, Eyelash

Connections 195 - 23/12/2023
Means Of Transportation: Boat, Car, Plane, Train
Willing To Participate: Down, Game, In, On Board
Little Bit, In A Recipe: Dash, Drop, Pinch, Splash
___ Berry: Blue, Goose, Rasp, Straw

Connections 194 - 22/12/2023
Classic Halloween Costumes: Angel, Clown, Pirate, Witch
Bee Creations: Comb, Hive, Honey, Wax
Interval Of Time: Period, Spell, Stretch, While
Animal Homophones: Dear, Hair, Hoarse, Wail

Connections 193 - 21/12/2023
Seen In A Laundry Room: Dryer, Hamper, Iron, Washer
Shepherd: Direct, Guide, Lead, Steer
___ Valley: Death, Hidden, Silicon, Uncanny
What "I" Might Mean: Iodine, Iota, Myself, One

Connections 192 - 20/12/2023
Contact Via Phone: Buzz, Call, Dial, Ring
Wee: Dinky, Little, Minute, Slight
Book Sections: Appendix, Chapter, Index, Preface
Cartoon Mice: Itchy, Jerry, Pinky, Speedy

Connections 191 - 19/12/2023
Accessories: Belt, Bracelet, Tie, Watch
Comedian's Output: Bit, Joke, Routine, Sketch
Attraction: Appeal, Charm, Draw, Pull
Two Letters + Number: Canine, Freight, Often, Stone

Connections 190 - 18/12/2023
Brief Moment: Flash, Jiffy, Second, Wink
Primary: Chief, First, Main, Principal
Avenues In N.Y.C: Broadway, Fifth, Madison, Park
___ Hour: Amateur, Eleventh, Happy, Rush

Connections 189 - 17/12/2023
Reserve For Later: Bank, Save, Stash, Store
Used To Build A Snowman: Carrot, Coal, Snow, Sticks
Boldness, Figuratively: Gall, Guts, Nerve, Stones
Funny ___: Bone, Business, Girl, Pages
Connections 188 - 16/12/2023
Farm Tools: Hoe, Plow, Rake, Sickle
Onomatopoeia: Bang, Plop, Splash, Thud
Scheme: Plot, Ploy, Ruse, Trick
Make Happy: Amuse, Delight, Please, Tickle
Connections 187 - 15/12/2023
Get Low: Crouch, Duck, Squat, Stoop
Curmudgeon: Crab, Crank, Grouch, Grump
National Symbols: Anthem, Flag, Motto, Seal
Swindler: Cheat, Crook, Quack, Shark
Connections 186 - 14/12/2023
Sports Venues: Arena, Bowl, Dome, Field
Pester: Badger, Bug, Hound, Nag
Separate: Divide, Fork, Part, Split
Silver ___: Fox, Spoon, Lining, Screen
Connections 185 - 13/12/2023
Golf Course Parts: Bunker, Fairway, Green, Rough
"I Give!": Enough, Mercy, Stop, Uncle
Indecent: Bawdy, Blue, Coarse, Risque
"-Ough" Words That Don't Rhyme: Bough, Cough, Dough, Tough
Connections 184 - 12/12/2023
Murky Condition: Cloud, Fog, Haze, Mist
Follow: Shadow, Tail, Track, Trail
Pinball Machine Components: Ball, Bumper, Flipper, Plunger
___Land Countries: Ice, Ire, Fin, Nether
Connections 183 - 11/12/2023
Luxurious Fabrics: Chiffon, Satin, Silk, Velvet
Shoe Parts: Eyelet, Lace, Sole, Tongue
Come Down To Rest: Perch, Roost, Settle, Land
Things That Are Delivered: Baby, Blow, Package, Speech
Connections 182 - 10/12/2023
Wrap Around in a Circle: Coil, Spiral, Twist, Wind
Jump into the Air: Bound, Leap, Spring, Vault
Parts of a River: Bank, Bed, Delta, Mouth
Something easy to do: Breeze, Cinch, Picnic, Snap
Connections 181 - 09/12/2023
Hardware Fasteners: Bolt, Nail, Rivet, Screw
Ice Cream Treats: Float, Shake, Split, Sundae
Kinds of Cooking Oil: Corn, Olive, Palm, Peanut
Sticky ___: Fingers, Note, Rice, Wicket
Connections 180 - 08/12/2023
Decline: Ebb, Fade, Flag, Wane
Absolute: Pure, Sheer, Total, Utter
Express: Air, Speak, Voice, State
Superhero Last Names: Banner, Prince, Stark, Wayne
Connections 179 - 07/12/2023
In The NATO Alphabet: Alfa, Bravo, Romeo, Tango
State Abbreviations: Hi, La, Ma, Ok
Cable Channels: Bet, E, Hallmark, USA
___ - ___: Boo, Pom, Tom, Yo
Connections 178 - 06/12/2023
Found On Sheet Music: Clef, Note, Rest, Staff
Zodiac Symbols: Bull, Crab, Scales, Twins
Record Labels: Capitol, Columbia, Virgin, Island
Zodiac Sign Beginnings: Can, Gem, Lib, Tau
Connections 177 - 05/12/2023
Enormous: Big, Giant, Great, Huge
Bookstore Sections: Fiction, Humour, Poetry, Travel
TV Shows with Happy-Sounding Names: Cheers, Euphoria, Felicity, Glee
___ Crane: Construction, Frasier, Paper, Whooping
Connections 176 - 04/12/2023
Unit of Bread: Baguette, Bun, Loaf, Roll
Small Imperfection: Chip, Mark, Nick, Scratch
Assure, As a Win: Clinch, Guarentee, Lock, Secure
Head of ___: Hair, Lettuce, State, Steam
Connections 175 - 03/12/2023
Monthly Bills: Cable, Electric, Gas, Water
Related To Sound/Hearing: Acoustic, Auditory, Heard, Sonic
Connect: Couple, Hitch, Link, Tie
Excite, With "Up": Amp, Fire, Hype, Pump
Connections 174 - 02/12/2023
Containers: Basket, Bin, Chest, Hamper
Circular Shapes: Band, Circle, Hoop, Ring
Restrict: Cap, Check, Curb, Limit
___ Jam: NBA, Paper, Pearl, Traffic
Connections 173 - 01/12/2023
Places to Shop: Mall, Market, Outlet, Store
Ways to Remove Hair: Shave, Thread, Tweeze, Wax
Portion of Profit: Cut, Piece, Share, Take
Kinds of Wrenches: Allen, Crescent, Monkey, Socket


