All weapon mastery camos in XDefiant & how to unlock them

All weapon mastery camos in XDefiant & how to unlock them
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22nd May 2024 15:26

Unlocking mastery camos in XDefiant is the best way to show off your true prestige, as they prove that you're truly an expert with the gun you're wielding.

It'll take a fair amount of time and a strong amount of skill in order to access each one in-game though, but they certainly look the part - leaving you the envy of all your friends.

All weapon mastery camos & unlock requirements

There are currently three weapon mastery camos in XDefiant, and unlocking each one requires you to reach a specific weapon level milestone:

Mastery Camo Unlock Requirement
Bronze Weapon Level 50
Silver Weapon Level 75
Gold Weapon Level 100

Image of the Gold weapon mastery camo for the M4 in XDefiant
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These are obviously based on the medal system, with the gold option being the final unlock to showcase that you are the best with that weapon. Weapon mastery camos only apply to the gun that you used to unlock them though, so you'll have to grind your way through the whole selection to show truly how good you are at the game.

How to level weapons up fast

Outside of using double weapon XP boosts, the best way to level your guns up fast is to play on small maps and try and always stay around high-traffic areas.

Unfortunately, you're not able to pick and choose your maps when you play, but you'll just have to take advantage whenever a small one pops up in the rotation. Game modes like Occupy and Zone Control are great for this as they funnel players into one specific area, letting you pick up lots of kills in quick succession if you're skilful enough!

Don't forget to check out our XDefiant homepage if you're looking for more tips, as we've got the best weapon loadouts, how you can get more XCoins, and everything you need to know about crossplay.

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