All Pokedle answers & hints for today, May 22nd

All Pokedle answers & hints for today, May 22nd
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Pokemon and word games go together like two peas in a Metapod, and Pokedle is here to save the day with four minigames to complete - and we've got all the answers you'll need if you're ever feeling stuck.

From the same developer as LoLdle, this Wordle-like experience has you guessing mini monsters based on their attributes, card, description, and silhouette - and only the finest trainers can get them all!

Hints for today's game

Sometimes you're struggling to figure out the solutions but you don't want the full answer revealed, and that's where a good hint can push you in the right direction. With four different games underneath the Pokedle umbrella, here are all of the hints you'll need to uncover each pocket monster:

  • Classic:
    • Water, psychic-type, pink colour, evolution stage 1
  • Card:
    • Fighting-type, blue colour, evolution stage 1
  • Description:
    • Electric-type, silver colour, evolution stage 2
  • Silhouette:
    • Ground-type, yellow colour, evolution stage 2

I don't blame you if you're still stuck on the solutions though, and you can't go without completing all four in a day! If you want to keep your streak alive, however, you'll find all of the answers in the below section.


This is your final warning before you'll see spoilers for today's Pokedle answers - scroll at your own risk!

Today's Pokedle answers for May 22nd

An incorrect answer in Pokedle
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There's no better feeling than finding the solution to a puzzle you've been stuck on, so here are all of the Pokedle answers for Classic, Card, Description, and Silhouette on May 21st:

  • Classic: Slowpoke
  • Card: Machop
  • Description: Magneton
  • Silhouette: Sandslash

These are yesterday's answers as you may see different versions of the game depending on the region of the world you are in.

  • Classic: Exeggcute
  • Card: Spearow
  • Description: Cloyster
  • Silhouette: Magikarp

With this, you'll now be able to rest easy and wait for the next day to roll around - but if you're ever stuck again, you can check back in the future for more hints and answers!

When do the games reset?

Pokedle resets at midnight in your local time every single day, with an identical clean slate across all four of its games. You can see a countdown timer appear whenever you complete a puzzle, so make sure to check that if you're ever unsure how long you have left to wait.

How to play Pokedle

As Pokedle is split up into four different minigames, each one has its own specific rules. 'Classic' follows the more 'typical' Wordle format, giving you eight different categories that will display as red, yellow, or green depending on how your guess lines up with the correct answer.

'Card' is for all the keen TCG players out there, as you'll have to guess the Pokemon by a blurred image of its trading card. Each incorrect guess makes the image a bit clearer, but you'll get maximum bragging rights if you get it early on!

Image of Pokedle Card
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Image via Pokedle

For 'Description' you'll be guessing off words alone, with a new quote every day that aligns with the Pokemon in question. This can be one of the tricky ones if you're not an expert, as you'll be relying less on the visual side of things.

Finally, 'Silhouette' will have you shouting 'Who's that Pokemon' at your screen, as the daily answer is obscured. Each incorrect guess zooms the image out slightly, but it's surprising how difficult some are to guess based on their shape alone!

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