November 2023

Connections 172 - 30/11/2023
Avoid: Dodge, Duck, Escape, Skirt
Hitchcock Movies: Birds, Notorious, Rebecca, Rope
Sidekicks: Goose, Hobbes, Robin, Watson
___ Cheese: Cottage, Cream, Say, String
Connections 171 - 29/11/2023
Musical Instruments: Bass, Harp, Horn, Organ
Dog Commands: Come, Down, Sit, Stay
Foot Parts: Arch, Ball, Sole, Toe
Baddie: Dog, Heel, Jerk, Snake
Connections 170 - 28/11/2023
Rooms in a House: Bedroom, Den, Kitchen, Study
Land Surrounded by Water: Atoll, Bar, Island, Key
Fill to Excess: Cram, Jam, Pack, Stuff
Bean ___: Bag, Counter, Dip, Sprout
Connections 169 - 27/11/2023
Carry A Tune: Hum, Sing, Scat, Whistle
Whole Amount: Count, Gross, Sum, Total
Mojito Ingredients: Lime, Mint, Rum, Soda
Things That Are "Sticky": Glue, Gum, Tape, Stick
Connections 168 - 26/11/2023
Municipalities: City, County, Town, Village
Financial Terms: Capital, Equity, Interest, Stock
Blender Buttons: Chop, Grind, Pulse, Puree
___ League: Ivy, Justice, Little, Premier
Connections 167 - 25/11/2023
Secluded: Hidden, Private, Remote, Secret
Aggregate Size: Amount, Number, Quantity, Volume
Bodies of Water: Canal, Channel, Sound, Strait
Reads the same Rotated 180°: 96, Mow, Noon, Sis
Connections 166 - 24/11/2023
Car Brands: Fiat, Jaguar, Mini, Ram
Criticize: Knock, Pan, Roast, Slam
Reality Shows: Alone, Catfish, Chopped, Survivor
___ Pad: Bachelor, Lily, Maxi, Mouse
Connections 165 - 23/11/2023
Countries With Red and White Flags: Japan, Poland, Tunisia, Turkey
N.B.A Greats: Bird, Curry, James, Jordan
Foods With Crusts: Pasty, Pie, Tart, Turnover
Ending In A Silent "T": Bouquet, Parfait, Ragout, Rapport
Connections 164 - 22/11/2023
Areas Between Mountains And Hills: Canyon, Gulch, Pass, Ravine
Eat Voraciously: Gorge, Gulp, Scarf, Wolf
Featured in 'Snow White': Apple, Bashful, Mirror, Queen
'C' + Bird: Chen, Clark, Cowl, Craven
Connections 163 - 21/11/2023
Types of Teeth: Canine, Fang, Molar, Tusk
Things That Suck: Leech, Straw, Vacuum, Vampire
Fashionable: Chic, Hip, Hot, In
Dance Moves: Floss, Robot, Vogue, Worm
Connections 162 - 20/11/2023
Primates: Baboon, Bonobo, Gibbon, Gorilla
Religious Figures: Cardinal, Lama, Monk, Pastor
Chutney Varieties: Mango, Mint, Tamarind, Tomato
Imitate: Ape, Mime, Mirror, Parrot
Connections 161 - 19/11/2023
Walk: March, Step, Stride, Tread
Onset: Birth, Creation, Dawn, Start
Venerable: August, Grand, Noble, Regal
___ Day Holidays: Earth, Groundhog, Labor, May
Connections 160 - 18/11/2023
Quick Peek: Gander, Glance, Glimpse, Look
Homophones: Peak, Peek, Peke, Pique
Deceit: Act, Bluff, Charade, Front
Parts of a Mountain: Cliff, Crag, Ledge, Ridge
Connections 159 - 17/11/2023
Bodyweight Exercises: Dips, Lunges, Planks, Squats
Email Sign-Offs: Best, Cheers, Regards, Thanks
Elizabeths (And One Elisabeth): Banks, Moss, Taylor, Warren
M.L.B Teams, for Short: Cards, Jays, Nats, Yanks
Connections 158 - 16/11/2023
Balderdash: Bull, Hogwash, Nonsense, Rot
Helm: Direct, Guide, Lead, Steer
Single/Plural Animals: Buffalo, Deer, Fish, Moose
Great: Dane, Lake, Seal, White
Connections 157 - 15/11/2023
Homophones: Oui, We, Wee, Wii
"Yes" in Different Languages: Hai, Ja, Si, Da
"Gross!": Ew, Ick, Pu, Ugh
Magazines: O, Ok, US, W
Connections 156 - 14/11/2023
Bit of Vocal Fanfare: Behold, Presto, Tada, Voila
Basic Emotions: Anger, Fear, Happiness, Surprise
Obtain: Get, Land, Secure, Win
___ Ant: Adam, Carpenter, Fire, Red
Connections 155 - 13/11/2023
Unit of Language: Letter, Paragraph, Sentence, Word
Trademark: Feature, Hallmark, Stamp, Trait
Funny Person: Card, Clown, Cutup, Joker
Things With Leaves: Book, Table, Tea, Tree
Connections 154 - 12/11/2023
Car Companies: BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Subaru
Presidents: Ford, Grant, Lincoln, Wilson
Sports Professionals: Coach, GM, Player, Scout
Common Prefixes: Auto, Post, Semi, SUB
Connections 153 - 11/11/2023
Sparse/Lacking: Light, Short, Spare, Thin
Fun Time: Ball, Blast, Kick, Riot
Filmmaking Equipment: Boom, Dolly, Lens, Tripod
"Get a ___!": Clue, Grip, Life, Room
Connections 152 - 10/11/2023
Spices: Anise, Dill, Nutmeg, Sage
Intelligent: Bright, Quick, Sharp, Smart
Deodorants: Axe, Degree, Old Spice, Secret
Medieval Weapons: Club, Mace, Spear, Sword
Connections 151 - 09/11/2023
Doctors' Orders: Diet, Excercise, Fresh Air, Sleep
Email Actions: Compose, Forward, Reply All, Send
Podcasts: Radiolab, Serial, Up First, WTF
___ Comedy: Black, Divine, Prop, Sketch
Connections 150 - 08/11/2023
Brought to the beach: Flip-Flop, Sunscreen, Towel, Umbrella
Second words of vodka cocktails: Breeze, Mary, Mule, Russian
Types of french fries: Curly, Shoestring, Waffle, Wedge
Equivocate: Hedge, See-saw, Waver, Yo-yo
Connections 149 - 07/11/2023
Digital Notifcation Sounds: Chime, Ding, Ping, Ring
Group Within a Group: Camp, Division, Faction, Wing
Tattle: Rat, Sing, Snitch, Squel
Microsoft Products: Bing, Edge, Surface, Word
Connections 148 - 06/11/2023
Investments: Bond, CD, Option, Stock
Terms for records: LP, Platter, Vinyl, Wax
Cube-shaped: Bouillon, Die, Ice, Sugar
Words that go with "Bone": Funny, Herring, Soup, Wish
Connections 147 - 05/11/2023
Unchanging: Even, Level, Stable, Steady
Long, sharp objects: Lance, Pin, Skewer, Spit
Music publications: Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Spin
Words with numerical prefixes: Uniform, Bicycle, Trilogy, Quadrant
Connections 146 - 04/11/2023
Ways to prepare: Drill, Practice, Study, Train
Hollow Cylinders: Hose, Pipe, Straw, Tube
Weapons in the game clue: Candlestick, Knife, Rope, Wrench
"E-"Things: Cigarette, Bike, Ticket, Sports
Connections 145 - 03/11/2023
Nevertheless: However, Still, Though, Yet
Repeated Words In Expressions: Hear, Knock, There, Tut
Words Abbreviated With Letters: Are, See, Why, You
Royal ___: Family, Flush, Jelly, We
Connections 144 - 02/11/2023
Ignite: Burn, Kindle, Light, Torch
Information: Data, Info, Intel, News
Small Wooded Area: Dell, Glen, Hollow, Valley
Things with Cores: Apple, Computer, Planet, Reactor
Connections 143 - 01/11/2023
Social Media Actions: Follow, Like, Share, Subscribe
Use A Needle And Thread: Darn, Hem, Sew, Seam
Shows Set In Hospitals: ER, House, Ratched, Scrubs
Expressions Of Hesitation: Erm, Uh, Um, Well


