All XDefiant Preseason challenges & battle pass rewards

All XDefiant Preseason challenges & battle pass rewards
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22nd May 2024 18:14

You'll have to get your grind on to complete all of the challenges during XDefiant's Preseason period, with new weapons and Faction characters to earn alongside all of the already exciting battle pass rewards in the game.

Unlike most other shooters that reward players with XP, you'll earn new items directly by achieving certain objectives. These might not always be the easiest - but the rewards in turn are always worth it!

All Major, Weapon & Character challenges in XDefiant

Challenges in XDefiant are broken down into different sections, defined by the rewards that you'll earn for completing them. The 'Major' challenge currently lets you unlock an entire Faction, whereas Weapon and Character challenges unlock new guns and people to play as.


Challenge How to Unlock
DedSec Earn 700,000 XP

Completing this Major challenge in Preseason will give you access to the DedSec faction, which is from the Watch Dogs series. You can also skip it by spending 1,000 XCoins - but where's the fun in that?!


Challenge How to Unlock
AK-47 Deal 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles
ACR 6.8 Get 10 Assault Rifle longshot kills (more than 30m)
M16A4 Get 20 Assault Rifle headshot kills
P90 Get 10 SMG hipfire kills
Vector .45 ACP Deal 10,000 damage with SMGs
MP7 Get 20 SMG point-blank kills (less than 5m)
M60 Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs
RPK-74 Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
Double Barrel Get 10 Shotgun hipfire kills
AA-12 Get 15 Shotgun point-blank kills (less than 5m)
SVD Get 15 Marksman Rifle longshot kills (more than 30m)
TAC-50 Get 10 Sniper Rifle one-shot kills
93R Spring for 240 seconds with Secondary Weapons
D50 Deal 1,000 damage with Secondary Weapons
M1911 Get 4 Secondary Weapon point-blank kills (less than 5m)
686 Magnum Get 5 quick swap kills

Image of the weapon challenges in XDefiant
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These weapons can only be unlocked through these challenges, so if you've got your eyes on any then you'll have to start grinding towards completion.


Challenge How to Unlock
EMP Grenade Deal 400 damage to enemy equipment with Devices
Proximity Mine Deal 1,000 damage with Devices
Flashbang Grenade Kill 20 enemies suffering from status conditions
Sticky Grenade Inflict 25 status conditions with devices

These shouldn't be too tough to complete as long as you're using Devices as you play - although you'll need to unlock the EMP Grenade before you can get started on the Flashbang or Sticky.

Faction Characters

Challenge How to Unlock
Green Get 50 kills with Incinerator Drone
Kersey Get 50 kills with Firebomb
Samir Get 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit
Rafa Get 50 Intel Suit Spot Assists
Beto Heal 5,000 to Allies with BioVida Boost
Seleste Heal 5,000 to Allies with El Remedio
Gorgon Block 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier
Rhino Get 25 kills with Blitz Shield

Image of the Faction Characters challenges in XDefiant
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This will fill out the Factions with new characters, letting you access and take advantage of all of the exciting abilities in the game.

There are also three Dailies for you to complete every single day, earning you XP as you get them done. These reset at 10 AM BST / 2AM PST every single day - so make sure to get them done before they disappear. Additionally, you can also get weapon mastery camos for every single gun, but that simply just requires you to climb through the levels.

All Preseason battle pass rewards

You can also earn new weapons, skins, and more through the battle pass - with exciting rewards to claim as you progress through the 50 tiers:

Reward Tier
Anarchy (Gia Skin) Instant Reward
Anarchy (ACR 6.8 Skin) Instant Reward
Battle Pass XP Booster (40m) Instant Reward
Eruption (M4A1 Skin) 1
Arc (Rafa Skin) 2
Weapon XP Booster (40m) 3
Cobalt (M249 Skin) 4
Cleaners (Player Card) 5  [FREE]
100 XCoins 6
Anarchy (Iselda Skin) 7
Cold Steel (D50 Skin) 8
100 XCoins 9
MDR (Assault Rifle) 10 [FREE]
Alpha Ruby (Sebastian Skin) 11
Superhero Landing (Animation) 12
Weapon XP Booster (20m) 13
Stars (Emoji Pack) 14
Morganite (MP5A2 Skin) 15 [FREE]
100 XCoins 16
Shamrock (MK 20 SSR Skin) 17
Battle Pass XP Booster (20m) 18
Dungaree (Gia Skin) 19
Up Top (Animation) 20 [FREE]
Lux (P90 Skin) 21
100 XCoins 22
Hi-Velocity (Samir Skin) 23
Avalanche (M9 Skin) 24
Weapon XP Booster (40m) 25 [FREE]

Image of the Preseason battle pass in XDefiant
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Reward Tier
Dungaree (Jin Skin) 26
DedSec (Emoji Pack) 27
Amber (93R Skin) 28
100 XCoins 29
Disruption (ACR 6.8 Skin) 30 [FREE]
Lux (Player Card) 31
Hi-Velocity (Vector .45 ACP Skin) 32
Weapon XP Booster (40m) 33
Hibiscus (Beto Skin) 34
Throwback (Emoji Pack) 35 [FREE]
100 XCoins 36
Firestorm (Green Skin) 37
Battle Pass XP Booster (40m) 38
Punch (Vector .45 ACP Skin) 39
Reboot (Player Card) 40 [FREE]
Rabbids (Emoji Pack) 41
Street Ready (Green Skin) 42
Weapon XP Booster (40m) 43
Pelagic (M44 Skin) 44
Hi-Velocity (M16A4 Skin) 45 [FREE]
100 XCoins 46
Gunfighter (Animation) 47
Dark Regal (De Rosa Skin) 48
Game Over (Jing Skin) 49
Firestorm (MDR Skin) 50

You'll earn 700 XCoins if you reach at least Tier 46 of the Premium Battle Pass, which is enough to make back what you initially spent - letting you roll that onto the next Battle Pass or anything in the store that takes your fancy.

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our XDefiant homepage, dedicated to helping you out with all of the best weapon loadouts and everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-progression.

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