Today's Worldle country answer & hints for April 20th, 2024

Today's Worldle country answer & hints for April 20th, 2024
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Harry Boulton

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We can't all be Mr. Worldwide, so often the answer for today's Worldle will escape us. You only get six guesses too, leaving you little room for error as you put your geography skills to the test in this word game.

Sometimes all you need is a little hint to put you on the right track, but I certainly wouldn't be alone in just searching for the answer in a desperate bid to keep my streak alive.

Worldle hints for today, April 20th 2024

There are a lot of countries on Planet Earth - 195 to be precise - so whittling it down can take a bit of trial and error alongside a good old educated guess. 

Here are some hints that should help guide you towards today's country in Worldle:

  • In West Africa
  • President is Joseph Boakai
  • Starts with L

If those hints are getting you nowhere though and you're on your last legs, keep scrolling for today's answer.

SPOILER WARNING: Make sure to only proceed if you're completely stuck and happy seeing the answer for today's Worldle. The mystery country will be revealed shortly!

Worldle answer today

Whether your perception of kilometres is letting you down or your sense of global geography just isn't quite on point today, here's the Worldle country answer for today:

  • Liberia

If you're ever stuck again - and let's face it, if you're anything like me you definitely will be - make sure to check back in as I'll always have the correct answer waiting right here.

When does Worldle reset?

You'll be able to play a new round of Worldle when your local time reaches midnight, giving you a fresh way to test your knowledge of the globe every single day.

Image of Worldle's bonus round
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Image via Worldle

There's also a new 'Bonus Round' every single day, giving you the opportunity to guess the three neighbours of the main game's country in a further challenge. Only the best players will be able to get both without failure, so make sure to try your luck!

How to play Worldle

Image showing you how to play Worldle
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Image via Worldle

You'll be greeted with the silhouette of a new country every single day in Worldle, and it's up to you to guess it in six tries to keep a streak going.

  • Each incorrect guess gives you an exact kilometre distance away from the correct answer, alongside a percentage and which direction you need to head next
  • For example, if the answer was Germany and you guessed Spain, the approximate distance would be around 1697km, and the arrow would point you to the right

I'm personally quite bad at quantifying how far thousands of kilometres actually are, but I'd recommend always overguessing if you get one wrong as the direction should help you out if you've gone too far.

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