October 2023

Connections 142 - 31/10/2023
Flowers: Daisy, Rose, Tulip, Violet
Seen on a Farm: Barn, Chicken, Farmer, Tractor
Horror Directors: Aster, Carpenter, Craven, Wan
___ Jacket: Dust, Life, Sports, Yellow
Connections 141 - 30/10/2023
Bird Features: Beak, Feather, Talon, Wing
Blink of an Eye: Flash, Heartbeat, Second, Wink
Mahjong Tiles: Bamboo, Dragon, Season, Wind
___ Button: Belly, Hot, Panic, Snooze
Connections 140 - 29/10/2023
Mishmash: Hash, Jumble, Medley, Stew
Go Up Against: Challenge, Confront, Face, Oppose
Group Of Offspring: Brood, Clutch, Hatch, Litter
Guitar Parts: Body, Bridge, Fret, Neck
Connections 139 - 28/10/2023
Senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch
Appearance: Dress, Look, Manner, Style
"Agree!": Ditto, Likewise, Same, Second
___ Moon: Blue, Harvest, New, Sailor
Connections 138 - 27/10/2023
Metal Elements: Copper, Gold, Nickel, Silver
Shameless Boldness: Brass, Cheek, Gall, Nerve
W.N.B.A. Teams: Mercury, Sky, Sparks, Liberty
Things With Trunks: Cars, Elephants, Swimmers, Trees
Connections 137 - 26/10/2023
Increase: Build, Grow, Swell, Mount
Excellent, in old Slang: Aces, Keen, Neato, Nifty
Fine Bubbles: Foam, Froth, Head, Leather
Spherical Things: Bubble, Globe, Marble, Pearl
Connections 136 - 25/10/2023
Grammar Tense Terms: Future, Past, Perfect, Present
"Gracious Me!": Goodness, Heavens, Lord, Mercy
12 Days Of Christmas: Drummer, Lady, Ring, Swan
___ Syrup: Corn, Cough, Maple, Simple
Connections 135 - 24/10/2023
Animal Groups: Colony, Herd, Pride, School
Small Opening: Cranny, Niche, Nook, Recess
Paradigmatic: Classic, Definitive, Model, Textbook
Rhyming Compound Words: Backpack, Bigwig, Downtown, Ragtag
Connections 134 - 23/10/2023
Impel: Drive. Inspire, Motivate, Spur
Romantic Beginnings: Connection, Feelings, Spark, Vibe
Cell Phone Modes: Focus, Ring, Silent, Vibrate
Hard ___: Candy, Copy, Knocks, Seltzer
Connections 133 - 22/10/2023
Relax: Chill, Hang, Loaf, Lounge
Catchy Song: Banger, Bop, Groove, Jam
British Cuisine: Mash, Roast, Scone, Trifle
Sticky Situation: Bind, Pickle, Scrape, Spot
Connections 132 - 21/10/2023
Tableware: Bowl, Dish, Plate, Saucer
Nonsense: Baloney, Bunk, Crock, Tripe
Bra Parts: Cup, Hook, Strap, Wire
Acronyms: Laser, Radar, Scuba, Spam
Connections 131 - 20/10/2023
Animal Homes: Den, Hive, Lair, Nest
Virtual Spaces: Cloud, Metaverse, Net, Web
Equitable: Equal, Even, Fair, Just
___ Burger: Good, Impossible, Nothing, Warren
Connections 130 - 19/10/2023
Falsify: Fabricate, Fake, Fix, Forge
Mild Oaths: Fiddlesticks, Fie, Frick, Fudge
TV Shows: Fargo, Firefly, Fleabag, Flipper
Fast ___: Fashion, Food, Forward, Friends
Connections 129 - 18/10/2023
Something Tiresome: Bore, Drag, Snooze, Yawn
Bit of Wind: Breeze, Draft, Gust, Puff
Piquancy: Bite, Kick, Tang, Zip
Singular of Things seen in Paris: Boxer, Goggle, Pant, Tong
Connections 128 - 17/10/2023
Taunts: Boo, Hiss, Jeer, Raspberry
Failure: Bomb, Dud, Flop, Lemon
Rudely Break off Contact: Desert, Ghost, Ignore, Jilt
Rock ___: Bottom, Candy, Garden, Star
Connections 127 - 16/10/2023
Go Bad: Rot, Sour, Spoil, Turn
'The Addams Family" Characters: Fester, Lurch, Thing, Wednesday
Days of the Week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday
Fat ___: Cat, Chance, Lip, Tuesday
Connections 126 - 15/10/2023
Tools: File, Hammer, Level, Saw
Pull: Jerk, Tug, Wrench, Yank
Shortcut Commands: Copy, Find, Print, Save
Title Movie Animals: Babe, Beethoven, Charlotte, Willy
Connections 125 - 14/10/2023
Butt: Bottom, Buns, Seat, Tail
Rotary Phone Parts: Cord, Cradle, Dial, Handset
Slang For Home: Crib, Digs, Joint, Pad
Plunder: Booty, Loot, Spoils, Swag
Connections 124 - 13/10/2023
Beans: Fava, Kidney, Lima, Pinto
Cities Beginning With "L": Lagos, Limerick, Lincoln, Luxor
Poetry Terms: Line, Meter, Rhyme, Verse
The(E)___ Rappers: Creator, Dude, Rapper, Stallion
Connections 123 - 12/10/2023
Conceal: Block, Cover, Hide, Mask
Parts of a Watch: Crown, Dial, Hand, Strap
Wonder Woman's Costume: Lasso, Shield, Sword, Tiara
Things That Can Run: Candidate, Faucet, Mascara, Nose
Connections 122 - 11/10/2023
Film Set Directives: Action, Camera, Cut, Lights
Conditional Words: Can, Could, May, Might
Foremost: Head, Lead, Prime, Top
___ Paper: Butcher, Scrap, Toilet, Wax
Connections 121 - 10/10/2023
Origin: Genesis, Germ, Seed, Source
Bible Book: Acts, Job, Kings, Mark
N.H.L. Teams: Flames, Kraken, Stars, Wild
Power ___: Nap, Plant, Ranger, Trip
Connections 120 - 09/10/2023
Crops: Corn, Cucumber, Pepper, Tomato
Slang For Head: Crown, Dome, Melon, Noodle
Song: Cut, Number, Single, Track
Things That Whistle: Bird, Kettle, Referee, Train
Connections 119 - 08/10/2023
Phone Connectivity: Bars, Reception, Service, Signal
Celebratory Occasions: Anniversary, Birthday, Shower, Wedding
Cities and Towns in England: Bath, Derby, Reading, Sandwich
__ Opera: Comic, Met, Rock and Soap.
Connections 118 - 07/10/2023
Rhymes: Darren, Karen, Sharon, Aaron
Natural Features: Dale, Brook, Savanna, Cliff
Past Tense Verbs: Drew, Rose, Will, May
Palindromes: Eve, Hannah, Otto, Natan
Connections 117 - 06/10/2023
Laughter, In A Text: Dead, Haha, LOL, ROFL
Art Movements: Dada, Deco, Gothic, Pop
"Peter Pan" Characters: Hook, Nana, Peter, Wendy
Lady ___: Bird, Gaga, Luck, Macbeth
Connections 116 - 05/10/2023
Division: Arm, Branch, Chapter, Wing
Imperial Units: Bushel, Peck, Stone, Ton
M.L.B Team Member: Angel, Cub, Met, Red
Insect Homophones: Aunt, Beatle, Flee, Nat
Connections 115 - 04/10/2023
Christmas-Related: Mistletoe, Reindeer, Snowman, Stocking
Make Public: Display, Exhibit, Present, Show
Torus-Shaped Food: Bagel, Cheerio, Donut, Lifesaver
Things with Stripes: Candy Cane, Crosswalk, Referee, Tiger
Connections 114 - 03/10/2023
Long-Haired Animals: Afghan, Alpaca, Angora, Yak
Prattle On: Blather, Chat, Jabber, Gab
Sneaker Brands: Converse, Jordan, Puma, Vans
___ Balloon: Lead, Speech, Trial, Water
Connections 113 - 02/10/2023
Ways to show respect: Bow, Kneel, Salute, Stand
IPhone Apps: Clock, Mail, Maps, Notes
Animal Coverings: Down, Fur, Scales, Shell
"Pointers": Arrow, Dog, Finger, Hint
Connections 112 - 01/10/2023
Coffee Counter Items: Cup, Lid, Stirrer, Straw
Nocturnal Animals: Bat, Moth, Owl, Wolf
Things That Are Red: Beet, Brick, Cardinal, Poppy
___ Figure: Action, Ballpark, Go, Stick


