How to get more XCoins in XDefiant

How to get more XCoins in XDefiant
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22nd May 2024 14:22

If you've got your eyes on any skins or animations in XDefiant then figuring out how to get more 'XCoins' - the game's premium currency - is a must.

As a new free-to-play shooter, it's no surprise to see exclusive paid cosmetics within the store - but a bit of window shopping will only get you so far, but thankfully there are a few methods you can use to load your account up with all of the exciting visual accessories.

Where to buy XCoins

  • Head to the 'Store' tab, located at the top of the main menu
  • Scroll all the way to the end of the tiles, until you reach the 'Get More XCoins' option
  • Select that option, then pick which bundle you wish to buy

Image of the 'Get More XCoins' option in XDefiant
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There are five different bundles that you can choose from, giving you anywhere between 500 and 12,000 XCoins, with a few bonus credits along the way:

XCoins Amount Price
500 $4.99/£3.99
1,000 $9.99£7.99
2,100 $19.99/£15.99
5,750 $49.99/£39.99
12,000 $99.99/£79.99

Image of the different XCoins bundles in XDefiant
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Quite a few skins in the game right now do thankfully neatly fit into the bundle amounts - with most being around the 1,000 XCoins mark. This lets you buy a bundle and unlock a skin without having any annoying leftovers.

Alternatively, for a limited time, you can unlock one of the three 'Founder's Pack' offers, which each give XCoins alongside an exclusive skin. It isn't clear how long these bundles will be available, but you should really only consider them if you like the included skins - as their XCoin equivalent values end up being more expensive:

Founder's Pack Price
Standard $19.99/£15.99
Elite $39.99/£32.99
Ultimate $69.99/£57.99

Image of Founder's Packs in XDefiant
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What can you buy with XCoins?

XCoins can be used to purchase a wide selection of unique cosmetic items, from character and weapon skins to player animations.

There are different rarities for each item which dictate the price, with Legendary being the most desirable, and thus the most expensive of the lot. There is also a daily selection of items in the store that will rotate out every 24 hours, giving you a new bunch to choose from and evaluate - so you won't have to wait for too long if there's nothing that you're interested in.

This does appear to mean that you can't just go and buy whatever you want whenever you want to, and you'll instead have to wait until it rotates back into the store once again.

Head over to our XDefiant homepage if you're on the hunt for more tips to climb the ranks, as we've got the best weapon loadouts, everything you need to know about crossplay, and all of the abilities and factions in the game.

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