'Strands' answers & hints for today, April 20th

'Strands' answers & hints for today, April 20th
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Strands is another title in the wide pantheon of New York Times word games, and this time it tasks you with finding themed words in a jumbled grid.

One part Connections and another part crossword, Strands has quickly become one of my favourite daily brain teasers - but I would be lying if I said that I got the answers flawlessly every day! Thankfully I've got good at this new game and have you covered, as you'll be able to find every single answer here, alongside some hints if you just want to be pushed in the right direction.

Strands hints for today

While Strands does tell you its daily theme directly, this is still quite vague and leaves a lot of space for deduction amongst the already complicated word search. 

For reference, today's officially stated theme is "Walk this way" and some hints for the words you're finding can be found below:

  • Starts with P, 10 letters long
  • Starts with T, 4 letters long
  • Starts with S, 5 letters long
  • Starts with A, 5 letters long
  • Starts with M, 5 letters long
  • Starts with T, 6 letters long
  • Starts with S, 6 letters long
  • Starts with S, 7 letters long

This should give you more of an idea of what type of words to look for amongst the mess, but if you're still feeling stuck I've laid out all of the answers and where to find them below.

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance to turn away before all of today's Strands answers get spoiled. Only proceed if you're ready to have the solutions revealed!

Today's Strands answers

The tricky part of Strands is the fact that you not only need to figure out the right words but where to find them on the grid too. This has given me a headache more than once I promise, so avoid any frustration by checking out all of the words and their location in the image below.

Here's the Strands answers for April 20th, 2024:


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Come back tomorrow if you need help with tomorrow's game.

When is the next Strands game available?

You'll be able to play Strands again just after 12AM every single day. This is the same as the other NYT word games like Connections and Spelling Bee - so you can jump in and between all of them at the same time if your brain really needs some exercise!

You can only play one game of Strands per day and there's no way to access the archive or backlog of answers, but make sure to head over to our list of the best games like Wordle if you need some more word game action, as I've made plenty of suggestions over there.

How to play Strands

Image showing you how to play Strands
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Each new day in Strands will have a 'theme', which is typically a vague sentence that points you in the general direction of the daily theme. It's then up to you to fill out the 5x8 letter grid with words that fit the theme, including the all-important central spangram.

There are no letter overlaps, and you'll complete the game when the board is full. Furthermore, if you find a word that is not part of the theme it will build a meter that'll give you a hint - but who needs that when I've got everything you need here!

You'll now be set with today's Strands answers and ready to take on the challenge, but don't forget to head over to our word games homepage too for all of the answers for other titles like LoLdle, Conexo, and Waffle.

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