September 2023

Connections 111 - 30/09/2023
Playing Card Suits: Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade
Gold Clubs: Iron, Putter, Wedge, Wood
Yearn: Ache, Long, Pine, Thirst
Insufficient: Low, Short, Shy, Wanting
Connections 110 - 29/09/2023
Very Important: Central, Critical, Key, Vital
Recycling Caregories: Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic
Hudsons: Henry, Jennifer, Kate, Rock
What "Beat" May Mean: Assignment, Defeat, Tempo, Tired
Connections 109 - 28/09/2023
Reflect Light: Flash, Gleam, Glitter, Sparkle
Ways to Gather Food: Fish, Forage, Hunt, Trap
Rap Subgenres: Bounce, Crunk, Drill, Grime
Light ___: Beer, Bulb, Rail, Year
Connections 108 - 27/09/2023
Produced By Trees: Acorn, Cone, Pollen, Sap
Candy Store Treats: Chocolate, Gum, Licorice, Lollipop
Target of a Scheme: Chump, Fool, Mark, Sucker
Things with Eye(S):
Face, Hurricane, Needle, Potato
Connections 107 - 26/09/2023
Snakes: Boa, Mamba, Python, Viper
Lingerie: Garter, Slip, Teddy, Thong
Summary: Abstract, Brief, Digest, Rundown
Full ___: Circle, House, Monty, Moon
Connections 106 - 25/09/2023
Bridal Accessories: Bouquet, Ring, Train, Veil
"C" Words For "Envelop": Cake, Coat, Cover, Crust
Jacks: Black, Frost, Ma, Sparrow
Social Media App Endings: Book, Gram, In, Tube
Connections 105 - 24/09/2023
Vertebraes: Bird, Fish, Mammal, Reptile
Kitchen Utensils: Grater, Ladle, Peeler, Whisk
Super Mario-related: Dinosaur, Mushroom, Plumber, Princess
Sitcom Families: Bunker, Cleaver, Partridge, Tanner
Connections 104 - 23/09/2023
Water Sources: Fountain, Spring, Tap, Well
Robust: Fit, Healthy, Sound, Strong
Decline: Dip, Drop, Fall, Sink
Women Singers: Keys, Nicks, Summer, Swift
Connections 103 - 22/09/2023
Soda Fountain Orders: Float, Malt, Shake, Sundae
Set, As Plans: Concrete, Firm, Solid, Tangible
M. Night Shyamalan Movies: Glass, Old, Signs, Split
___ Board: Dash, Hover, Key, Star
Connections 102 - 21/09/2023
Restaurant Workers: Bartender, Chef, Host, Server
Motor Vehicles: Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Truck
Muppets: Animal, Beaker, Gonzo, Scooter
Hand-And Foot-Related Slang: Digit, Dog, Mitt, Piggy
Connections 101 - 20/09/2023
Number Homophones: Ate, For, Too, Won
Replacement: Backup, Copy, Extra, Spare
Bowling: Alley, Ball, Lane, Pin
Common Merch Items: Mug, Pen, Tee, Tote
Connections 100 - 19/09/2023
Shirt Features: Button, Collar, Cuff, Pocket
Web Browser-related: Bookmark, History, Tab, Window
Connection: Bond, Link, Relation, Tie
Dirty ___: Dozen, Joke, Laundry, Martini
Connections 99 - 18/09/2023
Intelligent: Bright, Clever, Quick, Sharp
Airlines: Alaska, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit
Western Tropes: Cowboy, Drifter, Outlaw, Sheriff
TV Show Title Surnames: Lasso, Mars, Rogers, Smart
Connections 98 - 17/09/2023
Fruits: Apricot, Fig, Grape, Lime
Luxurious: Deluxe, Grand, Lavish, Opulent
Best Actress Oscar Winners: Berry, Foster, Stone, Swank
What "Green" Might Mean: Envious, Fresh, Naive, Unwell
Connections 97 - 16/09/2023
Fairy Tale Figures: Giant, Princess, Witch, Wolf
Chess Terms: Bishop, Mate, Gambit, Queen
"Peanuts" Characters: Charlie, Peppermint Patty, Pigpen, Woodstock
I Love ___: Lucy, New York, Rock 'N Roll, You
Connections 96 - 15/09/2023
Bovids: Buffalo, Cow, Goat, Sheep
Emit Light: Beam, Glow, Radiate, Shine
Gymnastics Apparatus: Floor, Horse, Rings, Vault
Words That Sound Like Two Letters: Cutie, Envy, Excel, Seedy
Connections 95 - 14/09/2023
Eye Parts: Iris, Lens, Pupil, Retina
Counterfeit: Bogus, Fake, Phony, Sham
Radio Lingo: Copy, Out, Over, Roger
Songs That Are Names: Alejandro, Lola, Michelle, Stan
Connections 94 - 13/09/2023
"Skedaddle!": Get Out. Go, Leave, Scram
Pronouns: Me, Them, Us, You
Anagrams: Nope, Open, Peon, Pone
___ Baby: Beanie, Fur, Nepo, Santa
Connections 93 - 12/09/2023
Hot Drinks: Chai, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea
Animal Sounds: Buzz, Cluck, Meow, Oink
Tree Features: Bark, Branch, Root, Trunk
Inside Info: Dirt, Dish, Scoop, Skinny
Connections 92 - 11/09/2023
Halloween Decorations: Bat, Cobweb, Pumpkin, Tombstone
TV Shows: 24, Bones, Firefly, Weeds
Slot Machine Symbols: 7, Bar, Bell, Cherry
Numbers In Book Titles: 22, 451, 2001, 20,000
Connections 91 - 10/09/2023
Amazon Animals: Anaconda, Capybara, Jaguar, Toucan
Lowest Point: Base, Bottom, Foot, Foundation
Musicals: Company, Grease, Hair, Rent
Sea ___: Change, Cucumber, Legs, Lion
Connections 90 - 09/09/2023
Heat Sources: Forge, Furnace, Kiln, Oven
Baseball Calls: Ball, Out, Safe, Strike
Fish That Are Verbs: Carp, Catfish, Flounder, Smelt
Silent "L": Colonel, Salmon, Walk, Yolk
Connections 89 - 08/09/2023
Inherent Nature: Essence, Heart, Spirit, Soul
Fermented Alcoholic Beverages: Cider, Port, Sake, Stout
Pixar Movies: Brave, Cars, Coco, Up
___ Tape: Demo, Red, Scotch, Ticker
Connections 88 - 07/09/2023
Rocky Horror Picture Show: Horror, Picture, Rocky, Show
Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Framed, Rabbit, Roger, Who
When Harry Met Sally: Harry, Met. Sally, When
Mad Max Fury Road: Fury, Mad, Max, Road
Connections 87 - 06/09/2023
Creatures in Folklore: Gnome, Goblin, Ogre, Troll
Flower Parts: Bud, Leaf, Petal, Stalk
One Involved In Espionage: Agent, Mole, Plant, Spy
Chinese Zodiac Animals: Dragon, Horse, Rabbit, Tiger
Connections 86 - 05/09/2023
Thanksgiving Food: Gravy, Pie, Stuffing, Turkey
Information Displays: Chart, Diagram, Graph, Map
Additions Benefit: Bonus, Extra, Icing, Perk
Song Titles With Parenthesis: I Ran, Istanbul, Montero, Satisifaction
Connections 85 - 04/09/2023
Painting Accessories: Brush, Canvas, Easel, Palette
Automatic Transmission Settings: Drive, Neutral, Park, Reverse
Things With Teeth: Comb, Gear, Saw, Zipper
___ Chair: Easy, First, High, Lawn
Connections 84 - 03/09/2023
Homophones: Ewe, U, Yew, You
Female Animals: Cow, Doe, Hen, Mare
Pronouns: I, It, They, We
Roman Numerals: D, L, M, V
Connections 83 - 02/09/2023
AU Natural: Bare, Naked, Nude, Unclad
Baked Goods: Bun, Danish, Muffin, Turnover
American Football Actions: Fumble, Punt, Sack, Snap
Manicure Steps: Buff, Clip, File, Polish
Connections 82 - 01/09/2023
Woodwinds: Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone
Consecutive Double Letters: Balloon, Bassoon, Coffee, Fricassee
American Poets: Bishop, Frost, Olds, Pound
Drink Vessels: Goblet, Snifter, Tumbler, Stein


