'Semantle' & 'Semantle Junior' answers & hints for today December 6th

'Semantle' & 'Semantle Junior' answers & hints for today December 6th
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Needing help with 'Semantle' or 'Semantle Junior'? We've got you covered with a list of hints and the answers to both games right here.

Semantle is a context-based word guessing game, where each of your guesses is given a rating on how close it is to today's secret word - and we've got a flurry of hints to help you on the way (and even the answer itself) if you've found that your brain just isn't working as it should.

Hint for today's Semantle & Junior games

If you're not so sure that you want Semantle's answer being spoiled to you just yet, we'll first provide you with a couple of hints that may help you on the way to guessing it on your own.

Each day, we'll pop the answer's definition below alongside other clues, such as ways that word could be utilised within a sentence or hints to similar things in pop culture.

Semantle hints

  • Definition: large ruminant animals with horns and cloven hoofs, domesticated for meat or milk, or as beasts of burden; cows and oxen.
  • Clue 1: This word is six letters long.
  • Clue 2: This word starts with the letter C.

Semantle Junior clues

If you're playing the junior version of Semantle and are looking for some help there, check out these clues instead:

  • Definition: an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle, fitted with glass in a frame to admit light or air and allow people to see out.
  • Clue 1: The word is a noun.
  • Clue 2: This word starts with the letter W.

If these clues have left the answer right on the tip of your tongue, but you're still struggling to make the connection - it's all good! Keep reading for a spoiler into the goal word so you can keep your streak going.

Semantle answers for December 6th

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance to prevent the Semantle answer from being spoiled to you!

Alright, here we go! The answer for today's main game of Semantle is none other than Cattle.

If you're playing Semantle Junior too, the answer for December 6th is Window.

For even more guides to challenge your vocabulary, our word game homepage has all of the tips you'll need with pages like the answer to yesterday's Wordle or hints and the answer for Weaver, along with the forever popular New York Time's Connections answers.

When does the next Semantle game start?

According to Semantle's own 'Rules' tab, a new game will kick off every day at 12 AM UTC, or 1 AM in your particular timezone within the world.

This is great news, particularly if you're incredibly set on not using the hints set out in our guide, as you'll have pretty much a full day to chew over the guess and pop back to it as you can.

How to play Semantle & our top tips

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Getting started with Semantle is a pretty simple task, as you just need to head on over to its website before you're able to get started with working towards figuring out that goal word.

Once there, simply pop a word into the box and press 'Guess', and you'll then be shown a number to indicate how close it is to the goal word that you're trying to deduce. If the number is lower and in a white highlight, you'll want to rethink your tactics. If you're seeing a higher number, or one in varying shades of pink, you could be on the right track.

Personally, I tend to start with the same word each day: Audio. It's a personal preference, but I find that it's a good one to start with that I like to use in plenty of different word games, and you can use that as a jumping-off point to decide which direction it is you need to go. If you've got your own word that you think is great to use each day that isn't mine, that's grand too - just go with what works for you (as you ultimately need to start from somewhere.)

Don't be afraid to use the 'Hint' button, either - it's incredibly useful when you're starting out and can help you out in a pinch if you've not found yourself getting any closer to where you need to be.

If you're finding yourself getting a little warmer towards the answer but still aren't quite cutting it, if you've looked at a hint, try thinking of synonyms for the particular word that has shown up.

Playing Semantle Junior

Screenshot showing guesses in a game of Semantle Junior
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If you want to play Semantle Junior, you'll just need to press the 'Play Semantle Junior' button at the top right of the screen. This operates much the same as Semantle does, but when making a guess, you'll instead see a colour show up behind the word that you guess with a bar that will get closer and closer to the right depending on how close to the answer you are.

That bar will also change colour, too (with green being a great sign that you're on the right path). You'll also get the added bonus of some emojis popping up on screen too, which also change depending on how close you are to the correct word.

With all of these things considered, you'll be able to approach each game of Semantle that you play in the best possible way. And if not, don't worry - we've got you, bestie. 

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