Today's NYT 'Wordle' answer #1096 & hints for June 20th

Today's NYT 'Wordle' answer #1096 & hints for June 20th
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If you're new to our guides, I crack each word game and share the solutions to keep both my streak and yours alive for another day. Firstly, there are some hints, in case you want a little nudge to try and solve it yourself, followed by the answer.

'Wordle' hints

As the title suggests, you may just be here to get some hints for today's Wordle without actually wanting to see the answer itself. I got quite lucky with today's answer, but that's rarely the case, and I could often do with some hints when attempting to solve the game.

Here are a few hints that might give you just enough to get there yourself, but if not, don't worry, as I managed to solve today's Wordle, and I've provided the solution above.

  • The answer starts with the letter S.
  • The definition of the word 'a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.'
  • The word has one vowel.

If you are looking for any more inspiration check out our 'Wordle' archive which provides previous answers that you know can't be repeated.

Today's 'Wordle' answer

Don't be ashamed if you've got up to this point and still need some help, it can feel a bit unfair to lose your streak over one obscure word.

WARNING: Coming up next is today's Wordle answer, so be warned. This is your last chance to back off before you see it, but if you want to, here it is. Do as you will, no judgments from us.

Here is today's Wordle answer. We hope the hints helped you, if you chose to use them, but if not, at least your streak can live another day. 

Today's Wordle answer for Thursday, June 20th, is SCENT.

For anyone interested, below shows the steps I took to solve today's Wordle, remember, it's all about starting with lots of vowels:

Wordle answer 20th June
Click to enlarge

There we have it, today's Wordle hints and the answer itself, we hope you found it useful, but if you need help with any other popular word games, we also have many more word game guides in our Word Games section on the site, which includes the New York Times other games with the Connections answers and Spelling Bee answers.

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