August 2023

Connections 81 - 31/08/2023
Appetizer Unit: Fry, Nacho, Popper, Wing
Response To A Correct Answer: Bingo, Correct, Right, Yes
Mar: Chip, Ding, Nick, Scratch
___ Jack: Apple, Cracker, Flap, Lumber
Connections 80 - 30/08/2023
Playground Fixtures: Sandbox, Seesaw, Slide, Swing
Influence: Clout, Pull, Sway, Weight
Egyptian Symbols: Ankh, Crook, Eye, Scarab
Fonts: Courier, Impact, Papyrus, Times
Connections 79 - 29/08/2023
Depart Quickly: Book, Bounce, Run, Split
Animals That End With X: Fox, Ibex, Lynx, Oryx
Shades of Black: Ebony, Jet, Onyx, Raven
Words Before Days of the Week: Ash, Black, Cyber, Fat
Connections 78 - 28/08/2023
States of Elation: Bliss, Cloud Nine, Heaven, Paradise
Scam: Con, Fast One, Hustle, Racket
Greeting Gestures: High Five, Hug, Shake, Wave
___ List: Bucket, Guest, Top Ten, Wish
Connections 77 - 27/08/2023
Pieces of Chicken: Breast, Drumstick, Tender, Wing
Golf Terms: Driver, Eagle, Hole, Stroke
Associated With "Crawl": Infant, Pub, Swimming, Ticker
Drum Set Components: Cymbal, Kick, Snare, Tom
Connections 76 - 26/08/2023
Board Games: Risk, Sorry, Taboo, Trouble
Newspaper Sections: Business, National, Opinion, Style
Figures In Greek Myth: Atlas, Hermes, Nike, Paris
First Word In Rappers' Names: Foxy, Gucci, Killer, Notorious
Connections 75 - 25/08/2023
Social Gathering: Bash, Blowout, Party, Shindig
"Pinocchio" Figures: Cricket, Puppet, Whale, Woodcarver
Found In A Kitchen: Counter, Mixer, Range, Sink
Easter ___: Bunny, Egg, Island, Sunday
Connections 74 - 24/08/2023
Kiss: Peck, Smack, Smooch, X
Extinct Animals: Dodo, Mammoth, Mastodon, Trilobite
Failures: Busts, Flops, Misses, Turkeys
Slang For Clothes: Duds, Getup, Outfit, Threads
Connections 73 - 23/08/2023
Facial Hair: Beard, Goatee, Mustache, Stubble
Bike Parts: Gear, Handlebar, Pedal, Wheel
Pursue: Dog, Follow, Tail, Track
Things That Are Cast: Doubt, Movie, Shadow, Vote
Connections 72 - 22/08/2023
Performing Artists: Actor, Dancer, Singer, Stand-Up
Santa's Reindeer: Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Vixen
Seen on Valetine's Day: Card, Chocolate, Heart, Rose
"Bad ___" Movies: Boys, Lieutenant, Santa, Taste
Connections 71 - 21/08/2023
U.S. Moutain States: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah
Soda Brands: Crush, Mug, Sprite, Squirt
Classic Rock Bands: Genesis, Kansas, Rush, Yes
Tony ___: Hawk, Montana, Soprano, Stark
Connections 70 - 20/08/2023
Insult: Barb, Dig, Diss, Jab
Camping Supplies: Cooler, Lantern, Sleeping Bag, Tent
Tiny: Minute, Slight, Small, Wee
Happy ___: Camper, Hour, Meal, Medium
Connections 69 - 19/08/2023
Friend: Bud, Chum, Mate, Pal
Cookwear: Crock, Pot, Skillet, Wok
Shoes: Clog, Plump, Slide, Wedge
Slang For Cannabis: Grass, Herb, Mary Jane, Weed
Connections 68 - 18/08/2023
World Currencies: Rand, Real, Sterling, Won
Units of Volume: Cup, Gallon, Pint, Quart
Extremely: Awful, Quite, Super, Very
___ Cake: Carrot, Coffee, Pound, Sponge
Connections 67 - 17/08/2023
Desserts: Cake, Cobbler, Pie, Tart
Occupational Surnames: Fisher, Mason, Miller, Smith
Alter Deceptively: Distort, Doctor, Fudge, Twist
Square ___: Dance, Meal, One, Root
Connections 66 - 16/08/2023
Time Periods: Century, Decade, Millennium, Year
Breakfast Foods: Cereal, Omelet, Pancake, Waffle
Painters: Bacon, Close, Munch, Whistler
One in a Dozen: Egg, Juror, Month, Rose
Connections 65 - 15/08/2023
States of Matter: Gas, Liquid, Plasma, Solid
Energy: Juice, Spirit, Steam, Vigor
Classical Elements: Air, Earth, Fire Water
Things with Rings: Circus, Saturn, Tree, Wedding
Connections 64 - 14/08/2023
Classic Dog Names: Fido, Lucky, River, Spot
Perceive: Catch, Notice, Observe, See
Fishing Terms: Bait, Chum. Fly, Sinker
T-___: Bone, Rex, Shirt, Storm
Connections 63 - 13/08/2023
Fastening Verbs: Buckle, Button, Snap, Zip
Slang For Zero: Jack, Nada, Nothing, Squat
Gym Exercises: Curl, Lunge, Plank, Press
Captains: Crunch, Kangaroo, Obvious, Planet
Connections 62 - 12/08/2023
State Abbreviations: CO, MA, ME, PA
Musical Notes: DO, FA, LA, TI
Greek Letters: MU, NU, PI, XI
Periodic Table Symbols: FE, HE NA, NI
Connections 61 - 11/08/2023
Theoretical Physicists: Einstein, Feynman, Hawking, Oppenheimer
Talent: Faculty, Flair, Genius, Gift
Australian Terms: Barbie, Bush, Crikey, Mate
___ Point: Match, Moot, Selling, West
Connections 60 - 10/08/2023
Horror Franchises: Purge, Ring, Saw, Scream
Sports Venues: Court, Diamond, Field, Rink
Make Happy: Charm, Delight, Please, Tickle
Jewelry: Anklet, Bangle, Brooch, Pendant
Connections 59 - 09/08/2023
Unspecified Quantities: Few, Handful, Several, Some
Newspapers: Globe, Journal, Post, Sun
Celestial Objects: Asteroid, Comet, Moon, Planet
Fruit Homophones: Lyme, Mellon, Pair, Plumb
Connections 58 - 08/08/2023
Superheroes: Black Widow, Blade, Flash, Storm
Arachnids: Mite, Scorpion, Spider, Tick
Fish: Char, Eel, Perch, Shark
MTV Shows: Catfish, Cribs, Jackass, State
Connections 57 - 07/08/2023
Movie Genres: Horror, Musical, Romance, Western
Patterns: Houndstooth, Paisley, Plaid, Stripes
Synonyms for Falsehood: Fib, Faction, Lie, Tale
Candy Pieces: Dot, Goober, Kiss, Whopper
Connections 56 - 06/08/2023
Dances: Hustle, Salsa, Swing, Tango
Touchscreen Gestures: Pinch, Spread, Swipe, Tap
Classic Arcade Games: Asteroids, Breakout, Frogger, Pong
Rappers Minus Numbers: Cent, Chainz, Pac, Savage
Connections 55 - 05/08/2023
Classic Toys: Blocks, Doll, Top, Yo-Yo
Words With Three G's: Baggage, Eggnog, Giggle, Leggings
Shakespeare Characters: Dunca, Juliet, Puck, Viola
___ Stick: Fish, Hockey, Memory, Selfie
Connections 54 - 04/08/2023
Places For Worship: Altar, Reliquary, Shrine, Temple
___ Road: Abbey, High, Rocky, Silk
Presidential First Names: Calvin, Chester, Grover, Harry
Cartoon Cats: Felix, Garfield, Sylvester, Tom
Connections 53 - 03/08/2023
Animal Group Names: Colony, Herd, Pride, Swarm
Stoned: Baked, Blazed, High, Lit
AP Classes: Bio, Chem, Gov, Stats
Taxonomy Ranks: Class, Domain, Family, Order
Connections 52 - 02/08/2023
Computer Equipment: Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Speaker
Rodents: Gerbil, Hamster, Rat, Vole
Musical Instruments: Harp, Horn, Organ, Triangle
Synonyms For Complain: Carp, Gripe, Grouse, Moan
Connections 51 - 01/08/2023
Long Sandwiches: Hero, Hoagie, Grinder, Sub
Adams: Ant, Driver, Scott, West
Vampire Movies: Blade, Lost Boys, Near Dark, Twilight
Dating Apps: Bumble, Hinge, Match, Tinder


