Today's 'Nerdle' answer & hint for December 7th

Today's 'Nerdle' answer & hint for December 7th
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Ava Thompson-Powell

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7th Dec 2023 01:58


Swapping today's typical word games for a numbers game? If so we are here to help you out with a hint and the answer if you need it.

Nerdle offers a unique challenge that shifts the focus from words to numbers, testing your math skills with a new equation each day. These puzzles might be tricky, but they're a fun and engaging way to keep your brain sharp.

So whether you're conscious about making sure that any streak you've built up isn't lost or if today's game is proving particularly pesky to solve, we've got all you need to know about Nerdle below and what you'll need to answer it correctly.

Hints for today's Nerdle game

Each day in this section you'll find all of the characters used in the correct equation - meaning that while you'll still have some deducing of your own to do, hopefully, it'll steer you in the right direction a teensy bit faster.

So, today's hint is: 6, 1, 4, 5, 8, 2, /

Still unsure? It's all good, that's where the next section of our guide comes in - keep scrolling for the answer to today's game!

What's the answer to today's Nerdle?

WARNING: This is your last chance to attempt to solve Nerdle's equation yourself. You have been warned!

Here is today's Nerdle answer. We hope the hints helped you, if you chose to use them, but if not, at least your streak should live another day. 

For December 7th, 2023, the answer to today's Nerdle is: 416/8=52.

How to play Nerdle

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Jumping into a game of Nerdle is quick, easy, and more importantly - free! Hop on over to the game's website, and from there you'll be well on your way to getting into a game.

When making your guess, you'll have to use any combination of the numbers and symbols shown at the bottom of where you'll submit your answer. You're limited to how many guesses you'll be able to make in any one game, as well, as it's six strikes and you're out - so make sure to take your time prior to submitting an answer.

Thankfully, though, you're not completely in the dark, because Nerdle will display one of three colours to tell you how you're doing after you've given your answer:

  • Green: You did it! This particular number or symbol is in the right place
  • Purple: You're on the right track, as this number or symbol is in the answer - it's just in the wrong spot
  • Black: Strike this from your answer completely, as it's not anywhere in the equation for today

Of course, you'll always need to submit a '=' in your answer, but its placement within the grid can differ depending on the particular equation. 

As each day is different and you're not given an initial launching off point on any given day, one thing that may help to get you started is to use the same particular answer daily when starting a game, as you'll get a quick look into what goes where or if something is even in the equation for today. Then you can make note of what's there, and what isn't, and then adjust accordingly - but you'll then only have five tries left. 

When does the next game for Nerdle begin?

According to the message I received upon completing a game, Nerdle will reset itself at Midnight GMT, meaning you'll have ample time to submit your answer - particularly if you really don't want to use our guide to spoil it for you. 

Screenshot showing the message for a new game starting in Nerdle
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Make sure to come back tomorrow if you're finding things a bit challenging, or for even more puzzle guides, our word game homepage has the answers to games like Semantle, Spelling Bee, and NYT Connections.

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