All XDefiant trophies & achievements

All XDefiant trophies & achievements
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Jack Roberts


23rd May 2024 13:18

If you’re a trophy hunter and want to get all the achievements in XDefiant, I’m here to break down all the trophies, as well as some tips on how to collect them all in the game.

As a free-to-play shooter, XDefiant combines some of Ubisoft’s most iconic franchises, from Far Cry to Watch Dogs, it’s thought that it could even rival Call of Duty. So, getting your hands on a few new trophies will help you compare the two titles.

How many trophies are in XDefiant?

There are only 13 trophies to collect in XDefiant and they are broken down by the following rarity:

  • 1x Gold
  • 3x Silver
  • 9x Bronze

If you want to collect all the trophies in XDefiant, you’re going to need to have an online connection and play in a party with friends on occasion. 

The PlayStation trophy list for XDefiant
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All achievements to unlock

Trophy Description Rarity
MVP Finish 3 Matches as MVP Gold
Buzzkill Cancel 5 enemy Ultras Silver
All Grown Up Reach Player Level 50 Silver
Weapon Master Level up a Weapon to level 50 Silver
Streaker Achieve a Killstreak of 5 or higher Bronze
Team Player Get 50 Assists Bronze
Exterminator Get 50 Kills Bronze
Winner Win 10 Matches Bronze
Grand Tour Complete a Match in 5 different Game Modes Bronze
Damage Dealer Deal 10,000 damage Bronze
Party Player Complete a Match in a Party Bronze
Defense Player Heal or Block 5,000 Damage Bronze
High-Fivist Send or Receive 20 High Fives Bronze

Generally speaking, most XDefiant achievements will be unlocked over time by levelling up and playing the game as normal. Racking up kills, and killstreaks and trying out the various game modes will give you plenty of variety to help you along.

The most difficult trophy may be the Gold MVP achievement. Finishing a match as an MVP is down to your proficiency, so now is the time to get some practice in and start working toward it.

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That’s everything you need to know about the trophies and achievements you can collect in XDefiant. If you’re looking for more ways to play the Ubisoft shooter, head over to our XDefiant homepage where you can find out how to get all weapon mastery camos and the best weapon loadouts.

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