July 2023

Connections 50 - 31/07/2023
Units of Length: Foot, Inch, Mile, Yard
Deep-Fried Food: Falafel, Katsu, Samosa, Schnitzel
Starts of U.S. Coins: Dim, Nick, Pen, Quart
Types of Paint: Acrylic, Oil, Tempura, Watercolor
Connections 49 - 30/07/2023
Relatives: Aunt, Cousin, Mother, Nephew
Synonyms For Offbeat: Daffy, Kooky, Quirky, Wacky
Disney Ducks: Daisy, Dewey, Donald, Scrooge
___ Clock: Alarm, Biological, Cuckoo, Grandfather
Connections 48 - 29/07/2023
Fabrics: Corduroy, Denim, Linen, Tweed
Apparitions: Ghost, Phantom, Specter, Spirit
Synonyms For Bother: Needle, Poke, Rib, Tease
Disney Characters: Beast, Genie, Scar, Stitch
Connections 47 - 28/07/2023
Biomes: Desert, Forest, Grassland, Tundra
Lizards: Chameleon, Gecko, Iguana, Monitor
Yoga Poses: Cobra, Lotus, Tree, Warrior
Dances When Doubled: Can, Cha, Go, Nae
Connections 46 - 27/07/2023
Movie Title Cities: Chicago, Munich, Philadelphia, Rio
Fashion Magazines: Allure, Elle, Glamour, W
Storms: Blizzard, Cyclone, Squall, Tornado
Cocktails: Cosmopolitan, Hurricane, Manhattan, Screwdriver
Connections 45 - 26/07/2023
Modes of Transportation: Boat, Car, Plane, Train
NBA Players: King, Magic, Sun, Thunder
Band Names Minus Colors: Day, Floyd, Sabbath, Stripes
Fast Food Chains: Checkers, Outback, Sonic, Subway
Connections 44 - 25/07/2023
Edit Menu Commands: Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo
States of Matter: Liquid, Gas, Solid, Plasma
Defeat Badly: Crush, Rout, Shellac, Trash
Anagrams: Least, Slate, Tesla, Stale
Connections 43 - 24/07/2023
Synonym's For Angry: Furious, Incensed, Irate, Livid
Things That Are Yellow: Banana, Canary, School Bus, Sunflower
Marine Birds: Booby, Gull, Pelican, Puffin
___ Boys: Beach, Beastie, Hardy, Lost
Connections 42 - 23/07/2023
Punctuation Marks: Colon, Comma, Hyphen, Period
Run Quickly: Bolt, Dash, Race, Sprint
Scuba Gear: Fins, Mask, Snorkel, Tank
___ Cat: Doja, Fat, House, Jungle
Connections 41 - 22/07/2023
Bottled Water Brands: Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Voss
Slang for Coffee: Brew, Java, Joe, Mud
Island Countries: Cuba, Japan, Malta, Palau
Cereal Mascots: Lucky, Pop, Sam, Tony
Connections 40 - 21/07/2023
Coverings: Cap, Cover, Lid, Top
Woodwinds: Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe
Sunglasses: Aviator, Cat Eye, Wayfarer, Wraparound
Seals: Harbor, Harp, Hooded, Monk
Connections 39 - 20/07/2023
Timekeeping Devices: Clock, Hourglass, Sundial, Watch
Hairstyles: Bob, Crop, Pixie, Shag
Units of Measure: Hertz, Mole, Newton, Second
Dr. ___: Evil, J, No, Pepper
Connections 38 - 19/07/2023
Land Formations: Hill, Mountain, Plateau, Valley
Trees: Ash, Cedar, Maple, Pine
Bagel Flavours: Everthing, Onion, Plain, Poppy
Streets on Screen: Elm, Fear, Jump, Sesame
Connections 37 - 18/07/2023
Marine Mammals: Dolphin, Manatee, Otter, Seal
Bike Parts: Brake, Chain, Saddle, Spoke
Synonyms for Sell: Hawk, Move, Peddle, Vend
Countries when "A" is added: Chin, Cub, Malt, Tong
Connections 36 - 17/07/2023
Marsupials: Kangaroo, Koala, Wallaby, Wombat
Chocolate Bars: Chunky, Crunch, Mars, Mounds
Slang For Money: Cheddar, Dough, Paper, Stacks
Naked ___: Eye, Gun, Mole Rat. Truth
Connections 35 - 16/07/2023
U.S. Coins: Dime, Nickel, Penny, Quarter
Metal Elements: Iron, Lead, Tin, Zinc
Lucky Charms Marshmallows: Clover, Horseshoe, Moon, Rainbow
___ And ___: Again, Half, Neck, So
Connections 34 - 15/07/2023
Rock Paper Scissors: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Shoot
Music Genres: Blues, Country, Funk, Soul
Pleasant Smells: Aroma, Bouquet, Fragrance, Scent
Male Animals: Boar, Buck, Bull, Jack
Connections 33 - 14/07/2023
Boats: Ferry, Junk, Tug, Yacht
Sandwiches: Club, Cuban, Melt, Sub
Cuts of Beef: Flank, Loin, Round, Shank
Nicknames that are verbs: Chuck, Josh, Rub, Sue
Connections 32 - 13/07/2023
Shoe Parts: Heel, Lace, Sole, Tongue
Board Games: Clue, Risk, Sorry, Trouble
Fictional Spies: Bond, Hunt, Ryan, Smart
Rubber ___: Band, Cement, Duckie, Soul
Connections 31 - 12/07/2023
3-D Shapes: Cone, Cube, Pyramid, Sphere
Vegetables that are also fruits: Cucumber, Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato
Words with "I": Mac, Pad, Phone, Pod
Words with two pronunciations: Job, Lima, Mobile, Polish
Connections 30 - 11/07/2023
NFL Players: Bronco, Cowboy, Packer, Raven
Pasta Shapes: Bowtie, Elbow, Shell, Spiral
Joints: Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist
Movies with "!": Airplane, Mother, Oklahoma, Them
Connections 29 - 10/07/2023
Arithmetic Operations: Add, Divide, Multiply, Subtract
Winged Insects: Fly, Gnat, Moth, Wasp
Fish: Tang, Tetra, Skate, Sole
___ Cat: Alley, Cool, Copy, Lap
Connections 28 - 09/07/2023
Seven Dwarfs: Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, Happy
File Extensions: GIF, PDF, TIFF, ZIP
Flightless Birds: Emu, Kiwi, Ostrich, Penguin
Tropical Fruits: Banana, Coconut, Mango, Pineapple
Connections 27 - 08/07/2023
Organs: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung
Hats: Beret, Bowler, Fedora, Fez
Jack: Ass, Knife, Pot, Rabbit
Parts of a Book: Cover, Jacket, Page, Spine
Connections 26 - 07/07/2023
European Countries: Denmark, Greece, Poland, Portugal
Synonyms For Imitate: Copy, Echo, Mimic, Parrot
Toms: Cruise, Holland, Petty, Waits
Words Spelled With Roman Numerals: Dill, Livid, Mild, Mix
Connections 25 - 06/07/2023
Desserts: Cheesecake, Flan, Mousse, Tiramisu
Mild Oaths: Darn, Fudge, Heck, Shoot
Animals With Tusks: Elephant, Hippo, Narwhal, Warthog
Mustaches: Handlebar, Horseshoe, Pencil, Walrus
Connections 24 - 05/07/2023
Candy Bars: Bounty, Crunch, Heath, Milky Way
Video Game Consoles: Dreamcast, Genesis, Switch, WII
Ear Parts: Anvil. Cochlea, Hammer, Stirrup
Band Names Minus Numbers: Blink, Maroon, Sum, U
Connections 23 - 04/07/2023
60s Band Members: Beach Boy, Beatle, Byrd, Monkee
Dance Fads: Dougie, Macarena, Mashed Potato, Twist
Magazines: Fortune, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Wired
Things with Links: Chain, Golf Course, Sausage, Website
Connections 22 - 03/07/2023
Dog Breeds: Boxer, Dalmatian, Husky, Poodle
Animal Noses: Beak, Muzzle, Snout, Trunk
Traffic Signs: Detour, Slow, Stop, Yield
Sound ___: Asleep, Barrier, Bite, Wave
Connections 21 - 02/07/2023
Music Genres: Jazz, Pop, Punk, Rap
Web Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera
"Little Women" Sisters: Amy, Beth, Jo, Meg
Lil ___ Rappers: Baby, Jon, Kim, Wayne
Connections 20 - 01/07/2023
Royal Titles: Baron, Earl, King, Prince
Grains: Barley, Oat, Rye, Spelt
Universities: Brown, Duke, Howard, Rice
Best Director Oscar Winners: Bong, Ford, Lee, Stone


June 2023

Connections 19 - 30/06/2023
Kinds of Meat: Beef, Pork, Poultry, Venison
Synonyms for Arguement: Row, Quarrel, Spat, Tiff
Anti-Vampire: Crucifix, Garlic, Mirror, Stake
Off-White Shades: Cream, Eggshell, Ivory, Vanilla
Connections 18 - 29/06/2023
Awards: Cup, Medal, Ribbon, Trophy
Muscles Informally: Lat, Pec, Quad, Tri
NFL Players: Bear, Bill, Brown, Commander
Title TV Doctors: Grey, House, Howser, Quinn
Connections 17 - 28/06/2023
Ship Directions: Bow, Port, Starboard, Stern
Neckwear: Ascot, Bolo, Scarf, Tie
___ Triangle: Acute, Bermuda, Love, Right
Detergents: All, Era, Gain, Tide
Connections 16 - 27/06/2023
Coffee Drinks: Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte
Tree Nuts: Almond, Pecan, Walnut, Cashew
Shades of Green: Emerald, Forest, Kelly, Olive
Mr ___: Bean, Clean, Fox, Peanut
Connections 15 - 26/06/2023
Bird Sounds: Caw, Chirp, Cluck, Tweet
Colors: Brown, Pink, Turquoise, Violet
Fishing Gear: Lure, Reel, Rod, Tackle
Fictional Pirates: Hook, Jones, Silver, Sparrow
Connections 14 - 25/06/2023
Beds: Bunk, Canopy, Murphy, Trundle
Famous Brothers: Jonas, Marx, Warner, Wright
Hondas: Accord, Civic, Passport, Pilot
Video Game Characters: Crash, Link, Mario, Sonic
Connections 13 - 24/06/2023
Homophones: Gnu, Knew, New, Nu
Airlines: Frontier, Spirit, United, Virgin
Greek Letters: Beta, Chi, Delta, Iota
Silent "G": Gnat, Gnaw, Gnocci, Gnome
Connections 12 - 23/06/2023
Deadly Sins: Envy, Greed, Lust, Pride
Slow Animals: Loris, Sloth, Snail, Tortoise
Animal Group Names: Flock, Pad, School, Pod
Trig Functions: Cot, Sec, Sin, Tan
Connections 11 - 22/06/2023
Spices Beginning With "C": Cardamom, Clove, Coriander, Cumin
Terms Of Endearment: Boo, Honey, Sugar, Sweetie
Things With Wings: Airplane, Angel, Bird, Pegasus
Spice Girls: Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary
Connections 10 - 21/06/2023
Fruit: Date, Kiwi, Lemon, Orange
Countries: Chad, Georgia, Jordan, Togo
Birds: Crane, Jay, Swallow, Turkey
Zodiac Symbols: Fish, Goat, Scales, Twins
Connections 9 - 20/06/2023
Sports: Cricket, Fencing, Polo, Squash
Tops: Cami, Halter, Tank, Tee
Vegetables: Beet, Carrot, Corn, Onion
Insects: Ant, Beetle, Mantis, Termite
Connections 8 - 19/06/2023
Board Games: Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Go
Mattress Sizes: Full, King, Queen, Twin
Things That Are Red: Cherry, Fire Truck, Ruby, Stop Sign
Things With Keys: Cryptography, Florida, Locksmith, Piano
Connections 7 - 18/06/2023
Leg Parts: Ankle, Knee, Shin, Thigh
Baby Animals: Calf, Cub, Joey, Kid
Slang For Toilet: Can, Head, John, Throne
___ Fish That Aren'T Fish: Cray, Jelly, Silver, Star
Connections 6 - 17/06/2023
Monopoly Squares: Boardwalk, Chance, Go, Jail
Shades Of Blue: Baby, Midnight, Powder, Royal
Rappers: Common, Future, Ice Cube, Q-Tip
Members Of A Septet: Sea, Sin, Sister, Wonder
Connections 5 - 16/06/2023
Streaming Services: Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Prime
Condiments: Ketchup, Mayo, Relish, Tartar
Synonyms For Sad: Blue, Down, Glum, Low
Clue Characters: Green, Mustard, Plum, Scarlet
Connections 4 - 15/06/2023
Sneaker Brands: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok
Musicals Beginning With "C": Cabaret, Carousel, Cats, Chicago
Cleaning Verbs: Dust, Mop, Sweep, Vacuum
___ Man Superheroes: Bat, Iron, Spider, Super
Connections 3 - 14/06/2023
Facial Features: Cheek, Eye, Mouth, Nose
Synonyms For Eat: Chow, Gobble, Scarf, Wolf
Dog Breeds, Informally: Lab, Peke, Pit, Pom
Members Of A Trio: Amigo, King, Stooge, Tenor
Connections 2 - 13/06/2023
Footwear: Boot, Loafer, Pump, Sneaker
Units Of Length: Foot, League, Mile, Yard
Magazines: Essence, People, Time, Us
Letter Homophones: Are, Queue, Sea, Why
Connections 1 - 12/06/2023
Wet Weather: Hail, Rain, Sleet, Snow
Nba Teams: Bucks, Heat, Jazz, Nets
Keyboard Keys: Option, Return, Shift, Tab
Palindromes: Kayak, Level, Mom, Race Car

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